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August 30, 2014

Fallout: Diaspora


A Fallout 3 based fan-movie series.

Disclaimer: This is not a high-end production, it is a fan-based movie, and all parts of this video (including audio parts, except voice acting) belongs to Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company, and are for entertainment purpose only. All rights go to the developers, IP owners, etc. credited below.

After we finish Fallout: Diaspora Ep.3, we'll then focus on re-creating the full movie Fallout: Diaspora, maybe even on a new engine since Fallout 4 release, and for that, we could use all the help we can get from devoted fans such is yourself! Visit Vault-Tec inc. Patreon page for more information.


Amata: Tiffany "Ladylonewanderer" Parker
Officer Matt: Ralph Streb
Officer Jeff Richards: Calvin Cook
Officer Steve Armstrong: Angelo "Wasteland Angel" Horvath
Officer Jim Wilkins: Ralph Streb
Sheriff Harden Simms: Calvin Cook
Stockholm: Henry Lombardi
Hannon, Chief Officer: Ralph Streb
Vault Resident Linda: Ivana "Antagoria Black" Horvath
Narrator: Tiffany "Ladylonewanderer" Parker

Story and Script Edit: Angelo "Wasteland Angel" Horvath and Henry Lombardi
Video, Music, SFX, Sound and Voice edit by: Angelo "Wasteland Angel" Horvath.

The Story

War... War Never Changes. The atomic flame that reset the Earth came with severe penalties. In the Capital Wasteland, that penalty was water. The Potomac ran thick with toxic runoff, and purifiers were scarce. It was truly a wild land, with only a few scant settlements  between vast expanses of ruins and danger. That was, until, Vault 101 opened. From the Vault came two strangers that would save the Wasteland. The stories of the two are well known but scattered, with some claiming things that seem almost impossible to be true. But what everyone does know is that they, with the help of The Brotherhood of Steel, brought pure drinking water to the wasteland...

That was over 20 years ago. The year is 2296. Vault 101 has been forcibly opened, the reactor rapidly failing. The Vault Dwellers have just a couple of months to find a new home before the  Vault's core becomes unstable and explodes. Vault 101 was never meant to be opened, and thus it does not contain the all-important G.E.C.K.

The few inhabitants capable of surviving outside are sent into the wasteland to learn all they can, and a place to settle. The events that follow will change the Capital Wasteland forever.For better or for worse, remains to be seen.

Fallout: Diaspora, Ep.1

Fallout: Diaspora, Ep.2

In this episode, officers Matt, Jeff, Steve and Jim are heading for the Megaton, the first stop of their epic journey. Megaton is relatively close to Vault 101, and it is a perfect place for equipment exchange and some useful info. After they decide to take a shortcut to Megaton, a whole hell broke loose..

Fallout: Diaspora Ep.3 - Teaser trailer

Teaser trailer for Fallout: Diaspora, Ep.3. Showing a long journey with some more action. After we finish Fallout: Diaspora Ep.3, we'll then focus on re-creating the full movie Fallout: Diaspora, maybe even on a new engine since Fallout 4 release, and for that, we could use all the help we can get from devoted fans such is yourself! Visit Vault-Tec inc. Patreon page for more information.

We encourage you to interact with us and other users by commenting and sharing posts and submitting related feedback to this post so that we can improve. Our question to you; Do you think that Amata and Matt will find the "Lone Wanderer", and is he actually able to help them with their problem? The more engagement this gets, the better next episode will be. Thank you, your VTi crew.

Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics, Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas are Copyright 2008-2014 by Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company. Bethesda Softworks and Bethesda Game Studios and their respective logos are registered trademarks of ZeniMax Media Inc. All rights reserved. The Video (including audio) posted on this FALLOUT FAN PAGE are for non-profit, educational or PERSONAL USE ONLY. We do not claim ownership of anything posted on this page. All rights go to the developers, IP owners, etc. credited above.

July 04, 2014

Fallout: New Vegas - Cut Content (Part 2)

This article continues from Fallout: New Vegas - Cut Content (Part 1)


Armored Vault 21 jumpsuit
The armored Vault 21 jumpsuit is a Vault 21 jumpsuit which has been modified to add additional protection in certain key spots on the suit to help brave the wastes outside of the vault. This item was unintentionally cut from the final version of the game and can only be obtained through console commands. Even though it was cut, it is worn by the Courier during the end game cinematic. In the Fallout: New Vegas game manual, under the section about stealth, the Courier is ducking behind a car, also wearing the armored Vault 21 jumpsuit.

Remnants Tesla armor
Given their non-appearance during the events of Fallout 2 between 2241 and 2242 and its greater rarity and less resistance compared to the advanced power armor, it was possibly a prototype during this period before the complete destruction of Navarro by the NCR. The Remnants Tesla armor is a piece of power armor which was cut from the final version of Fallout: New Vegas.

Repconn jumpsuit
Repconn jumpsuit
This clothing item is a pale blue jumpsuit with a black "REPCONN" logo on the back. It provides no Damage Threshold, but provides a bonus of +5 to Repair and can be repaired with RobCo jumpsuits. Despite the letters of REPCONN being normally capitalized it appears with a capital "R" and lowercase letters afterwords on the Pip-Boy 3000 screen.

Vault 24 jumpsuit
These vault jumpsuits were originally worn by the inhabitants of Vault 24. They were cut from the game along with Vault 24.

