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July 14, 2016

Get Fallout Shelter on PC Today!

Instead of playing Fallout Shelter on PC via Android emulator, you can now get the official version for PC! The Fallout Shelter PC version and the big mobile update were announced earlier this year, at E3, during the publisher's briefing.

So, Fallout Shelter has finally arrived on PC. All you need is Bethesda.Net Launcher. From there, you need to create a account (if you don't have one already). Once you logged in, two programs are available from the top left of the launcher; the Fallout 4 Creation Kit, and, just below it -- Fallout Shelter. Don't mind my screenshot, showing three programs.

Fallout Shelter Minimum PC System Requirements

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9550 @2.83GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 1GHz / RADEON HD 6970 1GHz
OS: Win 7 64-bit

Although, the minimum PC specs are as provided above, Fallout Shelter PC version works just fine on some older dual core PCs (I.e. AMD E-300 dual-core @ 1.3 GHz). If you have an old Win 7 64-bit PC, be sure to give Fallout Shelter a try. As our Facebook page fan, Kenny Eisenhower would say -- No lag whatsoever. Thanks for this useful information Kenny, I'm sure many will appreciate it.

Fallout Shelter PC version is a free game that also offers microtransactions.

If you want to know more about Fallout Shelter, check our Fallout Shelter portal.

*UPDATE: you can use your save from Android version of Fallout Shelter. Copy the .sav file from Internal Storage/Android/com.bethsoft.falloutshelter/file/ to My Document/My Games/Fallout Shelter. Thanks to Ananda Krishna, our Facebook page fan for sharing this useful information.

See the first five minutes of Fallout Shelter gameplay on PC;

April 26, 2016

Realistic Settlements in Fallout 4 by Wasteland Angel (part 2)

In my previous blog post, Realistic Settlements in Fallout 4, where you can see very detailed settlement builds of Red Rocket Truck Stop and Sanctuary Hills (YouTube links), I already introduced you to what realistic settlements are in my game.

A quick reminder of my "problem" with most of the settlement videos over the interweb -- There are many really good videos out there. It's just that most of them are somehow focused on building sizes and wonders, and stuff, rather than being realistic.

Mostly, I think about small details like missing pillars on tall buildings or bridges, or even spamming with duplicated fences, floors, etc.

I, on the other hand, don't build Commonwealth Wonders or big Palaces, and just want to keep my settlements realistically formed and built, like I would do (if I could) in real life. With a post-apocalyptic setting in mind, where building materials are scarce, this time, I'm introducing you the settlements of Greentop Nursery and beautiful Spectacle Island!

Greentop Nursery

Before I begin you should know that all my settlements are still works in progress and are about 90-95% complete. I'll start with the Greentop Nursery.

I imagined Greentop Nursery being a very important settlement since a greenhouse in wasteland can be a big and important source of food and caps. To protect that sweet jewel of the Commonwealth, I decided to barricade the whole area around it. Since there is not much of a space between the settlement boundaries and the greenhouse, I used every bit of it. I upgraded the original house with a two-story shack on the side and a place where you can eat, have a drink and relax in front of the house.

January 06, 2016

Submit Your Fallout Related Content

Want to show off your awesome killstreaks or lucky escapes from the various creatures from the Fallout universe? Created some awesome mods for Fallout 3 / Fallout: New Vegas / Fallout 4? Submit your creations in a form of a video link in a message, to get featured on our Tumblr, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook Page!

If the provided content is something that really awesome, it might as well, be featured here, on the Vault-Tec Inc. blog! From time to time, we will be giving away prizes to the best videos. Please read the content agreement terms if you wish to continue.

November 11, 2015

Let's Play Fallout 4!

We are more than thrilled that from now on, the Vault-Tec Inc. will be publishing the Let's Play Fallout 4 episodes on a daily basis!

From the time when bombs fell, all the way until the end, and even beyond -- we will play Fallout 4 just for you!

See more info along with our first episode below and even better -- join us on our YouTube Channel and play with us!

