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October 03, 2014

8 Great Games Created With The FOnline Engine

What is FOnline engine? The FOnline Engine is an MMORPG engine, an video game designer developed by Russian Fallout fans. The game is in no way connected to Interplay's Project V13 (Fallout Online). The FOnline Engine was created from scratch and supports by now original Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout: Tactics, Arcanum and Baldur's Gate graphic and sound assets for the game design. Though, even if the focus in this game designer is set mostly on the Fallout games, it is possible to create a game without any Fallout connection at all. It is free and even you can make your own game (both single player and multiplayer). For more info about the FOnline engine aka - how to make a game, click here.

Now that we're familiar with the FOnline engine, we can focus on the games that are developed or still are in development. I will go by the order from the last updated info about the game. This article is divided into two pages, with four games on each page.

 1. FOnline: Racial Wars

By: AbaddonRaptus | IndieDB Link | TBD

Game description
A MMORPG game in post apocalyptic world in Fallout retro-future style. Since the bomb fell, it took 200 years. And did not have time to get off radioactive snow, as the world captured rage battle for the opportunity to live in this god care of the land ... wasteland. Short info:
  • The maximum character level (Level cap): 21
  • The maximum level of skills: 150% (200% can be taken only after receiving the 5-th level of the profession)
  • Cities: Klamath, Den, Redding, Modoc, Vault City, Gekko, Broken Hills, New Reno, San Francisco, NCR, Necropolis
  • Others locations: WIP
  • Weapons/Equipment:All old(Fallouts 1&2 types) + new
  • Professions: Doctor, Builder, Scientist, Explorer, Driver, Hunter, Merchant, Gunsmith specializing in light weapons, heavy, energy, throwing or melee weapon, Mercenary
  • Playable races: humans, death claws, ghouls, geckos, robots, Super Mutants, Wanamingo (aliens)
Since there is no new information about development progress since Jul 19th, 2011, I believe that this project is abandoned. But then again, you could never know.

 2. FOnline: The Southern Tribes

By: FOtstDevs | IndieDB Link | TBD

Game description
A role playing project based on Interplay's Fallout universe. The storyline is located at southeast to the Glow. Somewhere around Arizona,s desert. Bombs wiped the surface turning cities to an endless desert full of ruins. Only a few settlements are still alive. At northwest, is located San Luis, a town rebuilded and ruled by the Brotherhood of Steel. The main concept of game is a massive roleplay, pvp, pve with loads of fun. There is no gathering / crafting system yet but it will be done partially along with some features. Features:
  • Roleplay (more like a requirement)
  • Level cap. set at 21 ( 31 will be ok for a future version)
  • Loads of new weapons
  • Own world map and locations
  • Player homes and bases (you can buy or craft your construction kit to make a private settler)
  • Factions and town control system
  • Mercenaries and npcs lead by players (still WIP)
  • Pve or "dungeons" locations for leveling and treasures.
  • more vehicles, caravans, more drugs, armors, weapons, more faction names, new animations
Since there is no new information about development progress since Feb 15, 2012, I believe that this project is abandoned. But then again, you could never know.

 3. FOnline: 2238

By: Rotators | IndieDB Link | Released Aug 14, 2009

Game description
FOnline: 2238 brings you back to the world of Fallout once you knew it, only this time as a MMO-RPG hybrid. Cross the border where the unique game setting of the original Fallout & Fallout 2 games meets the unique MMO design...

Humanity, or at least what is left of it, has no time for a break. Faced with constant challenges, surviving in the harsh post-apocalyptic, post-nuclear, barren world, struggling for an uncertain tomorrow, the humans, ghouls and mutants are organizing themselves to push it through. To make it. To stay alive. Each group, each place, each organization with its own agenda, with its own ideology, fighting for their place under the scorching Sun. What they believe may be right or wrong... Who are we to judge, while striving for the same old necessity - survival?

The game adds several unique features regarding the players and their interactions, be it with other players, their respective groups or NPCs. First of all, there are groups: factions, gangs - call them whatever you like, which determine the fate of the world. Some of them are more powerful than others, some are cunning and treacherous, some even hideous. But they are there, conflicting with each other, or aligning with the policies of the greater powers - those who have technological advances, political power or any other advantages over them, or are just plain bigger. Choose your way: join your favorite group and spread their agenda throughout the wasteland. Decide for yourself how to handle the resistance - with good will or stubbornness. Respect the authorities or lead a revolution to throw them off the throne - it is your world, you decide.

If you don't feel like belonging to a group and have your own ideology, then you can take one of the numerous paths the wasteland offers. Some of them are: bounty hunting, brahmin trading, crafting, exploring and trading in general. The brand new system of professions allows you to polish up your skills and learn things you will rarely find in books, giving you a certain advantage over other players. Scavenging, gathering resources and useful items will be an inevitable part of your FOnline: 2238 life. Crafting something useful out of the gathered junk or selling it directly to your favorite vendor are just a small part of the great possibilities this game offers you. And of course, you can just take them off someone else, simply by brutally killing him/her or using more exquisite methods, like stealing. The choice is yours - and so are the consequences.