Papa Khan armor
The Papa Khan armor has a mesh but no default texture. It provides a Damage Threshold of 8 with or without the helmet; the armor can be repaired with Great Khan armor. The helmet is a pickelhaube with 2 horns attached to the back, and has red glasses attached to the face. The helmet provides no Damage Threshold and cannot be repaired with other items. This armor is found on an unused clone of Papa Khan and so can only be obtained through console commands. In the Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide it lists the Papa Khan helmet as obtainable when in fact it has been cut from the game.

White mask
The white mask is headwear that is found in the game files of Fallout: New Vegas, but not used in the actual game. It seems to be a placeholder for the White Glove Society mask. It is only obtained through the console commands.

Scorched Sierra power armor
Unused resources exist for a matching helmet to go with the Scorched Sierra power armor, notably featuring a green glow coming from the visor area. The mesh and corresponding textures are fully complete, but were not incorporated into any armor or other console-obtainable item. The armor was inspired by a mod made for the PC version of New Vegas. In an interview, Chris Avellone said "The armor was something one of the staff members saw, and we thought it would be the coolest thing to put in one of the last add-ons for Vegas."

Enclave Shocktrooper armor
Enclave Shocktrooper armor and the matching Enclave Shocktrooper helmet are a suit of power armor which, although present in the game files of Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, were not used in the final game. In Fallout: New Vegas, if obtained by using console commands, it has a DT of 35, the helmet has a DT of 6, the armor set has the highest DT in-game.


Big Boomer texture
The Big Boomer is a unique weapon in Fallout: New Vegas. Within the games files exists an unused texture for the Big Boomer. It uses the Fallout 3 model and only differs from that in the color of the wood and the words Big Boomer written down the side of the handgrip.

Deathclaw gauntlet
Deathclaw gauntlet
The deathclaw gauntlet is the hand of a deathclaw strapped to the user's arm. It ignores enemy armor, as did the version in Fallout 3, and looks identical. Although the standard deathclaw gauntlet is cut content, the Fist of Rawr, a unique version of the gauntlet, appears in the Lonesome Road add-on.

Debug megapistol
The debug megapistol is a debug weapon in Fallout: New Vegas. It is identical in appearance to the 9mm pistol, but deals tremendous damage. This means, much like The Disintegrator laser rifle and The Faderator, it was most likely a developmental tool and never intended for use in normal gameplay. It is only available through the use of console commands.

The Disintegrator
The Disintegrator is a debug test weapon in Fallout: New Vegas. With over 3800 DPS and 1000 damage per shot, this laser weapon will destroy anything in your way. If that's not enough, this weapon always gives critical hits for an extra 22 damage, a negligible addition to the already massive damage but also ensuring that your target will be reduced to a pile of ash. The Disintegrator can only be obtained via console commands. Once added to the game, this weapon may show up in dead enemy inventories.

Double-barrel shotgun
The double-barrel shotgun was slated for inclusion in Fallout: New Vegas at some point during development. While it was either removed prior to the release of the game or never implemented to begin with, a number of resources remain in the game's files for the weapon, including the weapon model and firing sounds, as well as an unused Form List, RepairNVDoubleBarrelShotgun. The weapon model and associated animations are identical to those found in Point Lookout, meaning the weapon lacks iron sights and the multi-step reload sound effect used for compatibility with the Rapid Reload perk. Despite this, sufficient resources exist for the weapon to be fully implemented within the game, leaving the ultimate reason for its exclusion unclear.

Gas grenade
This is a non-lethal thrown weapon that produces a gas/smoke like substance on detonation. It cannot be placed in containers or picked up if dropped. This item only exists in the game files, and cannot be obtained without console commands.

GP machine gun
The specifics of the GP machine gun are unknown. The weapon was at least planned at some point during development, but never made it into the final release of the game. The only remaining resource tied to the weapon is a single, unused, and empty Form List, RepairNVGPMachineGun.

Heavy rail cannon
This weapon does not exist in the game files except for a mention in a script. The Heavy rail cannon was a weapon cut from Fallout: New Vegas before the game's release.

Heavy riveter
The specifics of the heavy riveter are unknown. The weapon was at least planned at some point during development, but never made it into the final release of the game. The only remaining resource tied to the weapon is a single, unused, empty Form List, RepairNVHeavyRiveter.

Light rail cannon
These weapons show up referenced but uncommented in the "NVMissFortuneGunScript" script (which is also unused), no other mention of the weapon exists.

Multiplas rifle
Multiplas rifle
Within the game world object files, the rifle's model is labelled as "unique". There also exists an unused "non-unique model", which suggests that the weapon was originally intended as a unique variant of a usable standard version within the game.

Plasma rifle always crit
Plasma rifle always crit is a debug weapon in Fallout: New Vegas. It is a plasma weapon which looks like a plasma rifle, but is actually a "shotgun" variant of the plasma rifle, firing 5 rounds of plasma similar to the multiplas rifle. If that's not enough, this weapon always deals a Critical Hit, ensuring that your target will be reduced to a pile of goo. It is quite obvious the plasma rifle always crit was a test weapon like The Disintegrator, most likely used for testing the critical process in energy weapons and their animation upon death. The plasma rifle always crit can only be obtained via console commands.

Plasma rifle weak
As the name suggests, the damage caused by this plasma rifle is extremely weak. Judging by the damage and name, this was most likely a developmental weapon. The plasma rifle weak can only be obtained via console commands. It cannot be picked up again once dropped out of the inventory, due to a game engine setting that disallows pickup by the Courier.

Poisoned Shishkebab
Poisoned Shishkebab
This weapon is very powerful in combination with the Pyromaniac perk and any other melee specific Perks, especially because of the dark datura Poison effect it has, resulting in -2 Intelligence and -58 HP for 1 second.

