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March 08, 2016

Fallout: New Vegas Total Conversion - The Frontier

Fallout the Frontier is an ambitious Fallout: New Vegas mod that will be set in Oregon, and it features 16 by 16 km map for you to explore. What was once a majestic and a bumbling city was reduced to shambles of its former glory. Fallout: The Frontier will provide main quest line, sidequests, a hunting system, new animals, and fire propagation.

The weather system has been reworked from the ground up, to bring us a real dynamic clouds and effects, and it will play a huge role in the Frontier. A total conversion mod for New Vegas, set in Portland, has also tanks you can drive. There is currently no official date on release, but the overall Mod status says it is about 75% complete.

As stated on the Fallout the Frontier website, the major factions in the Frontier are the Legion, NCR and the Scavengers. The Enclave and Brotherhood may play a small role. Other than that, Fallout the Frontier is filled with all new custom assets for armor, weapons, and buildings, Frostfall effects, custom emitters fx, volumetric sky clouds, and much more. The Frontier will also have bouncy, floaty space battles featuring new weapons and enemies.

November 09, 2015

There are Already Mods for Fallout 4

Since Nexus opened a Fallout 4 page for mods few days ago, we can already find a couple of game mods. To be honest, it's a bunch of icons and Unofficial Perk Poster Patch, except for one that is actually a real Fallout 4 Game enchantment -- Enhanced Wasteland Preset by Razed.

Now to be perfectly clear - there is no official program for making mods for Fallout 4 yet, but there is that SweetFX, which means that Enhanced Wasteland is actually a ReShade / SweetFX Preset.

According to Razed, the goal of this preset was to slightly add more vibrancy to the wasteland environment in Fallout 4 and make it appear less washed out. Since the game is not officially published, be warned for spoilers!

Fallout 4 - Enhanced Wasteland in Pictures

If you're eager to see the Fallout 4 Enhanced Wasteland in action, check the video below, but you know - possible spoiler alert.

Fallout 4 - Enhanced Wasteland Video

If you watched the video, drop in some thoughts about the Enhanced Wasteland Preset by Razed., and meet me on the Vault-Tec Inc. Facebook page! If you want more sneak-peak into Fallout 4, stay tuned and Subscribe!

April 04, 2015

Incredible Fallout: New Vegas Mods That Will Ease Your Waiting for Fallout 4

Some are finished and some are in beta stage, but all of the mods have one thing in common - dedicated fans standing behind them. We covered some of them already, like After War Nevada - a complete game overhaul, and the upcoming Fallout: Lonestar - a total game conversion, and we also have our most popular gameplay effects and changes for Fallout: New Vegas list of mods. Not to mention Fallout: Project Brasil - a DLC like expansion, and Fallout: The Story - a huge mod in making, to play original Fallout in 3D.

For more popular Weapons, Armors, Companions, Factions, and other mods, head here. The main reason you're here is this, relatively new, awesome mod, simply called DUST - a Survival Simulator by naugrim04.

DUST is a Post-Apocalyptic survival simulator with an emphasis on lore and story. DUST completely overhauls nearly every aspect of the game to better represent an apocalyptic survival-horror atmosphere. Naugrim stated he created DUST because he was disappointed by the atmosphere of the Mojave.
The Mojave seemed too... tame. That's where DUST comes in. - naugrim04
Combat, weather, perks, loot, enemies, you name it. Some areas have even been visually overhauled. All vanilla NPCs have either been killed or changed beyond all recognition. You will not be able to complete quests or join factions. There is but one quest in DUST. Stay alive.

DUST takes place 20 years after the events of New Vegas. As you explore you will slowly learn the story of DUST, but unlike vanilla Fallout, you are not the main character. You are simply a bystander, and must create your own story. There is one way to win DUST. A true survivor must escape the Mojave. With help from notes and keen observation, one may be able to learn of the exit. Even then, the player will have to go a long way to get out. I have never made it through without the console, so it ain't easy.

The atmosphere of the Mojave has been completely redone. Nearly all weather has either been replaced with that of the Divide or edited to have a dusty/polluted feel. All healthy looking desert plants have been replaced with dead counterparts. Oh, and Lake Mead is drained. Actually the entire Colorado River is drained. It's a Tunneler-infested Labyrinth now.

Don't Starve
Dehydration and starvation rates are now greatly increased. At the same time, available food and water have been greatly diminished in number. Gathering sufficient food and water will now be a struggle. (Hint: Don't go to bed thirsty. You will die.)

Don't Get Shot
Humans (including the player) are now much more susceptible to wounds due to me increasing the damage multiplier on each body part. You may initially curse me when you first get torn apart by a Tunneler, but you'll thank me when you realize how little ammo you'll have to shoot with.

Don't Cry
DUST is hard. Really hard. And it only gets worse the closer to Vegas you get. You're probably gonna die a few times. Strategy is incredibly important if you want to survive. You can't just run into battle and rely on your compass to tell you who to kill. You'll need to scope out each situation as it arrives.