From the technical point of view, the game will bring back the good old 2D isometric perspective, with English being the only supported language. The engine supports several new features like object opacity and the PNG graphics format. The scripting language being used is the AngelCode Scripting Library (or simply AngelScript) created by Andreas Jönsson, while system requirements for the game can be considered minimal for today's mainstream computing:
  • MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • CPU 1.0 GHz
  • RAM 2 GB
  • DirectX 9 / OpenGL 2.1 compatible graphic card
  • 56K or better internet connection
  • Fallout 2 (CD or download-Version, it doesn't matter as long as there are master.dat and critter.dat files included)
Current server status: SERVER OFFLINE. After shutting down the FOnline: 2238 server an issue remained bothering the developers of the game: what to do with the code, tools and the custom created content? It occurred the next logical step in providing the support for many indie projects based on FOnline. Everyone interested in the FOnline engine will benefit from the release of the FOnline: 2238 source.

 4. Fallout Online: Australia

By: The Core Gaming Australia | IndieDB Link | Released Jul 31, 2012

Game description
A Fan-Made MMORPG based in a post-apocalyptic Australia, The game isn't designed with a linear storyline like most other games, in this world the player must make a life for themselves, whether that be a criminal life of killing and stealing, or a respectable life of living in a small desert ranch. The Player will be able to forge relationships, alliances and friendships with the NPC's within the game. You may enslave any creature within the game, build robots, build a home, Hire mercenaries, become a Commander, have children. raise them to grown adults. The Game is a fun experience to try and build yourself a life in the post apocalyptic world. Go build a car, or a motorbike.. maybe have some kids.. Good luck!

Current server status: SERVER OFFLINE. However, you can play single player if you download the latest game revision here.

October 02, 2014

20 Incredibly Great References in Fallout 3

There are about 120 cultural references in Fallout 3. Since we can't cover all of them, we're bringing you the incredibly great ones, like references to great post-apocalyptic movie titles like Mad Max and A Boy and His Dog. This article is two pages long, with 10 references on each.

 1. A Boy And His Dog

To me, A Boy and His Dog inspired Fallout on many levels, including Fallout 3. Dogmeat, the vaults, the blending of 1950s America with futuristic horror, and the glowing ones. They are all allude to Harlan Ellison's book A Boy and His Dog which got the film adaptation later on, A Boy and His Dog (1975 film). Also, In Oasis, the man encased in a tree calls the tree "Herbert" because he thinks it's funny and it annoys the tree. In A Boy and His Dog the dog Blood, often calls his boy, Vic,"Albert". Blood finds this funny, while Vic is annoyed by it.

 2. Mad Max

The Mad Max movies, starring Mel Gibson as a post-apocalyptic warrior, are also a pervasive influence on the Fallout series. The design of the leather armor in all four Fallout games is based on Mel Gibson's armor in the Mad Max series, particularly the single-sleeved armor in The Road Warrior. A picture of the main character walking beside Dogmeat that is featured on the back of the packaging and in every ending is an homage to the image of Max walking beside his dog from The Road Warrior. Fallout 3's Dogmeat is a Blue Heeler, the same breed as Max's dog in The Road Warrior.

One of the Little Lamplight children uses the word humongous incorrectly, saying "humungus." Though it appears incorrect, it is actually a reference to Lord Humungus, the leader of the antagonizing gang in The Road Warrior. Upon meeting Harkness one of his replies might be "Oh yeah? And I'm a fairy princess." this is a reference to an utterance made by Mad Max when he talks to MasterBlaster in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. The raiders' style of dressing is similar to that of the various raider and biker gangs in the Mad Max films. Medical braces are similar to those that Max wears on his left leg in the films. The arena in The Pitt resembles the Thunderdome.

The raider blastmaster helmet resembles the helmet worn by Blaster, the "muscle" of Bartertown in Beyond Thunderdome. The scoped .44 magnum/Blackhawk resembles the gun used by the Lord Humungus in The Road Warrior, which was a scoped Smith & Wesson Model 29. The outfit worn by Mayor Macready of Little Lamplight is identical to the costume worn by Jedediah the pilot's son in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome - a pith helmet, goggles, and a jacket one size too big. The image for the perk Pitt Fighter depicts Vault Boy wearing armor identical to Blaster's armor in the film Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

There is a random encounter with a character named Mel, who wears a leather jacket and sports a sawed-off shotgun. High Perception grants the information that the shotgun is unloaded. In The Road Warrior, Max threatens the Gyrocaptain with his shotgun, even though it wasn't loaded. The outfits worn by slaves in The Pitt resemble those worn by the slaves in Beyond Thunderdome.