R9000 camera
Used like a weapon, it is an exact replica of the Codac R9000 (shown by the fact that it has 'Codac' written on the back). It uses energy cells as 'ammunition'.

Stun grenade
This is a non-lethal thrown weapon, dealing 100 Fatigue damage along with 15 damage to an enemy's HP. The stun grenade is not found in the game, and it can only be obtained via console commands.

Slave's Burden
Slave's Burden resembles a large backpack with 4 smaller containers attached to it. Going by the name, appearance and the fact that it is classified as a weapon, it was to be worn by slaves and contains flamer fuel packages. The Pip-Boy icon displays the flamethrower icon.


NV Survivalist
A Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics perk and a cut perk in Fallout: New Vegas. This perk doesn't exist in the G.E.C.K. but an image of a Vault Boy named "perk_survivalist" can be found in the game files and proves that the perk was planned. Otherwise, benefit, prerequisites and description are unknown.

Deathclaw Omelet
It was to be given by the Courier to make deathclaw omelets. The perk was cut, however. This recipe allows you to make Rose's famous deathclaw omelet.

Spicy Casserole
It was to be given by the Courier to make spicy casseroles, similar to Ruby Nash's casserole. The perk was cut, however.

Companion suite
Unknown atributes

Child at Heart
The Child at Heart perk greatly improves your interactions with children, some adults and a robot, usually in the form of unique dialogue choices. Child at Heart is a Fallout 3 perk and a cut perk in Fallout: New Vegas.


The 2EOCasLoHotelLobby is a test cell in the game files of Fallout: New Vegas. This test cell is a simple hotel lobby that consists of an open foyer area with adjoining toilets, staircase and corridors. To the rear is another large open room, with a staircase leading down towards the entrance of Vault 3. 2EOCasLoHotelLobby appears in the game files of Fallout: New Vegas but should not be considered canon because it is a test cell.

A dimly lit hotel lobby, with the same layout as 2EOCasLoHotelLobby. It consists of an open foyer area with adjoining toilets, staircase and corridors. To the rear is another large open room, with a staircase leading down towards the entrance of Vault 3. In the foyer, there is a pack of hostile coyotes located near the entrance. There is also a group of non-hostile non-player characters in the corner, made up of Mojave inhabitants and NCR troopers.

Barracks01Int Template
A set of barracks in a L-shape layout, the barracks consists of five bunk beds and a set of toilets in the rear. The majority of the containers are empty. However, there is some random ammunition in a footlocker, and some chems in the first aid box located at the rear of the barracks.

Barracks02Int Template
A set of barracks, it has six bunk beds and a set of toilets to the rear. Barracks02Int Template appears in the game files of Fallout: New Vegas but should not be considered canon because it is a test cell.

Cell for Dead "Void Creatures"
A simple empty metal room with no doors or lighting. There are four other identical rooms which must be no-clipped into to access, and one larger, equally empty room. Another room has 3 NPCs, which could be Lily Bowen, when she was a human, and her two grandchildren, Becky and Jimmy.

Cottonwood Cove Building 01
A simple dwelling consisting of a few rooms with various items scattered around. All items are marked as own by Caesar's Legion. Cottonwood Cove Building 01 appears only in the game files of Fallout: New Vegas, but should not be considered canon because it is a test cell.

Craftsman Home 01 Template
A dirty, dimly lit replica of Doc Mitchell's house. The player character is spawned on top of the house.

Dummy Cell for Scripted XMarkers
A simple hotel lobby. It consists of a open foyer area with adjoining toilets, staircase and corridors. To the rear is another large open room, with a staircase leading down towards the entrance of Vault 3. It has an identical layout to 2EOCasLoHotelLobby.

Dummy Cell VES VEFR Encounters
A simple hotel lobby with the same layout as 2EOCasLoHotelLobby. In addition, it is populated with one naked NCR Ranger, 5 hostile NCR Rangers troopers and a single nightkin on the far side of the room. In the rear room, there is also a disguised Frumentarius.

While not exactly a cut location, it is nonetheless inaccessible during normal gameplay. It exists as a single room; one wall has been removed and replaced with a screen. There is also a single door that leads to nowhere. If the player character travels here before the ending is finalized, the player will be shown only two slides, after which the game will end. Ron the Narrator can be found by walking through the wall.

Freeside NPC dump
This cell consists of four discrete rooms all separated from each other and suspended in a void. The rooms are all identical, with two doorways without doors in them. There is no way to travel between rooms without using the console. A static NCR guard dog is also present where the player character spawns.

FFE vendor chests
Storage space for New Vegas's random encounters, of which there are very few. Inhabitants include Malcolm Holmes and the sentry bot toy. There is also the vendor inventory for an NPC named Felicia, who does not exist in the game, and is associated with the Sunset Sarsaparilla headquarters. When accessed in-game, there is nothing but an endless void.

Hoover Dam battle spawner
The Hoover Dam battle spawner is a test cell in the game files of Fallout: New Vegas. A small square empty room with very little light.

Hoover Dam checkpoint
A simple room with two doors, a control panel, and a concrete barrier. The two doors both open into nothing. The control panel will spawn a NCR trooper behind the cover of the concrete barrier, and a recruit legionary at the far end. Once spawned they will ignore the player character and attack each other. The control panel can only be used once to spawn the non-player characters.

Hoover Dam global dummy cell
A single room with all three versions of ED-E (standard, Brotherhood of Steel upgrade, Followers of the Apocalypse upgrade) and a female Powder Ganger. The room contents also vary depending on what update is installed.