Let's Play Fallout 4 Info

One of our admins, Ralph Streb (known us ~ Charlie on Vault-Tec Inc. Facebook page), was kind enough to record his very first playthrough of Fallout 4 just for you. Ralph was already very helpful with our (never finished) Fallout: Diaspora series, where he gave his voice to a few characters from the videos. He is also known as Coolguy around the web, and The Gaming Corner is the gaming community he created some time ago.

For Let's Play Fallout 4, Ralph uses an Open Broadcast System, and for editing, he use a program called Sony Vegas Pro 13. At the beginning of the series, Ralph named his character Bearington and that's pretty much all you need to know for now. Check his work in his very first episode of Let's Play Fallout 4 below, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more!

Let's Play Fallout 4 Playlist

Below you can see an embedded Let's Play Fallout 4 Playlist which you can follow on YouTube.

Thank you for watching, we do this for you. Share some thoughts about the video below - it helps us grow in every way!

June 11, 2015

Vault-Tec Inc. is Hosting the E3 Online Radio Show

You all know by now that we got a huge weekend ahead of us, and because of that, your Vault-Tec Inc. Promotional Department is hosting an E3 Online Radio Show! While listening to the tracks from Fallout games, the admins from your Vault-Tec Inc. will be discussing the Bethesda Press Conference this Sunday/Monday (depends on your time zone) from 10 PM - 12 AM EST / 3 - 5 AM UTC over the Hive365 Online Radio Station. All you must do on that glorious day (at least Fallout fans) is to tune in and prepare for the future!

#BE3 #Fallout4 #LetsGoPal #E32015

E3 Online Radio Show Info

You can find more details, subscribe, or even ask questions about the show on Vault-Tec Inc. Promotional Department events on Facebook and Google+ Social media pages.

To tune in on your Computer, go to Hive365 website, or you can listen to the show via Windows Vista, 7, and 8 sidebar gadgets:

If you are on mobile, download the Tunein Radio app and Search Hive365! App links:

Please share this event with your Fallout friends and Prepare for the Future!

Your Vault-Tec Inc. Crew

April 06, 2015

If Fallout Was Real - Social Experiment Results

We are more than happy to say that our big social experiment If Fallout Was Real was a big success! For those who are not familiar with the experiment, let's just say that we gave Fallout fans approx. two weeks to answer some of the most interesting questions on our social media pages Facebook and Google+ about what would you do if Fallout was real. This article will focus on data collected from the whole experiment, but also with some comments insight from both, Google+ and Facebook page of the Vault-Tec inc.

The experiment reached over 101 000 people (there is something in 101, so let's just say it's about 101k). That's right, more than 101k people saw this experiment, and the engagement was excellent on both social media platforms, with more than 1100 comments about what would you do if Fallout was real.

Take a look at those two charts below, it will make some things clear to you;

Charts above doesn't show which social platform is "better", especially if you consider that Vault-Tec inc. Google+ Page has about 1k fans, and Facebook Page more than 12k. The charts above sums up pretty much that you don't have much crafting abilities in both, weapon crafting and building, but when it comes to daydreaming, you did a pretty good job of describing what would you do if Fallout was real.

If you want a comparison about which social media page "performed" this experiment "better", the answer is Google+. We received more engagement on our Google+ than Facebook page (considering 12:1 ratio of Page fans), and here is the chart;

We will split the results into two sections - Facebook and Google+, because of comments, but the post reach and comment count is the combination of both. I know, and we could all agree that, if Fallout was real for real - we would be dead. But that is not acceptable by Vault-tec, so, without further rambling about the experiment stats, here are the results of each post, and some of your answers;

1. What Would be Your First Thing to Do?

First things first, so we asked you what would be your first steps in the Fallout apocalypse, and here are the results;

Post reach: 31200
Comments: 313

Comments on Google+ Page:

Good / Most common answers;
Nattalie The Russian: probably gather supplies and try to find another group of survivors or even a bunker?, Logan Boese: Find food and water and a weapon?, Rachel McAnnally: Loot a Walmart, Martin K: Join a caravan.

Funny comments;
Lawrence Cooper - FroBak: Save to hard drive?, Don McCollough: Avoid living in Megaton just in case some wise-ass gets the idea to activate the bomb in the center of town.

