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November 30, 2014

Why the Next 10 Years of Fallout Will Smash the Last 10

It is only logical way to think that in the next 10 years we will deeply enjoy Fallout 4. Let's remember the facts from the past; Original Fallout game came out back in 1997, Fallout 2 the next year, in 1998, and spin-off Fallout: Tactics came out in 2001. So, we "old" Fallout gamers enjoyed Fallout for more than 10 years until we finally got the new-gen sequel Fallout 3.. I know not many will agree, but New Vegas is actually another spin-off, no matter it is more similar to original Fallout games and it should be the true sequel to Fallout 2. So, when we can expect Fallout 4? In *2018! 10 years after Fallout 3 came out.. In my opinion, it will be worth of waiting as it was worth to wait for Fallout 3 for 10 years. It will also be the next-gen game and it will rock our world.

One of many popular memes about Fallout 4
When it comes to announcement, it could happen very soon, at VGX 2014, but I wouldn't get my hopes too high. Geoff Keighley, the executive producer of VGX, stated that he had a “great night planning with the ladies who run Bethesda,” hinting the possibility of a major game announcement. If Fallout 4 gets announced at VGX 2014, then we can expect it to come out in late 2015 / 2016, but as I said, I wouldn't get my hopes high. Bethesda also recently filed the trademark for Pip-Boy, but to me, it is something that should have been done in years before, and I don't think it has anything with hinting a possible Fallout 4 announcement. Let's just remember that there have been numerous hoaxes and speculations about the game, though officially there is no word yet.


To get back on the topic, the next 10 years of Fallout will smash the last 10 simply because we will get Fallout 4 eventually, and it will be the next GOTY, a game of epic proportions, just like it was Fallout 3 compared to Fallout 2 (I don't mean the story). It will be next-gen and that means the developer will be looking to improve the gaming experience by releasing it for next-gen consoles and PC only, with better graphics, processing power, detailed environment, immersive feel, and even with a deeper plot. According to a report by JBG News, this will lend a sense of morality to the game character. It opines that the developer could "exploit the idea of morality and use it as a driving force behind Fallout 4, intensifying the player's attention to detail and wanting to right (or wrong) things."

* Shots fired.

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