Gomorrah 3rd floor
A third floor to the Gomorrah exists within the game, but its option in the elevator menu is disabled. This floor houses the non-penthouse rooms available at the Gomorrah, as well as a small janitorial room. There are no non-player characters on this floor and there is no notable loot.

Mentats Test Level
Mentats Test Level
A vault like room similar to most vault common areas, with two giant rats, two giant mantises (one regular, one nymph), three different Powder Gangers, and eight brahmin uniquely named as "Brahmin WaterSkins". The Powder Gangers will not fight back when attacked, and instead will simply flee. The giant rats will likely begin combat with the giant mantises as soon as the player character spawns in the room. There are several tables located in one corner of the room. On the tables, there are various weapons and a lit, non-interactable piece of dynamite.

Mentats Test Level
It simply consists of a roulette table floating in a void.

An empty metal room, with nothing in it, not even lights. There are five other identical rooms which must be noclipped into to access, and one larger, equally empty room.

An empty metal room, with nothing in it, not even lights. There are five other identical rooms which must be noclipped into to access, and one larger, equally empty room.

Ruined store
A simple room with two doors, two trip wire traps and several recruit legionaries. The two doors both open into nothing. The recruit legionaries will remain non-hostile until attacked. Killing them will result in loss of Legion fame.

Sample bathrooms of all sizes
A long hallway, with doors on either side leading to copies of every bathroom used in the game.

Test cell for traps
A small room that contains many of the traps that appear in the game Fallout: New Vegas. Traps are located on the east, west, and south side of the room and a reloading bench is located on the north side. A ruler also appears on the west side of the room on the floor beside several traps. The room also contains two open doorways on the west and south ends. Walking through these doorways will result in the player falling through the map and respawning back in the test room.

The room has the same layout as the test cell for traps; but instead of traps, they have been replaced with "testing dummies" (raiders) standing at various distances. There is a ruler lain flat on the floor measuring the distance in game units, which is equivalent to approximately 33 yards. Each "testing dummy" is rooted in place and can not move, although they are turned hostile if close enough to the player character, in which they will begin attacking the player character by punching. Each "testing dummy" has raider armor with a DT of 4 and 95 Hit Points.

A huge map area consisting of various props located in the game and some random non-player characters, spread over a vast area. The map contains many items from Fallout 3, such as nukalurk meat and a sweetroll. There are other rare items from Fallout: New Vegas such as the wasteland omelet, a fire ant egg, and the brahmin Wellington. TestMap01 appears only in the game files of Fallout: New Vegas, but should not be considered canon because it is a test cell.

Usonianhome01Int Template
It contains templates for generic houses, similar to those found in Nipton. Usonianhome01Int Template appears in the game files of Fallout: New Vegas but should not be considered canon because it is a test cell.

Usonianhome02Int Template
It contains templates for generic houses, similar to those found in Nipton.

Other Maps containing nothing but void
These are all valid maps but there's nothing to see there except for endless black or gray voids:
  • DevArmory: "Armory"
  • GreenRoom: (no name)
  • HooverDamExt: "Hoover Dam Exterior Dummy Cell"
  • HooverDamInt: "Hoover Dam Interior Dummy Cell"
  • HooverDamIntPowerPlant: "Hoover Dam Interior Dummy Cell"
  • HooverDamIntArizonaSpillway: "Arizona Spillway Tunnel"
  • NorthVegasGenericHouse01 (+02, 03, 04): "North Vegas House"
  • NVVendorChestsCell "New Vegas Buried Vendor Chests"
  • NVWildWastelandCell "New Vegas Buried Vendor Chests"
  • TheFortSum "TheFortSummitDummy"


Chip Provenance
Very little is known about this quest's purpose. Its internal name is "VChipHistory", indicating it may have something to do with the casino chips or the platinum chip.

Jailhouse Rock
A named NCR MP, Les Fretwell, with some partially complete dialog lines, he is placed behind the NCR Embassy, along with trooper Willis and two unnamed NCR troopers.

A quest associated with Test Man.

Underpass Water Purifier
The purifier, which according to its cellname was to be near Carlyle St. Clair's house, would provide clean water to Underpass if it were functional. Whoever assembled it had no idea what they were doing - many parts are connected incorrectly or hooked up backwards. Someone with the proper knowledge could easily get the purifier operational.

Viva Las Vegas!
This is an unused stage of the main quest. There's not enough information to know anything about it. It shares a name with The King's unique clothing.

World Changes Post-Endgame
There is no post-endgame, the game just ends. Also, "Freeside Post-Endgame Content Quest". The infected brahmin meat the player can find in the kitchens of the Ultra-Luxe had an implied use which never made it into the game. Unused pop-up messages exist for poisoning the Legion's stew, but the scripts attached to the message are nonfunctional.

Meat of Champions
There is a perk with the same name, achieved by cannibalizing certain named non-player characters. Alternatively, at one point in development, the Courier would be assigned the task of cannibalizing them by another non-player character.

Welcome to Fabulous New Vegas
The only objective is "Kill the Raiders". Welcome to Fabulous New Vegas includes an alternate opening in which Jessup pistol whips the Courier and Benny shoots them in the head twice, much like The Forecaster said.

There is plenty of cut content from the Fallout: New Vegas, and those described in part one and two are just the most interesting ones, not all of it. For more cut content visit Fallout wiki, which was the source of this article.