Ammo is very rare. Most ammo you find will be junk rounds. Food and water is very rare. And before you get any ideas, no you can't just drink out of one of the many faucets of New Vegas. Plumbing doesn't work in the apocalypse (what? shocking!). You can still drink the brown sludge in the bottom of toilets, though. If you so choose, you can eliminate hunger as a threat by turning cannibal. Cannibalism is treated as an addiction, however, and will result in some penalties. Meds and other loot are also very rare.

  • Dead Money DLC, Honest Hearts DLC, Lonesome Road DLC
  • An alternate start mod of some sort

What is your experience with this humongous mod, share us some thoughts (comment) about it on the comment section below. Get Fallout: DUST here.

November 18, 2014

Fallout: Lonestar - Total Game Conversion for Fallout: New Vegas

Visit Fallout: Lonestar Web Page  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  YouTube

Fallout: Lonestar is a fan-made mod currently in development for Fallout: New Vegas. The project came as an idea of Christopher Means, who set out to initially create a mod for the game that was just going to be a single town in his native Texas. When Means attended GDC in Austin, he met Chris Avellone, and pitched his mod idea to the developer. Avellone, who was taken by the idea, convinced Means to broaden the project's scope, and even helped him recruit more Fallout community members to work on the mod. Now we got a total game conversion mod for Fallout: New Vegas, thanks to the Fallout Community, both, fans and devs. This project is still a work in progress, but it sure looks very promising!

White Rose Concept Art by: Yana Dmitruk

The Story

Fallout: Lonestar takes place in the post-apocalyptic, open-world environment of West Texas. The player assumes the role of the Lonestar Ranger, a special agent of the Confederacy. The Ranger is sent to transfer a prisoner from the Pass to the Confederate capitol of Reunion, but the transfer is ambushed and the prisoner escapes. In tracking down the fugitive, the Ranger becomes embroiled in the fate of Magnifico, a community of tribals who can miraculously grow crops in the toxic desert wasteland. Caught between the desperate Confederacy and the growing Revolution, the Ranger must decide on which side of the Law they stand. One thing is certain, the Ranger won't stand alone. Saving Magnifico will require guns, and slingers to wield them. Finding them won't be easy. The people not taking sides are all outlaws, scoundrels, vigilantes, and other ne'er-do-wells of low bearing and ill repute. They'd sooner zap you into a little pile of dust then look at ya'.

One of the possible companions: a gunslinger, hijacker, bank robber, and all around wanted ghoul, Ebru.
The Bliss Concept Art by Valery Malov
Bellow you can see James Guenthner's orchestral interpretation of Matthew Vince's Fallout: Lonestar original score, set to concept art from Terrorweed! Games' Fallout: Lonestar:

As seen on Fallout: Lonestar's Facebook page - the wall here is an original asset built for the game. Little things like this matter. An environment that feels, at all times, like a new and unique area.
The video bellow is a development diary with the project lead, Christopher Means. He breaks down what makes Fallout: Lonestar so interesting, so take a look on a summary of the Fallout: Lonestar project:

The game takes place 50 years before New Vegas, and it takes you down to Texas, and some of the key features are:
  • A New Environment to Explore - Explore the forgotten sands of the Pass and the ruins of Juarez. Learn the fate of Mexico and the Texas Commonwealth.
  • Companions - Six available companions to help you defend Magnifico.
  • Learn more about the fate of the United States in the years building up to the Great War. Fallout: Lonestar explores events such as: the U.S. Invasion and Occupation of Mexico, the Resource Wars and the New Plague..

..and much more. As development continues, Lonestar team expect to build new perks, weapons, and enemies. They promised to keep us all updated, so don't forget to follow them on social media pages: Facebook and Twitter!

Outside the crumbling facade of the Texas Mechanics & Implementation building, above the long abandoned Vault 50, the monks of the Silent City pay quiet penance for their sins.

October 13, 2014

Fallout 3 Total Conversion - Fallout: Zero

Fallout Zero is a total conversion mod of Fallout 3 game, complete with its own world and backstory set two months after the outbreak of the Great War. The mod includes several new game features such as a reactive people helmet, a drivable metro car, craftable objects, an original basic needs system (hunger, thirst, etc.).

The player is teleported to a Zero world with a level 1 Character, an empty inventory and the possibility to choose their character’s attributes. After completing the story, the player is ‘returned’ to the original world of Fallout 3, retaining the Level and attributes their character had possessed before starting the mod.

By arcoolka | Facebook Page | Nexus Page | Download

The Story

Our hero and his/her father have been living in the basement of their bombarded house for the past two months since the Great War broke out. With supplies running low, their only chance for survival is to find a way inside the city’s Vault. Join our hero and discover a world of survivors crippled by the fatal lack of food and drinking water, ubiquitous radiation, an imminent nuclear winter, and humanity’s inability to come to terms with the consequences of its own deeds. Their fate, along with your own, is in your hands.