 3. The Road

A 2006 novel by Cormac McCarthy. This post-apocalyptic story also influenced Bethesda Softworks (as mentioned by Todd Howard in interview) in their work on Fallout 3. The most overt references to the book are the hunters who peddle "strange meat" (human flesh) and the cannibals in the town of Andale.

 4. Dracula

Just above the entrance, you can see a damaged traffic sign that should read "CAREFUL," but on which the 'C' and 'L' have faded away to display "AREFU". Arefu is a "real life" small village in Romania, most well known for its proximity to the former castle of Vlad III, the prince of Wallachia, who is also known as "Dracula" and "Vlad the Impaler." And the quest "Blood Ties" only confirms that reference. Lucy West, the woman who kicks off the Blood Ties quest, is a reference to Lucy Westenra, Mina Murray's friend in Bram Stoker's Dracula. They both have connections to vampires, and they were the first victims of a chain of unfortunate events that affect their loved ones.

 5. Interplay

The monument is located in Chevy Chase, just outside the Tenleytown / Friendship station. There's a small square with a monument that is a reference to Interplay. The bronze Earth with a circling rocket appeared prominently when launching Fallout 1 and 2. Chevy Chase is also a real-life neighborhood in Washington, D.C.

 6. Black Isle Studios

Inside the Museum of Technology, a plaque describes the fate of the USS Ebon Atoll, a missile destroyer that was torpedoed by a US submarine, USS Interference, off the coast of Alaska. "Ebon" is short for "Ebony", a word for black, and "atoll" is another word for island, or isle. The fate of the boat is also similar to Black Isle's, having been "torpedoed" by their parent company, Interplay. Also, in the Point Lookout add-on, the loading screens and several terminals mention Isla Negra Holdings, the company that built the Pilgrim's Landing boardwalk. "Isla Negra" is Spanish for Black Isle.

 7. The Bible

The Lone Wanderer's birth date, 7/13/2258, is a Biblical reference to Micah 7:13, which reads: "And the earth will become desolate because of her inhabitants, on account of the fruit of their deeds." This aptly describes the whole Fallout series.

 8. American Civil War

Hannibal Hamlin was the name of Abraham Lincolns's first vice president, a staunch abolitionist. Leroy Walker is named after LeRoy Pope Walker, the first Confederate States Secretary of War who issued the orders for the firing on Fort Sumter, which began the American Civil War. Bill Seward is named after William H. Seward, Lincoln's Secretary of State from 1861-69. Caleb Smith is named after Caleb B. Smith, Lincoln's Secretary of Interior from 1861-62. Simone Cameron is named after Simon Cameron, Lincoln's Secretary of War from 1861-62.

 9. Beneath the Planet of the Apes

In Megaton, the undetonated atomic bomb and the Children of Atom are a reference to the film Beneath the Planet of the Apes (a 1970 American science fiction film directed by Ted Post and written by Paul Dehn), in which a cult worships an intact nuclear ICBM (An intercontinental ballistic missile).

 10. Star Trek (original)

During the first fade-to-white in the opening character creation, The Overseer says, "Dammit! We need a doctor, not a scientist", a reference to lines in the original Star Trek in which Leonard McCoy says to Captain Kirk, "Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a [profession that isn't medical]". Dr. Preston in Rivet City will say "I'm a doctor, not a dealer!" when asked about purchasing chems.

The Adventures of Captain Cosmos takes its inspiration from Star Trek. Captain Cosmos is known to have aired at 8:00 P.M. on Thursdays (the timeslot that Star Trek filled during its first two seasons in the real world). In the Mothership Zeta add-on, the Lone Wanderer and Sally (who is a fan of Captain Cosmos) take a diverse crew into ship-to-ship combat against another alien mothership.

September 30, 2014

Fallout For Dummies

before the Great War, some geniuses in the government decided that it might be a good idea to have a backup plan in case the worst should happen. They contracted the Vault-Tec company to build massive self-sustaining underground fallout shelters called “vaults” in order to preserve select segments of the American people centuries after a nuclear conflictIt is later revealed that the body snatchers belong to an organization called the Enclave, the remnant of the United States Government.

84 years after a thermonuclear Armageddon (called “The Great War”), the first Fallout followed the adventures of an intrepid explorer from Vault 13. Fallout’s protagonist, the so-called “Vault Dweller”, emerged from such a vault to find a harsh and blasted wasteland once known as California.

Vault 13 needed a new water chip if its inhabitants wanted to continue drinking clean water. So the Vault Dweller would have to endure all the Raiders, Radscorpions, Technophiles, Mutophiles, and other deranged life forms the California wasteland has to offer. In the process of procuring the water chip, the Vault Dweller discovered a plot to unleash an army of grossly mutated humans (called “Super Mutants”) upon the wastes. Moreover, the army’s leader, The Master, planned to use a Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV) to create even more mutants. While there were several possible endings, official canon holds that the Vault Dweller got the chip and defeated the Master, but was exiled from Vault 13 for his/her trouble – to keep the vault’s children from hearing the heroic tale and leaving the vault as well.