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June 29, 2014

Fallout 3 - Cut Content (Part 2)

This article continues from Fallout 3 - Cut Content (Part 1)

Cut raider graffiti


There are also the cut weapons Mason jar mines and Piggy bank grenades that appear only in The Art of Fallout 3. There is no hint of what they might have done or what damage they might have caused, as there is only concept art about them:

Mason jar mine:
The mine itself seems to be a combination of nails, an empty jar, a stick of dynamite and a lit cigarette. The cigarette burns down, and eventually ignites the fuse on the dynamite. When it explodes, it sends the nails flying, due to where the dynamite is placed, it would send the nails in a limited direction. Also this wouldn't be able to function as a mine, due to the fact that cigarettes are not proximity activated. It would instead function like a time bomb.

Piggy bank grenade:
It is a grenade version of the bottlecap mine because, as the name suggests, it would have used currency for shrapnel. Unlike the bottlecap mine or the Nuka-grenade, the piggy bank grenade appears to use a powder fuse rather than an electronic one.

Fired at the player by a trap. There is sufficient evidence to suggest it was a player weapon at one point, including a first person view model and Pip-Boy icon for a cut Throwing skill.

Black Bart's Bane
This weapon's damage, critical damage, and item HP are all double that of a normal BB gun, and its value has been raised accordingly from 36 to 60 caps. In all other aspects it is identical to a normal BB gun. This weapon can not be found anywhere in the game. It is obtainable only via console command on PC or inventory edit on Xbox 360. To get Black Bart's Bane, use the console command: player.additem 6B535 1

Black Bart's Bane

The Breaker is a unique nail board. It can be repaired with nail boards. it differs in that it does more damage, more DPS and more than double the durability. This weapon cannot be found anywhere in the game and can only be obtained via console. To get The Breaker, use the console command: player.additem CB546 1

Clover's Cleaver
Clover's Cleaver is a unique Chinese officer's sword cut from the final release of Fallout 3. It has higher Damage and Damage per second but a Critical Chance .5 lower than that of the normal Chinese officer's sword. It was intended to be used by the non-player character Clover, similar to Butch's Toothpick, which is used by Butch DeLoria. This weapon can only be obtained via console commands. To get Clover's Cleaver, use the console command: player.additem C80B8 1 100

Cryo grenade
The cryo grenade was originally a weapon cut from the final version of Fallout 3. It does not exist in the final version of the game, nor does it exist as an unused item in the G.E.C.K. editor. The mesh and texture are contained within Fallout 3's BSA files, but these files were not used, as new meshes and textures were made to replace them in Mothership Zeta.

Cryo mine
The cryo mine was originally a weapon cut from the final version of Fallout 3 for an unknown reason. It does not exist in the final version of the game, nor does it exist as an unused item in the G.E.C.K. editor. However, the mesh and texture are contained within Fallout 3's BSA files, these files however were not used and new meshes and textures were made to replace them in Mothership Zeta (the original mesh and texture were eventually used in Operation: Anchorage as spider drones).

Its appearance resembles that of the in game homemade weapons, and it was intended as an Energy Weapons dependent homemade weapon. Several junk items possibly related to the Cryolator were also cut; a coolant component (which forms the midsection of the Cryolator) and a liquid nitrogen canister (which was possibly intended as ammunition) are two. Both of these items use the same texture file as the Cryolator. The Cryolator and the possible components mentioned above do not exist in the game (except for the crutch used for the stock and the weapon's base), nor do they exist as unused items in the G.E.C.K. editor. However, the meshes and textures for them and the weapon itself are contained within Fallout 3's BSA files.

Curse Breaker
A unique baseball bat that was cut from Fallout 3. It deals more damage and has a better critical chance (x1.5 compared to x1.0 of a common baseball bat). It can be repaired with baseball bats. This weapon cannot be found anywhere in the game and can only be obtained via console command player.additem C80BB 1.

Discharge hammer
The discharge hammer is a weapon from the Fallout 3 add-on, Broken Steel that exists in the game files, but never used in game. It's a super sledge that does increased electrical damage to robots. This weapon can not be found anywhere in the game. It is obtainable only via console command on PC.

The baseball bat is a common melee weapon found in the Wasteland. The United States was stereotyped as a patriotic country, so it's very logical to find them everywhere. While useful for close combat with raiders, they are not particularly effective against the more durable foes found throughout the Wasteland.

An equippable, non-damaging pair of fists, equivalent to being completely unarmed, except not eliciting a reaction from any NPCs whatsoever. It is coded as part of the game engine rather than being pulled from external asset files like all other weapons.

Frag mine
The internal name of this weapon associates it with the Tranquility Lane portion of the main quest, but there are no mines used there in-game. This was probably intended as an alternate method for murdering Mabel Henderson at Betty's command. This version inflicts 300x as much damage, is much more valuable (3900 vs. 25 caps), and oddly weighs twice as much.

Gauss rifle (Beta)
The beta Gauss rifle is a beta version of the scoped Gauss rifle that uses the model of a laser rifle and features a five round magazine. It only does about 25% of the damage of the final version, but has a 100% knock-down chance. It is only obtainable through console commands. It can only be found in DLC05TestPhil cell with many other cut items from Operation Anchorage, like the Peepers. The beta version is especially interesting because, when fired, it shows the true trajectory of the Gauss rifle's shots, where as the "official" version of the weapon shows a misleading visual representation of the bullet trajectory. When firing the beta version, the round clearly fires quite a ways up and to the right of the center of the scope. For some reason this off-center trajectory remained unchanged in the "official" version, leading many players to confusing missed shots, because visually the round appears to be dead-center despite the fact that the actual coded path for the round remains up and to the right. A side-by-side comparison of both Gauss rifles, the beta and the "official", tested on multiple targets from multiple angles seems to confirm this.

