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March 08, 2016

Fallout: New Vegas Total Conversion - The Frontier

Fallout the Frontier is an ambitious Fallout: New Vegas mod that will be set in Oregon, and it features 16 by 16 km map for you to explore. What was once a majestic and a bumbling city was reduced to shambles of its former glory. Fallout: The Frontier will provide main quest line, sidequests, a hunting system, new animals, and fire propagation.

The weather system has been reworked from the ground up, to bring us a real dynamic clouds and effects, and it will play a huge role in the Frontier. A total conversion mod for New Vegas, set in Portland, has also tanks you can drive. There is currently no official date on release, but the overall Mod status says it is about 75% complete.

As stated on the Fallout the Frontier website, the major factions in the Frontier are the Legion, NCR and the Scavengers. The Enclave and Brotherhood may play a small role. Other than that, Fallout the Frontier is filled with all new custom assets for armor, weapons, and buildings, Frostfall effects, custom emitters fx, volumetric sky clouds, and much more. The Frontier will also have bouncy, floaty space battles featuring new weapons and enemies.

November 18, 2014

Fallout: Lonestar - Total Game Conversion for Fallout: New Vegas

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Fallout: Lonestar is a fan-made mod currently in development for Fallout: New Vegas. The project came as an idea of Christopher Means, who set out to initially create a mod for the game that was just going to be a single town in his native Texas. When Means attended GDC in Austin, he met Chris Avellone, and pitched his mod idea to the developer. Avellone, who was taken by the idea, convinced Means to broaden the project's scope, and even helped him recruit more Fallout community members to work on the mod. Now we got a total game conversion mod for Fallout: New Vegas, thanks to the Fallout Community, both, fans and devs. This project is still a work in progress, but it sure looks very promising!

White Rose Concept Art by: Yana Dmitruk

The Story

Fallout: Lonestar takes place in the post-apocalyptic, open-world environment of West Texas. The player assumes the role of the Lonestar Ranger, a special agent of the Confederacy. The Ranger is sent to transfer a prisoner from the Pass to the Confederate capitol of Reunion, but the transfer is ambushed and the prisoner escapes. In tracking down the fugitive, the Ranger becomes embroiled in the fate of Magnifico, a community of tribals who can miraculously grow crops in the toxic desert wasteland. Caught between the desperate Confederacy and the growing Revolution, the Ranger must decide on which side of the Law they stand. One thing is certain, the Ranger won't stand alone. Saving Magnifico will require guns, and slingers to wield them. Finding them won't be easy. The people not taking sides are all outlaws, scoundrels, vigilantes, and other ne'er-do-wells of low bearing and ill repute. They'd sooner zap you into a little pile of dust then look at ya'.

One of the possible companions: a gunslinger, hijacker, bank robber, and all around wanted ghoul, Ebru.
The Bliss Concept Art by Valery Malov
Bellow you can see James Guenthner's orchestral interpretation of Matthew Vince's Fallout: Lonestar original score, set to concept art from Terrorweed! Games' Fallout: Lonestar:

As seen on Fallout: Lonestar's Facebook page - the wall here is an original asset built for the game. Little things like this matter. An environment that feels, at all times, like a new and unique area.
The video bellow is a development diary with the project lead, Christopher Means. He breaks down what makes Fallout: Lonestar so interesting, so take a look on a summary of the Fallout: Lonestar project:

The game takes place 50 years before New Vegas, and it takes you down to Texas, and some of the key features are:
  • A New Environment to Explore - Explore the forgotten sands of the Pass and the ruins of Juarez. Learn the fate of Mexico and the Texas Commonwealth.
  • Companions - Six available companions to help you defend Magnifico.
  • Learn more about the fate of the United States in the years building up to the Great War. Fallout: Lonestar explores events such as: the U.S. Invasion and Occupation of Mexico, the Resource Wars and the New Plague..

..and much more. As development continues, Lonestar team expect to build new perks, weapons, and enemies. They promised to keep us all updated, so don't forget to follow them on social media pages: Facebook and Twitter!

Outside the crumbling facade of the Texas Mechanics & Implementation building, above the long abandoned Vault 50, the monks of the Silent City pay quiet penance for their sins.

October 13, 2014

Fallout 3 Total Conversion - Fallout: Zero

Fallout Zero is a total conversion mod of Fallout 3 game, complete with its own world and backstory set two months after the outbreak of the Great War. The mod includes several new game features such as a reactive people helmet, a drivable metro car, craftable objects, an original basic needs system (hunger, thirst, etc.).

The player is teleported to a Zero world with a level 1 Character, an empty inventory and the possibility to choose their character’s attributes. After completing the story, the player is ‘returned’ to the original world of Fallout 3, retaining the Level and attributes their character had possessed before starting the mod.

By arcoolka | Facebook Page | Nexus Page | Download

The Story

Our hero and his/her father have been living in the basement of their bombarded house for the past two months since the Great War broke out. With supplies running low, their only chance for survival is to find a way inside the city’s Vault. Join our hero and discover a world of survivors crippled by the fatal lack of food and drinking water, ubiquitous radiation, an imminent nuclear winter, and humanity’s inability to come to terms with the consequences of its own deeds. Their fate, along with your own, is in your hands.

The mod focuses on solving different tasks depending on the main character’s (mainly non-combat related) attributes. This mod is not meant for FPS players, although it’s not always possible to avoid combat (however, ammo and decent weapons are hard to come by). Tip: Don’t try to kill your enemies as soon as you lay eyes on them. Your foes are stronger than you right from the start, so you should keep in mind that the enemy of your enemy can offer a much needed helping hand. 

Based on your reaction, the world of Fallout Zero will change as a whole: everything is interconnected. The main storyline will always give you at least two possibilities to choose from, with every one of your decisions leading to a completely different result.

You can see the Fallout Zero intro video below. For all videos about this mod, including walk-through, see VIDEOS page on Nexus.

Note to mod creators: submit your work to us by sending the mod's info and link to the #VTi Facebook page (message), for the monthly mod contests.

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