80 years after the events of the original Fallout (2241 AD, 168 AGW [After Great War]), Arroyo, the village founded by the exiled Vault Dweller, is suffering a severe drought. However, the original Vault Dweller has long since left the village and is assumed dead. His/her grandchild called the “Chosen One”, is called to aid the village. Told to seek a G.E.C.K.. (Garden of Eden Creation Kit), a device capable of reshaping the barren wasteland into a healthier ecosystem, the Chosen One retraces the steps of his/her grandparent to Vault 13. However, Vault 13 is not as the Vault Dweller had left it. Its populace had been culled, most of its inhabitants kidnaped. And there’s nary a G.E.C.K. to be found. The Chosen One returns empty-handed to Arroyo, to find that it has now been culled as well.

Chosen One learns Earth shattering truths about…well, just about everything. Everything you thought you knew about the Vaults, the Super Mutants, and the pre-war United States was wrong. The short version? The government was fully corrupt, many of the vaults were designed as human Petri dishes, and the Enclave wants to use a modified FEV to slaughter anyone whose DNA isn’t completely pure. However, the Chosen One put a stop to this nefarious nonsense by destroying the Enclave HQ, but not before rescuing the captives from Vault 13 and Arroyo. The two communities founded a new settlement and lived together in harmony happily ever after…ish.

All is well and good in California, but not so in the Midwest. The Brotherhood of Steel, a quasi-knightly order dedicated to the preservation of pre-war technology, is fighting hard in and around Chicago. The Great Plains are now home to legions of malevolent factions, and the Brotherhood is the only beacon of order in sight. But their numbers are thin, so they’re forced to recruit from the local tribal populace in order to fill the ranks. The player takes on the role of one such initiate. Leading a squad of fellow initiates into battle against a clan of Raiders, the Initiate soon earns himself a place as a proper Brother of Steel. It is revealed that the immediate goal of the Midwestern Brotherhood is to push into Colorado in order to find “Vault 0”, a supposed treasure trove of pre-war technology and the key to dominating the Midwestern US. However, the warring factions of the region make attaining their goals difficult.

After the Initiate has finished wading through the corpses of Beastlords, mutants, and Reavers, his unit finally reaches “Vault 0” (revealed to be Cheyenne Mountain). Vault 0 also happens to be the home base of a malevolent brain/computer hybrid known simply as “The Calculator”. The Initiate’s unit strikes deep in Cheyenne Mountain, past the Calculator’s armies of robots, until it destroys the Calculator itself. Having finally found a defensible position, the Brotherhood formally establishes its Midwestern chapter.

The goings on in California and the Midwest went largely unnoticed by the inhabitants of the “Capitol Wasteland”. There was no growing threat on the horizon. There were no factions any worse than the others. Life was hard, and then you died. But in this bleak limbo of an existence, a group of scientists touched upon an impossible dream: clean, non-radioactive water. For everyone! The project was ambitious and progress was slow. But then the birth of a certain child derailed “Project Purity” entirely for 19 years. The project leader, a brilliant scientist known simply as “James”, abandoned the project in order to raise his child in the comfort and security of nearby Vault 101, vowing to return once his child reached adulthood and no longer needed him.

But bonds of blood run thick in the wastes, and the child followed in James’ footsteps soon after he escaped Vault 101. The ever persistent Lone Wanderer eventually tracked James to another Vault, freeing him from the mental prison of a mad overseer. For the briefest of moments, along with a team of volunteers, father and child worked side-by-side. Then the Enclave crashed the party, killing James in the process. After leading the surviving volunteers through the subways and sewers, the Lone Wanderer took refuge with the local Brotherhood of Steel chapter. Scientists assured the Brotherhood that the project could be completed if the project site was retaken…and if they were able to obtain a GECK. Of course, none was better suited that the Lone Wanderer to find the fabled artifact. But just when the GECK was pried loose from its radioactive confines, the Enclave ambushed the Lone Wanderer and brought the adventurer to their secret base at Raven Rock. However, the intrepid hero seized upon an opportunity to escape, destroying Raven Rock and bringing the GECK to the Brotherhood.

Holding to their end of the bargain, the Brotherhood clashed with the Enclave ranks for control of the project site. The Enclave garrison was eventually shattered, and the Lone Wanderer, supported by a company of Brothers, was able to install the G.E.C.K. successfully. However, legend holds that one final act of radioactive service either killed the Lone Wanderer or inflicted such injury that the adventurer barely survived (depending upon whether you bought a particular expansion pack and assuming you didn’t force a follower to commit the final, suicidal act of heroism).

