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October 03, 2014

8 Great Games Created With The FOnline Engine

What is FOnline engine? The FOnline Engine is an MMORPG engine, an video game designer developed by Russian Fallout fans. The game is in no way connected to Interplay's Project V13 (Fallout Online). The FOnline Engine was created from scratch and supports by now original Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout: Tactics, Arcanum and Baldur's Gate graphic and sound assets for the game design. Though, even if the focus in this game designer is set mostly on the Fallout games, it is possible to create a game without any Fallout connection at all. It is free and even you can make your own game (both single player and multiplayer). For more info about the FOnline engine aka - how to make a game, click here.

Now that we're familiar with the FOnline engine, we can focus on the games that are developed or still are in development. I will go by the order from the last updated info about the game. This article is divided into two pages, with four games on each page.

 1. FOnline: Racial Wars

By: AbaddonRaptus | IndieDB Link | TBD

Game description
A MMORPG game in post apocalyptic world in Fallout retro-future style. Since the bomb fell, it took 200 years. And did not have time to get off radioactive snow, as the world captured rage battle for the opportunity to live in this god care of the land ... wasteland. Short info:
  • The maximum character level (Level cap): 21
  • The maximum level of skills: 150% (200% can be taken only after receiving the 5-th level of the profession)
  • Cities: Klamath, Den, Redding, Modoc, Vault City, Gekko, Broken Hills, New Reno, San Francisco, NCR, Necropolis
  • Others locations: WIP
  • Weapons/Equipment:All old(Fallouts 1&2 types) + new
  • Professions: Doctor, Builder, Scientist, Explorer, Driver, Hunter, Merchant, Gunsmith specializing in light weapons, heavy, energy, throwing or melee weapon, Mercenary
  • Playable races: humans, death claws, ghouls, geckos, robots, Super Mutants, Wanamingo (aliens)
Since there is no new information about development progress since Jul 19th, 2011, I believe that this project is abandoned. But then again, you could never know.

 2. FOnline: The Southern Tribes

By: FOtstDevs | IndieDB Link | TBD

Game description
A role playing project based on Interplay's Fallout universe. The storyline is located at southeast to the Glow. Somewhere around Arizona,s desert. Bombs wiped the surface turning cities to an endless desert full of ruins. Only a few settlements are still alive. At northwest, is located San Luis, a town rebuilded and ruled by the Brotherhood of Steel. The main concept of game is a massive roleplay, pvp, pve with loads of fun. There is no gathering / crafting system yet but it will be done partially along with some features. Features:
  • Roleplay (more like a requirement)
  • Level cap. set at 21 ( 31 will be ok for a future version)
  • Loads of new weapons
  • Own world map and locations
  • Player homes and bases (you can buy or craft your construction kit to make a private settler)
  • Factions and town control system
  • Mercenaries and npcs lead by players (still WIP)
  • Pve or "dungeons" locations for leveling and treasures.
  • more vehicles, caravans, more drugs, armors, weapons, more faction names, new animations
Since there is no new information about development progress since Feb 15, 2012, I believe that this project is abandoned. But then again, you could never know.

 3. FOnline: 2238

By: Rotators | IndieDB Link | Released Aug 14, 2009

Game description
FOnline: 2238 brings you back to the world of Fallout once you knew it, only this time as a MMO-RPG hybrid. Cross the border where the unique game setting of the original Fallout & Fallout 2 games meets the unique MMO design...

Humanity, or at least what is left of it, has no time for a break. Faced with constant challenges, surviving in the harsh post-apocalyptic, post-nuclear, barren world, struggling for an uncertain tomorrow, the humans, ghouls and mutants are organizing themselves to push it through. To make it. To stay alive. Each group, each place, each organization with its own agenda, with its own ideology, fighting for their place under the scorching Sun. What they believe may be right or wrong... Who are we to judge, while striving for the same old necessity - survival?