The mod focuses on solving different tasks depending on the main character’s (mainly non-combat related) attributes. This mod is not meant for FPS players, although it’s not always possible to avoid combat (however, ammo and decent weapons are hard to come by). Tip: Don’t try to kill your enemies as soon as you lay eyes on them. Your foes are stronger than you right from the start, so you should keep in mind that the enemy of your enemy can offer a much needed helping hand. 

Based on your reaction, the world of Fallout Zero will change as a whole: everything is interconnected. The main storyline will always give you at least two possibilities to choose from, with every one of your decisions leading to a completely different result.

You can see the Fallout Zero intro video below. For all videos about this mod, including walk-through, see VIDEOS page on Nexus.

Note to mod creators: submit your work to us by sending the mod's info and link to the #VTi Facebook page (message), for the monthly mod contests.

Portal Fallout 3  |  Top 10 Fallout 3 Mods of All Time

September 21, 2014

Most Wanted on VTi Blog Lately


Every now and then, I scan my memory banks to identify the incontrovertibly best and worst moments of the last month or so. Then, when confronted with the sum total of human ecstasy and misery, I write about Fallout gaming instead.. ;) I'm bringing you some of the most wanted articles lately, in case you've missed something. Enjoy!

Wasteland 2 - The Apocalypse Is Now
26 years is a hell of a long time to wait for a sequel, though it's arguable that Wasteland 2 is as much an alternate Fallout 3 as it is the continuation of the original post-apocalyptic role-playing game. I can hardly believe that it has been two and half years since the Wasteland 2 Campaign started by Brian Fargo. Developed by inXile and funded by the fans, on March 13, 2012, first Kickstarter Update showed a great start, and now more than two years later, Wasteland 2 is finally out! It is already reviewed by most of the gaming sites, with high reviewing points, and you can read the Eurogamer's review here, where he got 8/10..
Read more >>>

Fallout 3 - Top Unmarked Locations
Unmarked locations are the ones which do not appear on the map on your Pip-Boy. There are about 80+ unmarked locations in Fallout 3, but I'm bringing you the ones that are somehow interesting...  5. Calverton - The church is easily spotted from the southwest. To the right of the church is a small graveyard fenced off by a broken white picket fence. In the church entrance is a trip wire, which triggers a shotgun trap, and in the back is a grenade trap triggered by a pressure plate. There is also a podium, some barrels, and a few beds. There is a captive to the left of the bed.
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Experience Vault Escape in Real Life!
I don't even know where to begin.. You are sending us so much incredible things that you've done lately, projects, cosplay that you've did, mods that you've created.. And you might think that you've seen it all, but then again, every now and then I got some incredible, awesome, no - epic thing in my inbox. This one is sent by Dmitry Medvedenko..
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After War Nevada - Complete Overhaul for Fallout: New Vegas
After War: Nevada is a complete overhaul for Fallout: New Vegas and is a summary of 2 years of hard work by Jodwig himself. It's enormous mod, which aim was to change and re balance every single aspect of the game. See detailed description bellow, along with the video review by Caedo Genesis.
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Fallout: Diaspora, Fan Based Movie Series (by VTi Crew)

The year is 2296. Vault 101 has been forcibly opened, the reactor rapidly failing. The Vault Dwellers have just couple of months to find a new home before the  Vault's core becomes unstable and explodes. Vault 101 was never meant to be opened, and thus it does not contain the all-important G.E.C.K.. The few inhabitants capable of surviving outside are sent into the wasteland to learn all they can, and a place to settle. The events that follow will change the Capital Wasteland forever..
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Let's Talk About Fallout: Van Buren (by Henry Lombardi)

So by now I assume you're familiar with the story of Fallout: Van Buren. After the critical success of 2, Black Isle Studios wasted no time crafting a sequel. It was given a codename: Van Buren (This being an Interplay thing of coding projects as the names of USA Presidents.), and fans were led to believe this was going to be the best Fallout yet. Now of course the idea of making a sequel better than Fallout 2 is daunting, but that's not what ended up happening..
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Most Popular Drivable Vehicle Mods for Fallout: New Vegas

New Features compared to original J3XDrivableMotorcycle: tilt animation while turning, more realistic driving experience (rotatign wheels and engine smoke), companion riding and double riding, turret with elevation-angle tracking (original one in FO3 only with horizontally tracking), new realistic turning model, using the equation F=m.V^2/R (the faster you drive the harder you turn), Motorcycle caller, teleporting your bike anywhere anytime, Motorcycle storage, fixing 1st-person animation bug, optimized controllability, configurable driving speed, speed blur, and run-over function..
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Fallout: Origins, Comic Series (by Wasteland Angel)