Despite the bombardment of numerous nukes, the city of Vegas managed to survive the war mostly untouched. In the aftermath, a group of people formed touting the values of the old governmental system and called themselves the New California Republic, or NCR. Thanks to the Hoover Dam, the NCR and citizens of New Vegas have access to clean water and power, something most areas lack. At odds with the NCR is the Legion, a dictatorship lead by a man who renamed himself Caesar. Based on the Roman methodology of conquering other civilizations, the Legion absorbs nearby tribes and enslaves a portion of their population. The NCR and Caesar's Legion butt heads over control of the area, and tensions are high.

And then someone just tried to kill your face with bullets, which was bound to happen eventually to a courier in the post-apocalyptic frontier. If it weren’t for a meddling robot and charming local doc, you’d be something’s lunch. But you’re brought back from death and your motivation is clear: find the dickheads who put holes in your brain. If you happen to be caught up in a large-scale conflict along the way, that’s only because it’s Fallout. Your Vault uniform and Pip-Boy come from the friendly doctor who rehabilitates you during character creation. While the game takes place three years after Fallout 3, it doesn’t have any direct ties to that story, though it may drop hints, and will definitely feel familiar to players of Fallout 2.

When you enter the Mojave Desert for the first time you'll notice that the landscape looks similar to the previous wastelands, but now there's actual vegetation around. While most of it is dried up, you can find and harvest fresh fruit, seeds, and herbs, which you can use to whip up concoctions like healing powder or stimpaks. Though the game is still really difficult when you're inexperienced, the main missions lead you along a relatively safe route to the New Vegas strip, where the story starts to get interesting.

Wandering the desert, you'll meet friendly people and kill aggressive monsters and thugs. Or maybe you'll kill friendly people and become friends with the thugs, although you should still kill the monsters. with it's hardcore mod becoming sort of a Sims situation, you'll have to make sure you regularly feed, water, and rest your character. Adding to that inconvenience is that everything, including ammo, counts toward your weight limit. There are also limitations on your ability to fast travel - if your character would dehydrate by the end of the journey, you won't be able to embark until you've had some water. Endings for Fallout: New Vegas are dependent on what actions the player took via quests during the game, with separate endings being shown for each major location, political faction, and recruitable companion.

What happens next? Well, Fallout 4... Until that part of the story, thank you for reading, and share it with your Fallout friends!

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August 16, 2014

Let's Talk About Fallout: Van Buren

Author's Note: It's been awhile, I know. Real life really shook me up this Summer, but I'm not gonna ask for pity or offer petty excuses. I need structure in my life, and writing these articles about my favorite series in fiction really helps with that. So without further ado....

The mini-minigun that Paladin has just kills me.

So, by now I assume you're familiar with the story of Fallout: Van Buren. After the critical success of 2, Black Isle Studios wasted no time crafting a sequel. It was given a codename: Van Buren (This being an Interplay thing of coding projects as the names of USA Presidents.), and fans were led to believe this was going to be the best Fallout yet. Now of course the idea of making a sequel better than Fallout 2 is daunting, but that's not what ended up happening. If you've read my other articles (And I wish you would), you are well aware of Interplay's sketchy and downright baffling business decisions at the time. Their desperate attempt to stay afloat ultimately failed, the company was bought up, and Bethesda acquired the rights to make Fallout games, with the exception that Interplay be allowed to make a Fallout MMO. More on that later, but what this whole debacle meant was that Van Buren, The Fallout 3 we were meant to have, was canned when it was very near completion. This has left alot of old and new fans alike wondering, "What would Fallout be like now if Van Buren was actually made?"

No wonder it took so long! Look at all that!

So check it out. 95% of the engine was complete. 75% of the maps was complete, and half the maps were finished. Sounds like alot to see, right? Well not really at all. Information on this game is reduced to an extremely glitchy demo from E3 and all that you can find on old websites from interviews. I really wouldn't advise the demo either; If it doesn't glitch to shit, it will just crash nonstop. Believe me, I tried. From what you CAN play, it's a turn based strategy game like the previous Fallout games, and that's about all I can say about it.

As for the written information, well...The story for this thing is mind numbingly stupid. Maybe with good writing to back it up it would make sense, but as it stands I'm almost glad the game wasn't made. Basically, the story revolved around your character, a Convict (Yes, an RPG other than The Elder Scrolls that has you start as a prisoner.), trying to figure out how his prison was destroyed, or something like that. The key things you need to remember are that alot of the stories plot elements were repurposed into Fallout: New Vegas. Caesar's Legion, Ulysses, The Burned Man, New Canaan, Powder Gangers, and a corrupt NCR all featured prominently in Van Buren's plot, so if you think about it, New Vegas is the spiritual offspring of VB, with all the stupid cut out.