The game adds several unique features regarding the players and their interactions, be it with other players, their respective groups or NPCs. First of all, there are groups: factions, gangs - call them whatever you like, which determine the fate of the world. Some of them are more powerful than others, some are cunning and treacherous, some even hideous. But they are there, conflicting with each other, or aligning with the policies of the greater powers - those who have technological advances, political power or any other advantages over them, or are just plain bigger. Choose your way: join your favorite group and spread their agenda throughout the wasteland. Decide for yourself how to handle the resistance - with good will or stubbornness. Respect the authorities or lead a revolution to throw them off the throne - it is your world, you decide.

If you don't feel like belonging to a group and have your own ideology, then you can take one of the numerous paths the wasteland offers. Some of them are: bounty hunting, brahmin trading, crafting, exploring and trading in general. The brand new system of professions allows you to polish up your skills and learn things you will rarely find in books, giving you a certain advantage over other players. Scavenging, gathering resources and useful items will be an inevitable part of your FOnline: 2238 life. Crafting something useful out of the gathered junk or selling it directly to your favorite vendor are just a small part of the great possibilities this game offers you. And of course, you can just take them off someone else, simply by brutally killing him/her or using more exquisite methods, like stealing. The choice is yours - and so are the consequences.

From the technical point of view, the game will bring back the good old 2D isometric perspective, with English being the only supported language. The engine supports several new features like object opacity and the PNG graphics format. The scripting language being used is the AngelCode Scripting Library (or simply AngelScript) created by Andreas J├Ânsson, while system requirements for the game can be considered minimal for today's mainstream computing:
  • MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • CPU 1.0 GHz
  • RAM 2 GB
  • DirectX 9 / OpenGL 2.1 compatible graphic card
  • 56K or better internet connection
  • Fallout 2 (CD or download-Version, it doesn't matter as long as there are master.dat and critter.dat files included)
Current server status: SERVER OFFLINE. After shutting down the FOnline: 2238 server an issue remained bothering the developers of the game: what to do with the code, tools and the custom created content? It occurred the next logical step in providing the support for many indie projects based on FOnline. Everyone interested in the FOnline engine will benefit from the release of the FOnline: 2238 source.

 4. Fallout Online: Australia

By: The Core Gaming Australia | IndieDB Link | Released Jul 31, 2012

Game description
A Fan-Made MMORPG based in a post-apocalyptic Australia, The game isn't designed with a linear storyline like most other games, in this world the player must make a life for themselves, whether that be a criminal life of killing and stealing, or a respectable life of living in a small desert ranch. The Player will be able to forge relationships, alliances and friendships with the NPC's within the game. You may enslave any creature within the game, build robots, build a home, Hire mercenaries, become a Commander, have children. raise them to grown adults. The Game is a fun experience to try and build yourself a life in the post apocalyptic world. Go build a car, or a motorbike.. maybe have some kids.. Good luck!

Current server status: SERVER OFFLINE. However, you can play single player if you download the latest game revision here.

June 24, 2014

FOnline 2 - Free2play Post-apocalyptic MMORPG


FOnline 2 is a free post-apocalyptic massively multiplayer online role-playing game based on legendary Fallout and Fallout 2 RPGs. In this game, you can:
  • Experience the dramatic story through the main quest line and many side-quests.
  • Create your own character from many balanced classes and enjoy intense PvP in fights over the control of the towns and many other occasions. 
  • Take part in the upcoming conflict. 
  • Become a member of the Enclave and participate in restoring United States' lost glory. Or join the Brotherhood of Steel and fight to preserve the balance in the Core Region. You can also avoid taking sides and be about your own business playing in a seperate, player-created faction.
  • Get the profession, gather resources and craft variety of items.
  • Join one of the caravans traversing the wastes, and make a living as a caravan guard. Or earn as a trader by establishing your own shop in one of many cities.
  • Hunt bandits, raiders, mutants and other foes, or kill other players and take their belongings.
  • Explore the dungeons and the immense world by wandering through the irradiated deserts, old warehouses, city ruins, abandoned Vaults or and other mysterious places. Or buy yourself a vehicle to cross the Wasteland faster and safer.
  • Establish a base, and invite your friends to unite your forces.
  • Play as a peaceful, law abiding citizen, or a villanous crook in a player driven city - Shady Sands, the capital of the New California Republic, run by NCR Rangers - player driven faction. But watch out, as all your actions have their consequences thanks too introduced karma system..