This comic is a prequel to a Fallout game series and it will show (through historical facts) how first dwellers from the Vault 15 have managed to form, through the years, such a big faction as it is the New California Republic. My choice was Fallout: New Vegas as a base for this project. It has more original setting for a prequel than Fallout 3. Next thing was to mod the game. I searched through Nexus and found that one crucial mod that will make all of the boundaries on the map to disappear. OWNB - Open World mod, a mod that unlocked a whole new and empty world for this project..
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September 12, 2014

After War Nevada - Complete Overhaul for Fallout: New Vegas


AWN - After War Nevada - Complete Overhaul Mod by Jodwig

After War: Nevada is a complete overhaul for Fallout: New Vegas and is a summary of 2 years of hard work by Jodwig himself. It's enormous mod, which aim was to change and re balance every single aspect of the game. See detailed description bellow, along with the video review by Caedo Genesis.


All items have been carefully balanced, including vanilla weapons and new ones as well. Few vanilla weapon models have been swapped and few unique weapons have been added. In all cases new items were added as well.

More than 250 carefully balanced weapons in total; about 35 Pistols, 60 Rifles (including automatic ones), 10 Submachine Guns, 20 Shotguns, 30 Heavy Guns, 25 Explosives, 45 Melee and 20 Unarmed.

More than 80 balanced armors, all with the new resistance system (Normal, Laser, Plasma, Fire, Electrical, Radiation). About 45 Light, 20 Medium, 10 Heavy and 10 Power.

More than 50 balanced helmets. About 20 Light, 15 Medium, 10 Heavy and 10 Power.

More than 110 ammo types, from classic HP and AP to depleted uranium. Hollow Point ammo massacres unarmored targets, while armor piercing is a must against armored targets.

Weapon Mods
Weapon mods have been changed into 3 tiers for every mod type (3 tiers of damage mods, 3 tiers of speed, ammo, accuracy and so on) in order to increase the chance of players getting a mod and to allow players to use it for different weapons as well.

More than 30 implants with the new implant system. They can increase your stats, resistances, speed, AP regen, healing rate or even give you nightvision.

Food, Chems & Scavenged Items
More than 230 balanced items, from food and drinks to drugs and scavenged from plants and creatures items.

All misc items (like empty bottles, syringes, scissors etc.) have had their value and weight altered, so the player is now allowed to loot them in order to earn some caps.


All old perks and traits have been changed (some were balanced, some removed and many new ones added). 

There are around 250 balanced perks in total, most with their own unique icons. The player gets 1 perk every 2 levels, with so many perks and being able to pick only a few perks (15 perks at lvl 30) each player's build is more unique, allowing him to customize his character as he wants; he can specialize solely in stealth and silent killing, be it with melee weapons or guns, or go with sniper depending on critical hits, or with a jack of all trades build etc. There are also perks for skills, tags, karma perks which require good/neutral/evil karma in order to work, mastery perks, which require 10 of one of the stats, but give big bonuses etc.

As in vanilla, player chooses up to 2 traits at the beginning, there are around 30 balanced traits to allow the player to further customize his play style.


Alternate Start & Classes
Player chooses on the beginning one of the 30 classes with alternate starting locations, perks, factions and so on. He also chooses his own gear, limited to each class.

Old Fallout resistances are back! Creatures and armors have resistances now. You can check armor's resistances in pipboy, next to the armor's name, in brackets - (Normal, Laser, Plasma, Fire, Electrical, Radiation).

Weight has been changed from pounds (lb) to kilograms (kg), together with ALL items in the game.

Recoil & Accuracy
All Guns, Explosives and Energy Weapons have recoil. The stronger and heavier weapon is, the higher is recoil. Also, with low weapon skill your hands will sway, moving will increase recoil and make them sway even more, crouching and aiming down the ironsights helps a lot. Crouching also increases chance to hit in VATS. While in interiors, players get penalties to recoil and accuracy with bigger weapons. Smaller weapons like pistols, SMGs, shotguns and carbines have no penalties at all.

Crippled Limbs
Crippled limbs were rebalanced, crippling head will lower your perception to 1, thus making you unable to shoot anything from range, while crippled arms greatly increase weapon swaying and crippled legs greatly reduce movement speed and prevents you from using sprint. Same goes for enemies as well. Info about currently crippled limbs can be read in effects tab in pipboy.

Hardcore Mode
On HC mode ammo has weight, companions can die and you have to eat, drink and sleep. I recommend playing on HC mode, I rebalanced game for both types of game mode, with HC on and off, but HC mode turned off will still make game easier and make it less survival-oriented.

Loot of all NPCs from all factions have been rebalanced. They are more deadly, accurate and tougher. They use newly added weapons as well AND they use special ammo types now, meaning that you can meet raider with assault rifle loaded with armor piercing bullets, so your armor can go to hell with that - no more ramboing in power armor. Their accuracy lowers radically the later it gets, so player is no longer at disadvantage during night, but it's still a double-edged sword.