Bad comments;
The Lone Wonder: be a dumbass. Am kidding I would dye my hair blue and kill everything, cain terrill: I would get away from my family and travel alone getting things I need as I go?

See Google+ Post.

Comments on Facebook Page:

Good / most common answers;
Maxwell Moreno: Start a settlement and slowly take over wat area I'm in., Mitchell Woods: Stock up on supplies, weapons, water, food, ammo. And then turn where I live into a fort, board up the windows with corrugated iron and wood., Brian Wheeler: Seek shelter., Kenny Neff: First thing? Pack supplies and load up my guns.

Funny comments;
Fabian Hawkins: Select the difficulty to easy.., Gary Howe: First... Sex... Then bit more sex.. Then if was still human and not ghoulified id try and find some friendly people and have more sex... Got to get the population back on its feet eh..., Josh Wagner: Id find Johnny and smash that Damned guitar!, Matthew Smith: The republic of matt.

Bad comments;
Aaron Joel Pleat: Die of radiation poisoning., Vinícius Gama de Farias: I would most likely die., Alex Barrett: Probably die.

See Facebook Post.

Share your thoughts (comment) about the whole If Fallout Was Real experiment on Google+ and Facebook post, or at comment section below!


September 13, 2014

Experience Vault Escape in Real Life!

You are sending us so much incredible things that you've done lately, various projects such is cosplay that you've done, mods that you've created, fanart, etc... And you might think that you've seen it all, but then again, every now and then I got some incredible, awesome, no - epic thing in my inbox.

This one is sent by Dmitry Medvedenko, twitter - @DmitryVostok, and it is very interesting, so check the whole thing below.

War. War never changes.

As never change the fans of Fallout. Once a fan - forever a fan (at least until 2077). But if you think there is nothing you do not know about the series - no random encounter unseen, no cabinet unlooted, and that there's not much left, but wait - think again! How about experiencing the vault escape first-hand, in real life?!

Moscow offers the opportunity with the help of Claustrophobia - a project that makes a whole variety of "Escape the room" kinds of quests which put forth not just the fun and logic puzzles, but also the ambient: the decor, props and tasks themselves provide for believable atmosphere. The quest "Vault 13" appeals to the fans of the legendary franchise, even though there's no broken water chip involved, gives a great Fallout experience.

You are a group of descendants (2-4 players at a time) trapped inside a Vault. The war is long over, the nuclear dust has settled and the mainframe says it is safe to leave. Yet unlocking the vault is a complex procedure. And, unfortunately, the Overseer died without conveying it to anybody else. Your task is to find a way out, as life-support systems will soon deplete. The Vault specializes in horticultural experiments, and by manipulating the plant support systems you may find a way to trigger a fail-safe mechanism and release your friends and yourself into the new world of the wasteland.. Such is the backdrop for the quest. You and your partners are given 60 minutes to mastermind your way out of the Vault.

Use teamwork (it is virtually impossible to complete the quest alone, at least the first run) and a variety of skills to open the Vault door! Perception for "sniping" a code somewhere far, far away, Strength to smash open lockers that won't open otherwise, Agility and Endurance to manually operate a reserve source of power, Charisma to convince your friends to do what you need them to do, and, of course, Intelligence and Luck to figure out what the heck needs be done in the first place!

The quest is great fun! You get the feeling the creators truly adore the franchise. All of the tips and tools you will use are known to the series fan - among props and tools you will find: a Powerfist, a Gauss rifle, lots of Nuka-cola bottles (and Quantum), a Dean's Electronics book and even a set of T51-b Power Armor!

If you are ever in Moscow (which is an experience on its own) - be sure to stop by with a partner or three, for a truly memorable time as you may have imagined it while playing one of the greatest games of all time. Cost is $50-100 per team (depends on the time of day / week) for the hour-long trip to post-apocalyptic America. Be sure to book at least two weeks in advance at Claustrophobia.

P.S. We completed the quest in 35 minutes and never used a single 'hint' from the operators, and that is close to the record time!

Fallout 1, 2 Tactics, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4