Gauss rifle (Beta)
Grenade launcher
A cut content weapon in the Broken Steel add-on for Fallout 3. The grenade launcher is listed in the G.E.C.K., but was not placed in game. It's a modified combat shotgun that shoots grenades instead of shotgun shells. This weapon was created during one of Bethesda's tutorials on how to use the GECK and appears to be left in the game.

Laser rifle (demo)
A weaker version of the laser rifle, seemingly used for a demonstration, with lower crit damage (10 vs. 22).

Law Dog
A unique .32 pistol with slightly increased damage and increased value. Although it is a light weapon, it pales against the N99 10mm pistol in terms of rate of fire and damage. It can, however, be fired quite fast if the player can get a rhythm down. The Law Dog does not appear in anywhere in the game, it can only be obtained by using the console command: player.additem 6B532 1 100

Lightning gun
The lightning gun is a weapon from Broken Steel that is listed in the G.E.C.K., but it was not placed in game. It is a unique AER9 laser rifle. The lightning gun fires, essentially, a basic laser rifle's laser. At the point of impact it generates a natural gas cloud. After a moment, a second laser flies in (horizontally, from a seemingly arbitrary location) towards the gas cloud to ignite it. The secondary laser might not be able to reach the gas cloud (blocked by terrain/objects) in which case the gas cloud can be ignited manually by firing another shot into it (with the lightning gun or any other weapon that can ignite natural gas).

Love Tap
A unique variant of brass knuckles. Love Tap boasts slightly higher Damage than their common counterparts, a Critical Multiplier of 2 as opposed to 1 for the regular brass knuckles. They also deal more Critical Damage than common brass knuckles. In addition, they require 3 fewer Action Points per attack in V.A.T.S.. However, Love Tap is hindered by only having 100 item HP, half as much as regular brass knuckles. This weapon cannot be found anywhere in the game. It is obtainable only via console commands. To get Love Tap, use the console command: player.additem C80B9 1

Mirelurk bait grenade
A special frag grenade, which, based on the name, would have acted as bait to attract or lure away mirelurks. It is unimplemented: it is impossible to obtain without using the console, and it does not work, as mirelurks simply ignore them. It uses the frag grenade's world model and explosion effect but does zero damage, though it still causes the concussive effects if the player stands too close to the explosion. They were intended for the Wasteland Survival Guide, when Moira Brown sends the player into the Anchorage Memorial, and are mentioned in the script for the quest. This weapon can not be found anywhere in the game. It is obtainable only via console command on PC. To get a mirelurk bait grenade, use the console command: player.additem 30664 1.

O'Grady's Peacemaker
An unique police baton. It can be repaired with other police batons. There was to be a guard called O'Grady who would carry this weapon, but he was cut from the final version. This weapon cannot be found anywhere in the game and can only be obtained via console command player.additem 7843D 1

Pa's Fishing Aid
A unique version of the double-barrel shotgun added to Fallout 3 with the Point Lookout add-on, but was essentially cut post-production. It looks identical to its regular version, the double-barrel shotgun, but differs in damage, price and other characteristics. It can only be repaired with combat shotguns.

Smoke grenade
The smoke grenade was formally cut from Operation: Anchorage, but much like the Tesla cannon (Beta), can be reached out of the normal map boundaries.

Sonora Cruz's 10mm pistol
Sonora Cruz's unique 10mm pistol inflicts 100 damage per hit. It is flagged as unplayable, it will not show up in her inventory and cannot be pickpocketed. As she is programmed to flee instead of fight, she will never use it, effectively making it unused.

The spanner was cut from the final version of the add-on and can only be retrieved from the object database through the use of console commands. The spanner is a wrench - with a value and weight higher than that of other wrenches - equippable as a weapon, and the only one of its kind. As it was cut from the game, it was left unfinished; it is held in a strange manner (upside down and against the player's arm). It will knock down enemies on critical hits.

Tesla cannon (Beta)
This Tesla cannon is a developer test weapon, presumably an early developmental version of the Tesla cannon. It is aesthetically identical to a missile launcher and uses missiles as its ammunition source. It can be obtained via a glitch or console commands. It fires the same blast of electricity as the normal Tesla cannon. This Tesla cannon (it is just called "Tesla cannon" in the game) delivers less damage than the actual cannon, and uses up more A.P. per shot, but it can actually be repaired by ordinary missile launchers (but not vice versa). This means that unlike the regular Tesla cannon, the test version can be repaired to 100% indefinitely (assuming the player's repair skill is high enough). One copy of this weapon can be found outside the map boundaries at satellite relay station. It is obtainable via some rather tricky jumping, building an ammunition staircase, using Dogmeat, or console commands.

Tesla cannon (Beta)

Wanda is a unique R91 assault rifle found in the object database. In-game, it is functionally the same as the Xuanlong, with the exception of being more easily repaired. It can be repaired with other R91 assault rifles. This weapon exists in the game files, and can only be obtained through console commands on the PC version. The gun is inside the mailbox marked "weapons" within the testing hall that is accessible with console commands (coc TestQAItems).


Ant resin
Ant resin is an amorphous mixture of carboxylic acids that are obtained directly from giant ants. It is yellowish-green in color and is shiny and/or iridescent. The editor ID for this item in the GECK is "MS02AntResin." MS02 is the ID for The Superhuman Gambit quest, indicating that it was most likely related to the AntAgonizer, but was cut from the final version of the game. Though it serves no purpose in either game, this item is found in the game files for both Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.