The bad parts come in with the central antagonist, a scientist named Presper. He inexplicably comes across an advanced satellite designed to nuke a large portion of an area in the event of an outbreak of New Plague, that disease FEV was invented to stop. He infected a large enough amount of people, placed them in a prison, then promptly broke them out of the prison, so that the satellite would then launch, and he would control it to launch nukes where he so chose...What the fuck? How? Why? What?

I don't give a shit how corrupt the American government was back in the day. There's no fucking way you can sell me this bullshit that they had NUCLEAR BOMBARDMENT OF THEIR OWN LAND as a contingency plan for a fucking virus. And seriously! Why does the big baddie in every Fallout game (Except New Vegas) have a genocidal agenda?! The Master, The Enclave, The Calculator, fucking ATTIS from Brotherhood of Steel, The Enclave AGAIN, and now this asshole? Come on, guys...There's also the supposed ending, which, if I'm reading correctly, forces you to pick areas to destroy, leading me to believe that this would be the last possible Fallout game in the Core Region, because it would be back to square goddamn one. AGAIN.


Ultimately, I'm glad Van Buren didn't see the light of day, with a story like this. Black Isle made one of the best goddamn stories in an RPG ever, so what the hell were they smoking when they came up with this? If you are really damn curious, track down a site where you can download the barely functioning demo. I don't know what's sadder: The fact that all that time and buildup was leading to shit OR the fact that Black Isle's last game wasn't even a proper sendoff to the developer. At least we have New Vegas, right? Okay, fine, I'll stop kissing NV's ass. Join the talk below.

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May 26, 2014

Canceled Fallout games history

Van Buren (aka Fallout 3)

Van Buren was the project name Black Isle Studios assigned to their version of Fallout 3. In 2003, the game was canceled and the Black Isle employees were laid off.
The game was going to use an engine that Black Isle had made for Baldur's Gate 3, commonly referred to as the Jefferson Engine. It was fully 3D. Black Isle Studios planned to include a dual combat system in the game that allowed for the player to choose real time or turn-based combat, due to Interplay's demands, though Joshua Sawyer had stated that the emphasis would be on the turn-based version. Co-operative multiplayer was also going to be included in the game, again because of publisher requirements.

Fallout (PlayStation)

A proposed top down shooter proposed for Sony's original PlayStation console, although a prototype existed it was cancelled after 3-4 months of development. A Fallout top-down shooter for the original PlayStation was in development at Interplay at one point. It was canceled after about 3–4 months of pre-production and early prototyping. The PlayStation port of another notable cRPG published by Interplay,Baldur's Gate, was similarly canceled, although in a near complete state.

Fallout Tactics 2

Canceled sequel to Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel. developed by Micro Forté. Pre-production started shortly before the release of the first game, but it was canceled around December 2001. After the game started selling rather poorly, the sequel was canned by Interplay and didn't even get past concept. This would see the Midwestern Brotherhood of steel head South-East, towards Florida to deal with a GECK causing mutations. This game was cancelled in pre-development due to poor sales of the previous title.

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2

also known as Vagrant Lands, was the canceled sequel to Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. The development started before the release of the first game, and it was almost complete when Interplay laid off most of their employees in 2004. The plot incorporated some elements from Van Buren, the canceledFallout 3 by Black Isle Studios (Caesar's Legion, the Jackals, Nursery), as well as the mutated G.E.C.K. from the canceled Fallout Tactics 2. In March 2009, the design document for the game, written by Brian Freyermuth (one of the designers of the original Fallout), was leaked.

Fallout Online (aka "Project V13")

Following the sale of the Fallout franchise to Bethesda, Interplay retained a limited right to develop an online Fallout game. This ended up resulting in a lawsuit between the two companies, and the idea to make a MMO based Fallout remains unrealised.Initially, Project V13 was the internal code name for Fallout Online. In addition to the current team Jason Anderson, one of the other makers of Fallout, was involved in the project between 2007 and 2009, but had since left the team. Interplay's rights to developing and publishing this game have been the subject of a legal dispute between Bethesda Softworks, the current owner of the Fallout franchise, and Interplay.

Fallout Extreme

Another Sequel for Fallout Tactics, but developed for Consoles. This game would have seen "The Cause" head Northwest, through Canada and on to Alaska to do battle with the Brotherhood of Steel; following this victory they would then head on to China to destroy a Doom's Day Missile. Fallout Extreme is a canceled, squad-based, first- and third-person tactical game for the Xbox and PlayStation 2, using the Unreal Engine and developed by Interplay's 14 Degrees East division. It was in development for several months in 2000, but never had a concrete development team and had not been developed past conception. The game was never officially announced, and its existence was virtually unknown until detailed information about it was released in January 2010.