As mentioned earlier, creatures are resistant to various types of damage, they are also faster, tougher, stronger AND every creature gives different amounts of XP, so player is rewarded for killing stronger creatures, just as it should be.

SPECIAL Stats & Skills
The 7 primary stats and skills have been rebalanced and made equally important. You need high strength if you want to do damage with melee weapons or use heavy weapons; perception for shooting and using VATS at long ranges; endurance for health, resistances, implants, drugs, alcohol etc.

Poison resistance is much more important, because creatures' poison is much deadlier now. Player will be able to catch Diseases in the future.

In vanilla, there was hardly any radiation and no need for Rad-Xs nor Rad Aways, so instead of adding radiation to random places and altering all current zones of radiation (it would take me years to do that), I increased radiation on food AND added radioactive auras and attacks to many creatures. Radiation has never been deadlier.

Primary Needs
Hunger. thirst, sleep and radiation thresholds for penalties start at 200 and change every 66/67 points, e.g. 200, 266. 333. 400, 466 etc., up to 1000 which ends with death. Hardcore Mode only (except for radiation). At night and in interiors dehydration rate is 50% slower, while during combat all Primary Needs are 100% faster.

There are 2 new companions - Sunny Smiles and Jacobstown Marcus. Also, all companions got some love. You can recruit 1 companion per every 2 points of Charisma, up to 5 companions with 10 points, and up to 7 with perks. Every companion uses ammo, has their favorite weapon, tags, starting perks/traits, abilities and unique SPECIAL stats, which matter and make a difference. Everything can be checked in the pipboy in perks tab.

Sprint & Bullet Time
Well known by everyone Sprint and Bullet Time are here! They both use action points in addition to VATS or as an alternative for people not using VATS at all. Sprinting can help you run from ferocious creatures or help melee character get near their victims and to try knocking them down, while Bullet Time slows down the time, allowing you to aim more precisely.

Dodge Chance
Players have dodge chance modified by agility, perks, moving, sprinting or even by unarmed and melee skills. Dodge chance is capped at 90% and ignores damage on a successful roll.

Playable Races
Playable races are unlocked, meaning you can play as ghouls (comes with bonuses and penalties), raiders or old ones.

Vendors & Economy
Traders have cutthroat prices. Selling items doesn't give much money and buying is expensive, but traders are stocked with goods, meaning that you can usually get what you need as long as you have money. The better stuff the trader has, the more he charges for something, while poor traders and small shops will offer better prices, but they will have less money and worse stuff to sell. 

Many locations got repopulated or fortified, like Crimson Caravan, Goodsprings, Gun Runners, Jacobstown and NCR Correctional Facility etc. There are even more, If you are using the Mini DLC Plugin.

Spawns have been altered. Player can meet stronger enemies at the beginning, while on the higher levels his chance of meeting stronger enemies increases, but he can still meet weaker enemies.

Check this mod on Nexus.

Caedo Genesis made a 3 minute long review of After War Nevada mod, check it bellow:

Anyways, Fallout fans are the best, and this mod proves that! Jodwig alone almost made Fallout 4 (or New Vegas 2, if you want) in two years, what do you think about that? Share this epic work with your Fallout friends and for more awesome projects like this one, check the links bellow.

Check other Community projects:

July 13, 2014

Most Popular Drivable Vehicle Mods for Fallout: New Vegas

Advanced J3XMotorcycle by invalidfate

New Features compared to original J3XDrivableMotorcycle: tilt animation while turning, more realistic driving experience (rotatign wheels and engine smoke), companion riding and double riding, turret with elevation-angle tracking (original one in FO3 only with horizontally tracking), new realistic turning model, using the equation F=m.V^2/R (the faster you drive the harder you turn), Motorcycle caller, teleporting your bike anywhere anytime, Motorcycle storage, fixing 1st-person animation bug, optimized controllability, configurable driving speed, speed blur, and run-over function. See more >>

XRE - CARS v0_86 by Ermeso

Features: Simplified, single-script setup 3rd party car addon system, Rex Motor Vehicles car shop: Rex character & dialogue (voice acting courtesy of AlChestBreach), Vehicle imports, Lost car retrieval, Car lot, Fully mechanically auto-operating car lift, Exterior building and assesories (car lot), Store interior.. Operational car features:
  • Manual transmission
  • Car Actions Menu
  • Trunk storage
  • Refuel from portable cans
  • Free and Rear cam view
  • Speed sensitive steering
  • Car flipback menu function
  • Mounting companion gunners
  • On-screen destination target reticle
  • Current session & totalled statistics in menu
Brahmin Trophy cross country events:
  • Lapsed, checkpoint guided courses through the Mohave map
  • Records & rewards
New car models: 
  • Open & closed Transporters
  • Recon Truck, Corvega, Carnivore Desert