War... War never changes... Only the dead men saw the end of war. Humanity remains the same no matter what, with will of self-destruction carved deep into mind. Every war is hoped to be the last one, but even nuclear winter wasn't enough to stop gears of war once despite the atomic bombs.

After the heroic death of Vault Dweller and the pathetic end of Master, Lieutenant led the super mutant horde into wasteland, to conquer human settlements and establish dominance in the region. Brotherhood of Steel, the only hope of man kind responded against this aggression. They fought relentlessly and eventually drove the mutant horde back to Mariposa from where they had emerged, but the war had taken its toll and numbers amongst the Brotherhood ranks were diminished. Brotherhood's Elders realized that without changing their doctrine they are going to be unable to recreate their former strength. Declaration of new order was set in motion and recruitment of experienced wastelanders to further aid their cause began.

Under orders of President Richardson, Enclave's scientists began to work on an upgraded version of Power Armor in order to fulfill their future plans. They managed to develop a reliable version of Advanced Power Armor Mark II. Results of other less fortunate prototypes testing were classified by Richardson for the sake of morale. Soon after their technological advancement they came aware of the mutant threat. Orders were given to distinguish the mutant threat by any means possible, due to fear for the situation to escalate out of their control later on. Enclave with all their force attempted to lay siege on Mariposa. Eventually realizing that conventional strategy is doomed to failure against the overwhelming mutant force and so orders for a tactical retreat were given. President Richardson and the superiors of Enclave had decided to fight fire with fire and recruit as many disposable potential soldiers from the wasteland as possible to exterminate the mutant horde. Massive conquest over the Wasteland is about to come...

2161 December 5
Fallout 1 Begins: Vault Dweller is kicked out of Vault 13 to find a replacement for the water chip.

2161 December 15
Vault Dweller discovers Shady Sands. Meets Tandi, and Ian, who joins the Vault Dweller in searching for the water chip.

2161 Dec 30
 Vault Dweller recruits Dogmeat in Junktown.

2162 January 17
Vault Dweller reaches Hub and negotiates with the Water Merchants to deliver water to Vault 13, buying the Vault some time.

2162 February 13
Vault Dweller steals the water chip from Necropolis Vault and escapes. Part of the ghoul inhabitants becomes furious as they promise themselves that no smoothskin is going to step inside Necropolis ever again. Seth declares law driven by xenophobic fear and closes Necropolis from the outside world. Ghouls become hostile to all non-ghouls.

2162 March 3
Vault Dweller kills Master in a tough battle. Shortly after, he dies from inflicted wounds. He didn’t manage to initiate the auto-destruct sequence inside the Cathedral’s Vault.

2162 April 20
Not long after Masters death, the Lieutenant claims full leadership of the remaining super mutants in the Military Base. He can’t match Masters skills as a leader, though quickly realizing his potential, ambitions grow along with plans to shape the future.

2162 May 10
Fallout 1 Ends: The news about Masters fall and the heroic Vault Dwellers death reaches Vault 13. Some members of the Vault led by Lydia, the head of the "return to the surface" faction, and including her supporters, Theresa and Lyle leaves the vault soon afterwards.

2165 May 12
Lieutenant leads his army into the wasteland conquering human settlements that stands in his way, gathering fresh subjects for his VATS.

2165 July 10
Brotherhood of Steel responds to the uprising mutant aggression, that is threatening to consume the whole wasteland. They become the last hope that stands between human total extermination and victory at all costs.