Fallout Pen and Paper d20

Licensed by Glutton Creeper Games by Interplay, this project would have brought Fallout to the tabletop through the D20 gaming system made popular by Dungeons and Dragons. Although Bethesda brought legal action against the project, it was eventually released as Exodus, with the Fallout elements removed. Fallout Pen and Paper d20 was a pen and paper role-playing game based on the Fallout computer games developed by Glutton Creeper Games. Because Bethesda threatened Glutton Creeper with legal action, they were forced to change the game into a post-apocalyptic RPG called Exodus.

Fallout iPhone game

Little is known about the plans to bring Fallout to the iPhone, except that multiple pitches had been rejected as of June 2009, and John Carmack of ID Software had developed a proof of concept, but nothing seemingly came from the development. According to Bethesda's Todd Howard, several early designs have been pitched and rejected. On November 5, 2009 John Carmack of Id Software said that, while it's nothing official yet, he has an internal proof of concept made for a Fallout iPhone game. Both Carmack and Bethesda's Todd Howard are fans of the platform and any iPhone game based on Bethesda's IP will likely be made as a joint project between id and Bethesda. Carmack said that he will likely be personally involved in making the game, although currently he is too overloaded with work on other games. "At the very least I'm going to be providing code," he said. In April 2010, Pocketgamer published a rumour that Bethesda were looking to reactivate the "Fallout Tactics" line with a mobile-based tactical game based in New Vegas.

Source: Fallout Wikia

See also: Fallout Games History Overview

May 25, 2014

Play Fallout 1 & 2 On Android

Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 Android installation guide.

Fallout 1 and 2 are fully playable on Android with all the sounds and music from the original game. Play the best role-playing video games for PC on your mobile!

With the use of an Android X86 emulator QEMU, you will learn how to install and play your own copy of Fallout 1 or Fallout 2 on Android.

Guide+video How to Play PC Games on Android with DosBox Turbo

Download the DosBox Turbo Version 1.0

Recommended System Requirements:

  • CPU Quad-Core, Dual-core 1.2Ghz+, equivalent or better.
  • GPU Adreno 220+, Nvidia Tegra2/3/4, equivalent or better.
  • 2GB, 1GB, 512MB. My Config asks for a min of 256MB & shouldn't be run on a device with less than 512MB. 8GB disk space

Minimum System Requirements:

  • 1Ghz Single-Core CPU with 512MB of Ram
  • GPU Adreno 220
  • 4GB Disk Space

Note: If you only meet the minimum requirements, then see Step 7 and use the optional Fallout2 Config without Video & Ambient sounds.

Tested Devices: Note2, HP TouchPad, Galaxy s3, Galaxy s1 i9000

How to install Fallout on your Android device:
  1. You will need Fallout 1 or 2 the game fully installed on a PC
  2. Download QEMU Emulator for Android:
Version 1.0 for Playing Fallout 2 Regular QEMU Download
Version 2.0 for Playing the Fallout 2 Restoration Project QEMU Download
Note: Version 1.0 is more stable but will not work properly with the Restoration Project.

Getting Fallout 1 & 2 setup to Play on Android:

Fallout 2
If you wish to play Fallout 2, we recommend installing Killap’s unofficial fallout 2 patch.

  1. Download and Extract the Unofficial patch, open the folder.
  2. Open the "data" folder and copy and paste these files into your Fallout 2 install directory. (yes to overwrite the files)
  3. Open the "Windows 95-98-ME" folder and copy and paste these files into your Fallout 2 install directory. (yes to overwrite the files)
  4. Open the “Batch_work’ folder and copy and paste these files into your Fallout 2 install directory. Run the "master_dat_fix_up.exe" file (A window will popup, wait for it..)
  5. Next this is EXTREMELY important, in your Fallout 2 install directory delete a file called "patch000.dat"
  6. Download and install one of my custom Fallout cfg files by copying and pasting it into your Fallout directory. These config files correct the game path for the sound data files. Config With Video & Ambient sounds: This is the standard required config file the fixes the sound directory path. Config without Video & Ambient sounds: This increases performance by removing ambient and video sounds. If you experience crashing when the videos play then, you will need this file. Note*NPC conversations will still have spoken dialogue. This can also improve screen scroll performance with and increased art_cache_size=256. You can also manually open the fallout2.cfg and change the value. I recommend 256, 512, or 768 (default=8). 
  7. (Optional) You can also install Mash’s resolution patch: to increase your screen size. 
Note This may impact game performance but allows you to see much more of the map at once. Fallout2 Hi-Res Patch v3.06

Fallout 2 Restoration Project
Note: The Fallout 2 Restoration Project requires a faster device to run than a regular install of Fallout 2. A fast Dual or Quad core device with 2GB+ is Recommended
If you wish to play Killaps Fallout 2 Restoration Project on Android then you must do the following.