XRE beta1_35 showcase - Flyable Vertibird by Ermeso

At heart XRE is a scripted object physics & manipulation engine, allowing the creation of moving structures and vehicles in Fallout. The current beta showcase contains one implementation, a flyable vertibird. The second part of the showcase, a both manually and a.i. controllable missile, will be added when I'm done with solving a few die-hard bugs and finish the a.i. control mode script. Right now, all my work goes into the vertibird. The goal is to release several stand-alone vehicle types as modding references. Vertibird Features:
  • Reskinned exterior
  • Lighted windows & flashing navlights
  • HUD with analog throttle, velocity && altitude gauges
  • Relative & sealevel altitude measurement
  • Currently two weapons: 70mm dual tankshell cannon, 20mm gatling cannon
  • HUD nightvision
  • Over 20 original/remixed sound effects
  • Collisions & crash sequence
  • Takeoff & landing sequences
  • Searchlight
  • Both Metric and Imperial System HUDS, And more..

Mobile Truck Base by tdx73

This adds a purchase able truck to Gibson Scrapyard that serves as a mobile player base. As of now there are 23 selected locations to travel to if you have discovered them (subject to change if requested). The usual items found in a player home crammed into the back of a truck/van. Area is small but will accommodate two people.
See more >>

Which one (if any) of those incredible mods have you tried? Share us some thoughts.

July 02, 2014

Most Popular Drivable Vehicle Mods for Fallout 3

J3Xified Drivable Motorcycle by J3X original mod by VeliV

Adds 4 motorcycles to the game world for you to repair, drive and pimp. The motorcycles are located outside of: Paradise Falls, Rivet City, Megaton and Tenpenny Tower. You can pimp the motorcycles with one minigun on each side. How to do: Have two miniguns in your inventory, activate the motorcycle and select attach miniguns. Drive over your enemies at high speed for great and bloody fun! You can buy a Motorcycle Lightbub and a Broken Gas Tank at Rivet City Supplies.. - "Nothing is better than first cripple a raider with your dual miniguns then crush his skull under your wheel!". Use the mod kits by activating the standard motorcycle and select Upgrade or downgrade motorcycle. Remove any weapons attached to the motorcycle before upgrading. See more >>

Drivable Chimera Tank by J3X and Illyism

Adds one drivable Chimera tank to the Wasteland. A shrinked Chimera Tank will be added to your inventory when you start the game. More tanks can be spawned from a console outside of the RoboCo Facility near Tenpenny. You will get XP for it's kills. (Thanks again TalkieToaster for your incredibly script!). Drive over your enemies, let your screws crush them! REQUIRED MODS: Operation Anchorage and FOSE. See more >>

Drivable RoadWarrior Car by hardkopy

This is a drivable car which runs on whiskey. You will need a few bits to get it running but I left all you need at the bandit house in Springvale. My part: Adjusting the model in 3dmax to fit the nosering slot as armor (same as J3X drivable motorcycle only more awkward due to the size of the vehicle. Editing the scripts specifically for this vehicle. Adding sounds and menu items. FOSE is also required. No video available for this mod. See more >>

Pilotable Vertibird by J3X

Proof of concept. This mod merges my Drivable Motorcycle speed control script with SaidenStorms excellent Akatosh mount levitation scripts. This mod will probably not be updated, it's released 'as it is' and serves as a base for arlix123's Flyable Pilotable Vertibird BETA mod, if you want additional features like the ability to go inside the Vertibird, check it out! FLY! - Explore the wasteland from above! FIGHT! - Annihilate your foes with superior firepower; The Vertibird comes armed with a minigun and a rocket launcher. STORE! - The Vertibird have a cargohold where you can store your items. Required - DLC03: Broken Steel and FOSE: Uses several FOSE script commands. See more >>

Flyable Pilotable Vertibird BETA by Arlix with help from J3X

This mod creates a pilot-able vertibird for the player to fly around in. with this mod the player can fly anywhere, and shoot anything with an array of weaponry from useful to exotic. also the vertibird acts as a player home, where he/she can sleep and store items. You must have the latest FOSE installed, and You need Broken steel Addon installed to play this mod or it will not even load! Read more >>

Which one do you use/like the most, share us your thoughts!

June 23, 2014

The Most Popular Fallout 3 Building Mods

Mini Hideout - Player Home - Katanas by Rayek - Wyked

Adds a player home in Springvale under the Red Rocket gas station. The Key can be found via Mailbox just across the street. Also includes equippable Katanas from necKros "Some Katanas" mod and "HK416 SOPMOD" from munkeenuts and dcpuser. Companion Friendly with idle markers.