2165 September 18
Massive scale war between the Lieutenant’s army and Brotherhood of Steel depletes both sides. Brotherhood of Steel barely get's the upper hand in a decisive battle between the two fighting sides. The wastelands population suffers deeply from the conflict, the mutants are finally suppressed, but they are merely forced to retreat. The battle has been won, but not the war.

2166 October 20
Brotherhood of Steel realize it’s near impossible to recreate their former numbers and power still basing on old doctrine. High Elders declare a new order witch allows the Brotherhood of Steel to start recruiting selected, tough and experienced wastelanders.

2167 April 13
Reports come in about missing caravans again. The Lieutenant is starting to slowly rebuild his army, this time keeping a low profile whenever it's possible.

2185 Summer
Marcus and Brotherhood of Steel Paladin Jacob cross each others path far, southwest of Broken Hills. They fight for many days and nights, tirelessly. Eventually, they give up, unable to get an advantage over the other. The two start traveling together, arguing over Masters and BOS doctrine and whether or not the Master could truly neurolink his biology into the Cathedral computer network.

2185 Fall
Marcus and Jacob, along with the trail of ghouls, humans, and super mutants, found the community of Broken Hills.

2186 Spring
Jacob moves on, says goodbye to Marcus, then moves on for parts unknown.

New California Republic formed, and a central council is created as a governing body.

Tandi unanimously elected President of NCR by the current NCR council. As expected, she proceeds to do an exceptional job.

Enclave works on various new technologies, including pre-war technologies such as the Power Armor variations. None of these are much of an improvement over the conventional Power Armor, and some are actually worse.

Frank Horrigan is born ... unfortunately.

2215 August 1
Congressman Richardson rises to power within the Enclave, aided by pressure from his father, President Richardson.

Under Presidential Order, Enclave scientists begin to work on an upgraded version of Power Armor. Many prototypes are developed and tested.

2220 March 5
Congressman Richardson is elected president for the first term of five, through aid and political pressure by his father (President Richardson).

2220 October
Enclave scientists develop a reliable version of the Advanced Power Armor Mark II. The prototype results (and accidents... and explosions... and deaths) are classified by order of the President Richardson for the sake of morale.

Political tension in Necropolis between supporters of doctrine and a revolution faction who tends toward to open Necropolis for outside world grows.

The Enclave experiments on deathclaws are in progress, attempting to create specialized fighting units for waging war in hostile environments.

There had already been a small number of ghouls in Gecko at this time, more come to the area splitting from Necropolis, and the town of Gecko is formed. The new influx of ghouls bring scavenged technology and the right know-how, so the power plant in Gecko becomes operational later that year. Vault City looks upon their new neighbors with growing concern.

Harold arrives in Gecko, and (with a lot of shaking of his head) he does his best to help the ghouls with the running of the Nuclear Power Plant.

2236 July 20
Enclave scouts discover Mariposa, finds it heavily guarded, looking like a true fortress.

2236 July-August
Enclave decides to launch a full scale assault on Mariposa. The battle turns into a massacre for both sides. Frank horrigan is killed in action. The remaining forces of Enclave troops retreat, realizing there is no way to storm through this fortress with brute force of their own.

2236 August
More detailed Enclave intelligence shows no possibility of raiding Mariposa without heavy casualties. President orders to create an alternative plan to gain Enclave the superiority they need, plans of the Forced Evolutionary Virus are put aside …

2236 Sept
Enclave construct a new plan for purifying the wasteland. President begins preparations for massive wasteland conquest powered by fresh recruitment from bandits and all scum that wasteland has to offer. Everything in order to conquer the land and start a massive holocaust of mutants in future concentration camps.