Big Book of Science
An oversized copy of the science skill book. Its internal prefix associates it with the quest Wasteland Survival Guide. It weighs five Fallout pounds.

Unused. Its internal name prefix associates it with the quest Tranquility Lane. There in fact is a chandelier in the simulation which can be used to commit and assigned act of murder, but it is a world object, not an item.

Computer Password Module
Related to the quest "Stealing Independence".

Constitution of the United States
One of many cut documents related to Stealing Independence, as are the others: Emancipation Proclamation, Monroe Doctrine, Museum Token, U.S. Declaration of War on China and U.S. Declaration of War on Germany.

Control Collar
Called RRControlCollar internally. The 'RR' prefix is used exclusively for Reilly's Rangers.

Empty Sap Container
Quest item related to "Oasis". The player might have been supposed to show this to Father Birch after completing the quest for his side as proof.

Motivational Secrets of the Stars
Preliminary version of the speech skill book. Uses the world mesh of the green pre-war book. Unlike the used skill books, it weighs three nonspecific weight units.

(Pre-War Book)
There are seven unused pre-War books skins. None of them have names. The skins were later used in Fallout: New Vegas for junk items.

Survival Guide Manuscript
An item from a cut segment of the quest The Wasteland Survival Guide. At one point you were given a manuscript and had to go to Hubris Comics to print out copies. In the final game however, the location is not connected to any quest.

The Great House of Lod
A miscellaneous item which was cut from the final version of the Fallout 3 add-on, Point Lookout. It uses the junk item icon in the Pip-Boy, and the world model of a ruined book. It has a script attached which seems to imply that it was used for LOD (Level of Detail) testing.

Wasteland Survival Guide
Finalized version of the Wasteland Survival Guide. Classified as a book, rather than a miscellaneous item like the one accessible in game.

An item version of the book You're SPECIAL!, which is used to allocate stat points in Fallout 3.

Actor effects

This is an unused critical kill effect for weapons that fire mini-nukes, much like disintegration or gooification. The victim is engulfed in a sparkling bright lime green particle effect. The corpse is strangely rendered transparent afterwards with a mild radioactive glow, possibly due to a missing texture.

Better Rivet City Prices
Related to the quest The Wasteland Survival Guide. Increases barter by 15, regardless of location.

EMP Disable
Has the effect of a Pulse grenade on susceptible targets. The weapons in-game use the EMP object effect, which is effectively the same thing.

The same trait from Fallout 1 and 2. Increases AP by 10 and reduces DR by 20. Fallout 3 doesn't have traits, so it would have been a perk instead.

Life Giver
There are effects for unused second and third ranks for this perk.

Called "DeathClawPoison" internally. Deathclaws cannot inflict poison in the final game.

Rad Poisoning
Called "NukalurkAttack" internally.

RL3 Survive
Increased DR by 10, three stages.

Stealth Shield
Called "EnclaveInfiltratorStealth" internally. Runs a stealth boy script on the actor.

Base effects

Ant Vision
Ant Vision
Calls a script which was to be activated after consuming Ant Nectar.

Cure Addiction
Meant to cure a particular Addiction, or all.

Damage Chest
The only "damage body part" effects which are used are damage legs, used by the Dart gun. Including effects: Damage Left Arm, Damage Right Arm.

Other cutted base effects (not much known about)
Attack Health, Cripple Be Gone Effect, Damage Radiation Resistance, Flamer Burn, Flamer Smoke Effect, Frost Damage (This was possibly used later in Mothership Zeta), Generic Debug Effect, Glowing One Rad B Self Effect, Glowing One Rad Burst, (no name) (Gooification Effect Shader), Increased Agility - Jet, Increased Agility - Psycho, Increased Damage Resistance - Med-X, Increased Endurance - Med-X, Increased Perception - Jet, Increased Strength - Jet, Increased Strength - Med-X, Increased Confidence, Increased Speed Multiplier, Reduce Charisma (Mentat Addiction), Reduce Charisma (Psycho Addiction), Reduce Charisma (Buffout Addiction), Reduce Intelligence (Psycho Addiction), Reduce Intelligence - Psycho+, Reduced Action Points, Reduced Carry Weight, Reduced Health, Reduced Luck, Reduced Poison Resistance, Reduced Radiation Resistance, Script Effect, Shock Damage

Vault Boy stat images

You can see some of the unused Vault Boy graphics, such as - Light Step perk graphic, similar to the one used in the first two Fallout games. The version in Fallout 3 uses landmines instead of beartraps. Healing rate. The player character cannot heal at all in Fallout 3 without using items, resting, or having specific perks. Action Points. There is no method for the player character to actually see their derived statistics.

As you can see there is plenty of cutted content from the Fallout 3 game, and those above are just the most interesting ones, not all of it. For more cut content visit Fallout wiki, which was the source of this article.

June 05, 2014

Let's Talk About Fallout 3 (Page 2/2)

I know I've probably come off as extremely critical of Fallout 3. But I am not harsh for humour, this is what I genuinely think of the game. I understand that there was no way it would be the same as the old games, but as I said before, there's just some stuff that should go without saying. Fallout was so unique because of things like interactions being remembered and shared across locations. You can't just not include that, especially when you put great emphasis on factions in your new Fallout game. Thus, I have officially gotten to Fallout 3's plot, an unusually personal affair.