Hideout Includes: 3 Equippable Katanas, Hidden Room, Computer Butler for Haircut/Surgery, Jacuzzi/Hot Tub (Removes Rads), Mannequin display (male or female), NavMeshed for companions (includes idle markers), Katana Fountain/Shrine (remountable Katanas), Aquarium (animated fish, bubbles), Custom Bobblehead Display Case (can use bobbles from other houses), Water Purifier, Map Marker for Fast Travel, Separate storage labeled Armor|Weapons|Tools|Ammo|Explosives|First Aid|Junk|Storage, 2 Floor Safes (key required/auto re-lock), Purified Sink, Classic Nuka Refrigerator, Workbench, Infirmary, Laboratory, Pristine, Nuka Cola Machine (for Ice-Cold Nukas), Well Rest Bed, Wall Mounted Jukebox GNR (click on outer bar to activate), Display Case, Hidden Hatch Entrance (key required), Bathroom (can sit on toilet), Fungus Garden (self watering with switch), Hidden Wall Safe (key required), Ammo/Explosives Sorter, Food, Medical and Tool/Component Sorters, Light Switches, Water Switches, Ability to add/remove sconce and Wonder Meat Maker. See more >>

DCInteriors Project by chuckSteel

Have you ever thought about scabbing the DC wastes, even though, the super mutants may horrifically and violently rip your heart out? Have you said to yourself "D*** the torpedoes, I am going Downtown anyway", only to find once you arrive that 99% of the shops and houses are all boarded up? Have you ever seen a building on the horizon, thinking you'll head there, just to find nothing of interest, nothing worth investigating? If so, this mod is for you! Just opened in the beautiful Downtown D.C. Waste, Georgetown District. A Cuppa Joe, Floyd's Barbershop, Robinson's Robots, Mama Dolce's Outlet Store, The US Army recruitment Center, the Nuka Cola Soda Shop and two abandoned townhomes. See more >>

Underground Hideout by danthegeek

This Mod adds a Player Vault on the South East end of the Wasteland near Rivet City. The vault includes all the ammonites including a stocked Armory, Display areas, Item Sorters, special Weapons, and is Companion Friendly. The entrance is located West of the “Rivet City” Entrance in the Parking lot with the crashed planes and wrecked cars. See more >> 

RR Companions Vault by NosRhyfelwr

The RR Companions Vault is a combination house mod AND fully functional companion system. The house portion consists of Vault 1. The entrance to Vault 1 is located just south of Springvale, towards Megaton. There is a map marker that begins the game fast-travel enabled. Once inside the entrance, you'll find yourself in the service tunnels that lead to the vault proper. These tunnels contain access points leading to two hatches in the wastes, and can be used for quick access to places you would normally have to walk overland - and through very dangerous places - to get to, but are especially useful for people who don't use fast travel.

Access points lead to: Underneath the Anacostia Crossing side of the Rivet City access bridge; Outside the western wall of Tenpenny Tower. Wasteland-side of the access points have map markers, as well, though they have to be discovered normally. Access to the Vault itself may be gained (starting from the Springvale entrance) by going straight down the hall, and hanging a left in the main tunnel. The large door at the end leads into Vault 1. It's hard to miss. The others are simple enough to find; just explore. The access tunnel cell is decent sized, but easy to navigate, and decently well lit. There is also a secondary Vault 1 access door, towards the Rivet City exit. It's a small utility door that leads to a tunnel underneath the Vault 1 Overseer's office. See more >>

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June 19, 2014

The Most Popular Fallout 3 Model and Texture Mods

NMCs_Texture_Pack_for_FO3 by NeilMc_NMC

What This Mod Does: It changes the vast majority of in-game graphics. The DLC is not re-textured with this mod, it covers Fallout 3. It still works if you have the DLC installed but the textures in the DLC will be the ones that shipped with the original game (unless textures in the DLC are re-used from the Fallout game).

This was a years worth of work, all textures were made individually by 1 person alone, and took a great deal of effort. What graphics does this mod change?

Roads, Landscape, Trees, Rocks, Vehicles- Cars/ Motorbikes/ Boats etc. Buildings- Litter & most paper scraps. Interiors- all aspects, walls ceilings floors etc. Medium to large sized objects (eg. toolboxes, Nuka cola vendors, chairs, cupboards etc).
This encompasses the bulk of the in-game visuals, what I consider the vast majority of the graphics. What graphics does this mod NOT change?
  • Sky, Water, Small clutter objects (eg bottles, cans, books etc). NPC's (in game characters), Bodies/ faces, Clothing etc. Weapons, Effects. Mutants and other wasteland creatures. UI elements, Loading Screens, PipBoy.