2237 March
Enclave preparations for the massive autumn offensive is reaching its full potential.

2237 March
FOnline2 begins...

May 29, 2014

EVE Online - Try EVE For Free

The Story

EVE takes place in a cluster of stars far from mankind's original habitat, planet Earth. How far away, and whether or not that cradle of civilization still exists, is a mystery. Humans arrived through a natural wormhole and, gazing up upon an alien sky they had never seen, were completely unable to determine where this new world was located. From the New Eden solar system, where the gate of EVE once led to the old world, humans expanded in all directions at a furious pace, exploring and colonizing rapidly.

Then, unexpectedly and seemingly unprovoked, the EVE gate collapsed in an apocalyptic catastrophe of a scale never before witnessed by the human race, ruining the New Eden system in the process. Thousands of small colonies were left in complete isolation to fend for themselves, cut off from the old world. For millennia they endured, clinging to the brink of extinction, and only a handful managed to survive.

Of those that lasted, five were to rise up and become the major empires that, between them, hold the balance of power in the world of EVE. Today, they are known as the Amarr Empire, the Gallente Federation, the Caldari State, the Minmatar Republic, and the Jovian Empire. Additionally, the world is full of several small, independent factions and states.

For more than a century, the five empires have lived together in relative peace. They've continually strived to maintain this peace, as each faction realizes only too well the grave consequences of a massive inter-stellar war. Recent technological breakthroughs in FTL travel, and the ensuing increase in space travelers, have shaken, but not broken, the fragile peace... at least not yet.

EVE got "Player's Choice Game of the Year" from, and "Top 100 Games of All Time" PC Gamer magazine review score. You can try EVE totally for free for 14 days and get a full access to the game, which includes hundreds of skills to choose from - no race, class or character restrictions, free expansions - 20 expansions to date, with more added every year, endless opportunities - Carve your niche and rise to power!

May 19, 2014

Fallen Earth

Outside the protective confines of the Hoover Dam Garrison, the player will encounter ruins of the old world, genetically altered creatures, strange technology, and six warring factions. Some factions seek to rebuild the old world, others wish to build a new one in their own image, and some simply desire chaos and anarchy.

The game world of Fallen Earth is based on a real-world topographical map of the Grand Canyon. The world map covers more than 1000 square kilometres of usable terrain. The environment is zoneless and set in sectors which can be advanced through at the players own pace, each of which continues the story-arc of the game. Parts of the map will be unreachable at release, but will be gradually opened as more content is developed.

The game supports PhysX and Vivox, Inc.'s in-game voice communication technology Among its features are first-person and third-person views, classless system, Player-versus-Player combat, mounted combat, crafting, noise-based stealth system (there is no invisibility skill, the stealth skill reduces noise) and a heavily moderated global help channel. As part of its development toward player-owned-houses, the construction skill has as of Dec/19/12 player-owned farms. Farms can be set in "empty" areas of the game and are not instanced.

The Fallen Earth story begins in the 21st Century, when the first in a series of natural disasters hits the United States. As Americans struggle to recover, an investment tycoon named Brenhauer buys a controlling stake in a mega-corporation named GlobalTech. By 2051, he moves his headquarters to the Grand Canyon Province, where GlobalTech eventually creates a self-sufficient economic and military mini-state. Meanwhile, in India and Pakistan, the Shiva virus, named for the dance-like convulsions that it caused in its victims, appears among the human populace. As the infection starts to spread, countries accuse each other of engineering the virus. Political paranoia turn to open aggression and nuclear conflict. The nuclear conflict combined with the virus devastates the planet. Less than one percent of Earth's population survived the Fall, and the Hoover Dam Garrison and Grand Canyon Province are the only known outposts of human civilization.

Down 2055

Post-Apocalypse Browser MMO

Build your Character and SquadChoose from several starting classes and develop your character as you wish - be it loud brute fighting with melee weapons or stealthy sniper hitting hard and deadly. Hire mercenaries and choose the combat tactics to strengthen your squad and roam the wasteland more safely.

Complete different missionsFind many different tasks to do - starting from simple everyday jobs to help people in new dangerous world to highly rewarding and profitable missions!