You can even decide which genitals you want!
Fallout 3 starts with you being born. This is one of more favorite introductions to a game. Fallout 3 uses the backdrop of the player character growing up in Vault 101 as a tutorial, which is a brilliant use of conveyance. It also helps that your dad in this game is voiced by LIAM NEESON. Time skips forward in several places, because while I would love a game where you just rp as a Vault Dweller, I imagine that wouldn't be the best idea of fun for most. You meet some fun characters, build your character in a nicely made interactive sequence (Or it would be, if you didn't have the option to just pick and choose.), and then shit happens. See, Vault 101 was one of those experimental Vaults brought up in Fallout 2. Nobody is allowed to enter or leave the Vault after it is sealed, and the Overseer is the supreme power. Naturally, your dad mysteriously leaving the Vault causes some "Problems"; The Overseer goes batshit crazy, kills your friend, and sends security to hunt you down. You are forced to leave the Vault in a rather cool little escape sequence. Then you re-roll your character...Way to ruin the immersion, guys. This is when you save to avoid playing this bit again, because it's only good the first time around, and chances are you will play through multiple times.

It's a beautiful wasteland...
Of course, the game sucks you right back in as you step outside for the first time. The sun blasting in your virgin eyes as the Wasteland slowly appears before you is a sight that is appropriately breathtaking the first time playing. From here, you can basically go and do whatever you want to do, though it's rather obvious the game wants you to follow a certain path, what with your very first quest being checking out the nearby town of Megaton. Despite being physically improbable, Megaton is a nice enough town and an interesting location, where you get a number of easy starting quests. Now the ultimate goal for the first half of the game is find Liam Ne- I mean your Dad. The plot is the conventional Fallout method: You go to a town, you talk to some dude, he leads you to another dude who saw your Dad, but he won't tell you where he went until you do some quest for him, rinse and repeat two more times. The good news is, like all the good Fallout games, there is plenty of interesting stuff and strong dialogue to boost this otherwise straightforward structure. The game doesn't end when you find him either, as you get some personal bonding with dear old Dad as you discover what exactly he was doing when he left.

Note: Spoilers ahead.
Dad is actually not from the Vault, and neither are you. You both came from the outside world, but your dad managed to convince the Overseer to let you both in as he was a capable doctor. Your dad was working on making a mass water purifier that would provide all of the Capital Wasteland with fresh clean water, but that sorta ended prematurely when you were born and your mom died in childbirth. He always intended to go back to the project when you grew up, and did so after learning about the GECK, which would be the last component needed for the purifier. This twist, while not particularly surprising (The hints too it are as subtle as an elephant stampede.), is still a pretty good one. Sadly, just as it looks like you are gonna finish the job, everyone's favorite group of assholes show up: The Enclave!

The Enclave: Ruining good times since 2077
Now one might pose a good question: Where the fuck did these guys come from? The answer is...Nowhere in this game. It is suggested that the Enclave had bases all over America, but if that's the case, why is this branch's agenda the exact same one as the original, when the entire reason the original had such a plan was that the Enclave found the intact vats at Mariposa; It was not the game plan from the moment the War began and ended for all branches everywhere! Where the fuck did they get their sample of the FEV virus? How did they make it in such a short amount of time. Where did they get the new Power Armor?! Why are they so united in their cause until the very last second, WHEN VICTORY IS LITERALLY WITHIN GROPING DISTANCE?! Either this is the single greatest coincidence in the history of storytelling, or Bethesda just didn't want to make a new antagonist. Great fucking job making it believable at least...

The Brotherhood of Steel: ALSO ruining good times since 2077
I haven't even gotten started on the other faction that appears for seemingly no reason: The Brotherhood of Steel. They gotta be in every single game, don't they? I guess it's because of the Power Armor, right? You need at least one faction that can provide Power Armor, because you NEED Power Armor, it is absolutely necessary. At least the Brotherhood have a logical reason for being here. Clearly this means Fallout Tactics is canon, and after expanding in Illinois, more Brotherhood decided to go check out the Capital for technological goo-gahs. The Brotherhood has gone from isolationist techno-zealots to altruistic peace keepers, losing all sense of identity, and they really are The Brotherhood of Steel in name and appearance only. So much so, in fact, that a good amount of them split and became the Outcasts, which would be cool if the game had a Faction system. But, wait a minute, I thought these guys were from the Chicago Brotherhood. You know, the group that already decided to be helpful to the community...Why would they trek all the way to DC then suddenly decide to go back to the old ways they'd abandoned long ago...Unless they AREN'T from Chicago....WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCKING FUCK.

Why does anyone like these assholes?
Borking of factions aside, the game has plenty of fun side quests to partake in, and the local radio DJ will spout off about your exploits regularly over his show, Galaxy News. The sidequests are where the game really thrives, offering up a number of really fun things to do and people to interact with, like stealing The Declaration of Independence from a robot convinced that he's Button Gwinnet (Don't ask). There's also the campaign itself, which offers some intense drama and action for those seeking it, and the story may very well suck you in with its steady and strong flow. Now of course I suppose I should mention the ending. The original ending to this game sucks; It's short, skimps alot on details, and then just sorta cuts out. It was so bad that one of the DLC, Broken Steel, was dedicated to fixing it.

Liberty Prime honestly makes the whole game worth it
So that was Fallout 3, how is it really? Well, the roleplay elements are threadbare, the difficulty is all over the place, and I could drive train sized holes through the plot, but I have to say it's enjoyable. The combat is visceral and deeply entertaining, the characters are fun and enjoyable, and the story's emphasis on family and striving for the greater good felt nice and sweet. It's definitely not better than Fallout 2, but it stands on its own as a solid game that successfully brought the series back from the brink. What do you think of 3?

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