Enhanced Night Sky by CptJoker

This mod is a high-resolution replacement for the default night sky. Taken from real-life star field photography, it's been carefully crafted to enhance your night-time viewing experience. (Note: the stars do not correspond to their accurate celestial positions - such is beyond my means to produce). Enjoy your nights of stargazing! No video available for this mod.
See more >>

Terrain pack by NeilMc_NMC

Replaces landscape/ terrain textures and bump maps for FALLOUT 3.
The default game textures and bump maps and have a typical resolution of 512x512 pixels. These textures have all been replaced with real-world photograph-based equivalent textures, and you can choose 3 different resolutions to suit your PC.
  • 2048x2048 pixels (400% larger, Most detailed)
  • 1024x1024 pixels (200% larger, Detailed) 
  • 512x512 pixels (same resolution as original textures)

The higher resolution packs may cause increased VRAM usage and therefore page-file swapping/ hard drive 'texture thrashing' and (due to increased memory usage) may cause some in-game stuttering/ lag or slow-downs. This will depend on your PC, CPU, RAM and graphics card. (None of this will harm your PC, just make it sweat a bit!) See more >>

Enhanced Blood Textures v2_22b by dDefinder

Increases the resolution size from 256 to 1024 and created new textures for screen, world, wounds and static blood decals. Esps are used to increase the size appearance of the blood, adjustments for screenblood, add more giblets and new wounds related to the weapon type. ini will change max amount and lifetime for blood that is in the world space. No video available for this mod. See more >>

Hi-Res Weapons v3 by the a - burns

For various rifles & pistols / merely enhancing standard textures. No new textures this time, only some improvements over the original ones and replacement of the 3rd person texture (small) by the larger 1st person texture. Doubled resolution for 3rd person textures (may impact performance). Tweaked textures:
  • Combat Shotgun, Hunting Rifle, Laser Rifle, Lincoln Rifle, 10mm Pistol, 10mm SMG, Laserpistol, .44 Magnum, Bottlecap Mine, Frag Mine, Frag Grenade, Gatling Laser, Minigun, RockIt Launcher, Flamethrower, Fatman, Missilelauncher, Railwayrifle, Sniperrifle, Plasmarifle, Chinese Officersword, Shishkebab, Supersledge, Baseballbat, Mesmetron and Sawedoff Shotgun.
No video available for this mod. See more >>

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June 18, 2014

The Most Popular Building Mods for Fallout: New Vegas

New Vegas Restoration - NVR by The NVR Team

The whole point of this on - going mod is to create a Strip that reminds us that there is still some good in the wasteland. By removing the trash, repairing the buildings, and adding more life to the Strip, our goal can be achieved. The NVR Team is working very hard to create the Strip we all want! This mod cleans up the Strip by removing trash, repairing roads, buildings, and making the Strip a better place to be.

Every area on the Strip has had attention, even the places that you don't see when you're walking by. In fact, if you enter the Strip, you will automatically see a difference right beneath your feet. The roads are no longer cracked and destroyed. With Version 10, this mod is so much more than just a "Cleanup" because so many new things are added as well. See more >>

Underground Hideout New Vegas V4-4 by Danthegeek

This Mod adds a Player Vault on the the Wasteland near Spring Mt. Ranch State Park. The vault includes all the amenities including a Armory, ammo Sorters, Weapons wall, water purifier, book shelf, grow area, and is Companion Friendly. The entrance is located West of Spring Mt. Ranch State Park next to a boulder and pond. Check your map for the exact location. See more >>

Underwater Home by T4K

This mod adds an underwater home near Calville Bay and the Legion camp. It contains a special type of atmosphere and several useful features. Apart from being underwater, I tried to make it with a realistic feel to it.

The overall lighting is very different than most of New Vegas interiors and is one of the major feature, do note that every light now has a source and his radius has been greatly reduced compared to the default game, which adds a creepier and more realism to your Fallout experience.

  • Unique quest to gain Entrance.
  • Animated Water Purifier (Food and Water)
  • Reactor System to power the home. Can be deactivated, see FAQ*
  • Sorting System with a unique load out system.
  • Ammo, food, beverage, chems and nuka cola stocking.
  • Radio System (Radio New Vegas & Mojave Music Radio) Compatibility patches available*
  • Bottle Refiller (Nuka Cola, Scotch, Sunset Sarsaparilla, Whiskey).
  • Companions Rooms for all followers. Compatibility Patches available*
  • Junk Incinerator & Mojave Express dropbox in the entrance area.
  • Lab with animal capturing and plants harvesting (seeds needed first).
  • Teleport with portable teleport device and support for custom locations.
  • Entrance Moving tool (stored in the armory on a stand, near workbench).
  • Currency Exchanger with safes for your money.
  • Infirmary (Vit-o-matic, cure addiction and poisons, heal yourself and restore crippled limbs).
  • Hideout Mainframe (Master sorter, load out management and a teleporter spare, in case you lose it).
  • Several rewards for completing some of the Default in-game quests.

These features are only a small part of what Underwater Home is, there's more than that. See more >>

Goodsprings Home by Daguls

A small home, with choice location, lore friendly design, plenty of storage, a place to sleep, and a small hint of the mystery associated with its owner. A necessity for myself, and hopefully you as well :)

The mod can be found on my website,, under projects, which houses all of my mods. You can download from there or use New Vegas Nexus, either way, please support me as you can with recommendations, comments, or questions, or even donate to the cause if you feel it! Thanks for your support. More mods to come soon. No video available for this mod. See more >>

Which one (if any) of those incredible mods have you tried? Share us some thoughts.

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