Travel the wastelandUse strategic sector map and rediscover huge devastated world based on actual California and Nevada. Many areas are covered in deadly radiation, so prepare yourself before venturing deep in the wasteland. Find different items and materials in the remains of past civilization.

Craft the weapons and itemsUse all materials found in wasteland to craft different items which helps you in fight or everyday travels. Create melee and ranged weapons, armor and equipment and use them to strengthen your squad or sell them to other players.

TradeBuy or trade your crafted or found items to other players trough shops found in settlements. Search for profitable trade routes and make fortunes in forever changing player run economy.

Rebuild the world or spread the FearJoin up with other players form gangs and factions. Make name of your alliance or gang known to other players by building and developing settlements or straight opposite - bring death and destruction to everyone!


1945. July - First nuclear test takes place in Alamogordo, New Mexico, code-name “Trinity”.

1945. August - United States conducts atomic bombings against the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan.

1946. January - Start of Cold War, tensions rise between Western world and the communist world.

1962. November - Cuban Missile Crisis brings world to nuclear war closer than ever.

1991. December - Collapse of Soviet Union, Doomsday Clock shows 11:43, which is lowest threat to global disaster since since its inception in 1947. World can take a breath for now!

2007. August - Russia plants a flag at North Pole starting the race between nations for Arctic resources.

2020. March - New research shows, that most available resources such as oil and gas, with current increasing consumption rates, will run out much sooner than estimated - in 2050.

2020. May - Countries surrounding the Arctic start massive extraction of Arctic resources.

2020. August - Disagreements about Arctic territorial claims between nations arise. Extraction of resources increases even more. Presence of military forces of all major players drastically increases in the region. A new arms race starts.

2021. January - United States and Russia break all treaties which limit the manufacturing of weapons of mass destruction, other major countries follow.

2021. November - World divides into two major political and military blocs:

Western bloc - led by United States and Western Europe.
Eastern bloc - led by Russia and China.

2023. September - More weapons of mass destruction are produced than ever before. Buildup of military forces in Arctic continues.

2024. January - Local military conflict emerges in the Arctic. All diplomatic solutions fail!

2024. April - Arctic military conflict expands to regions of North Europe, North Russia And North Canada.

2024. May - The conflict escalates to all out global world war.

2024. June - First nuclear and biological weapons are used in combat since WW2, this starts a global nuclear warfare.

2024. July - War Ends. 99.9% of population die either from warfare or contamination and radiation. Remaining population survives in shelters.

2055. January - Ecosystem stabilizes. After more than 20 years first survivors leave shelters... A new dawn of mankind begins!

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October 27, 2013

FOnline: Reloaded

FOnline: Reloaded is a free to play MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), based on the FOnline Engine and FOnline: 2238. It is set in the world known from classical Fallout games, in the year 2238 - 3 years before the events of Fallout 2. You can play in the areas both from Fallout and Fallout 2.

Focused on player factions fighting for control and territory, it also has many features interesting for solo players. some of the interesting features are:
  • Versatile character development with no maximum level.
  • New rewarding dungeons, while existing ones have been expaned.
  • Improved town control with balanced militia and setting laws in town
  • Balanced PvP battles.
  • Profitable crafting of advanced armors and weapons with various stat bonuses, easier access to blueprints and crafting facilities.
  • Improved NPC followers and companions.
  • Easier access to banks and traders with increased stock.
  • Rare items and vehicles are now accessible, including Power Armor, Vertibird and more.
  • More rewarding quests, also repeatable caravan guard quests for adventurers.
  • Efficient resource gathering, now also in private mines.
  • New encounters and enemies.
  • New Pip-Boy statistics.
  • Easy colorizing of players and whole factions with classic Name colorizing.
  • Preserved FOnline: 2238 features with many improvements and adjustments.

Give it a try but remember, in the beginning, trust nobody. Seriously, newbie-abuse is very popular.

FOnline: Reloaded - Some of the vehicles available to use

Download FOnline: Reloaded client HERE.

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