  1. Download and Extract the manual Restoration patch, open the folder.
  2. Open the "main" folder and copy and paste these files into your Fallout 2 install directory. (yes to overwrite the files)
  3. Open the "Windows 95-98-ME" folder and copy and paste these files into your Fallout 2 install directory. (yes to overwrite the files)
  4. Open the “Batch_work’ folder and copy and paste these files into your Fallout 2 install directory. Run the "f2.bat" file (A window will popup, wait for it..)
  5. Next this is EXTREMELY important, in your Fallout 2 install directory delete a file called "patch000.dat" Fallout 2 Restoration Project Manual Version Download
  6. Download and install one of my custom Fallout cfg files by copying and pasting it into your Fallout directory. These config files correct the game path for the sound data files. Config With Video & Ambient sounds: This is the standard required config file the fixes the sound directory path. Config without Video & Ambient sounds: This increases performance by removing ambient and video sounds. If you experience crashing when the videos play then, you will need this file. Note*NPC conversations will still have spoken dialogue. This can also improve screen scroll performance with and increased art_cache_size=256. You can also manually open the fallout2.cfg and change the value. I recommend 256, 512, or 768 (default=8). 
  7. Download the citylimit49_mapper here and place it into your Fallout 2 follder. Run the exe to extract the files. (yes to overwrite the files) 
Look in the Fallout 2 folder for the F49+.exe file that was extracted and run it. It will fail to patch the mapper but will patch the Fallout.exe and allow us to play the restoration project.

Fallout 1
If you wish to play Fallout 1, we recommend installing the Dos Patch and launching the game from the Dos exe file.

  1. Download and install Fallout 1 the game on your PC. I got it from a free promotion @ GOG
  2. Download and extract the Fallout 1 Dos files below. You will need to add these Dos files into the fallout 1 folder installed on your PC. Copy and paste them directly into that folder. fallout1.1+Dos Patch download
  3. Download and install one of my custom Fallout 1 cfg files by copying and pasting it into your Fallout 1 directory. These config files correct the game path for the sound data files. There are two different config files. The one without video & ambient noise is for slower devices that just meet the Min system requirements or have performance issues.
  4. I also installed this NPC patch from the no mutants allowed website. This allows you to edit your follows weapons and inventory, like Fallout 2. Download and extract these files into the Data folder in your fallout 1 directory.
NPC mod Download:
  1. Download and Extract either the 2GB or 1GB empty HDD.img files to an easy to find location on your PC. Bigger is Better, for improved stability! Default is 2GB.
  2. Install the free 30 day trial of WinImage and run the application. Be sure to use it before 30 days passes.
WinImage 9.00 Download:
  1. Open the empty HDD.img by dragging it into the open Winimage program. Or navigating to it from file/open
  2. Locate your fully installed Fallout 1 or 2 game folder. Transfer the Fallout game folder into the HDD.img and save it. This should include Killaps Patches and Mash’s resolution patch. I would recommend playing at 640x480 if you have a dual core device. You can attempt 800x600 or 1024x768 if you have a quad core device. Single core devices should use my No Video or Ambient noise Fallout cfg. (Optional) You can install one of my custom Fallout cfg files by copying and pasting it into the Fallout directory. Config With Video & Ambient sounds: This is recommend to improve screen scroll performance and sound compatibility. Config without Video & Ambient sounds: This has the same sound tweaks but further increases performance by removing ambient and video noises. Note*NPC conversations will still have spoken dialogue.
  3. Save your new HDD.img and close the program.
  4. Copy and paste your new Fallout2 HDD.img into the SDL folder in your downloads.
  5. Transfer the sdl folder to your devices internal memory. This will be the location that opens when you plug in the USB cable.
  6. Transfer the libSDL.apk to your device and install it. Note* you may need to Enable 'Unknown Sources' from Settings/Security/Enable.
  7. Run the libSDL.apk and start windows. Skip scan disk if it comes up.
  8. Play Fallout2 on Android and wander the wasteland.
(Optional) Interface Apps:
GameKeyboard app that lets you make onscreen buttons and choose the keys:
Get the free Hackers Keyboard from the Play Store. It has a better layout for playing games and includes directional keys.

Notes (Important):
SDL cfg file:
Located in the sdl folder you will find the sdl.cfg file. This allows you to edit the instructions given to the emulator. You can edit and save changes to this file using notepad.

Here is the default line for the sdl.cfg file:
/sdl -L . -m 256 -boot c -hda c.img -hdb HDD_2Gb.img -usb -usbdevice tablet -soundhw sb16

  • You can increase or decrease the Memory –m 128 or 256 or 512+ (recommended) The Default is 256MB for compatibility.
  • Set the emulated Memory size to half of your total system Memory size. So if your device has 1GB of DDR use the 512 setting.
  • You can change the name of the HDD –hdb HDD_2Gb.img Note*It Must match the exact name in your sdl.cfg file.
  • Add additional HDD’s by adding sequentially lettered –hd(x) Like so
  • /sdl -L . -m 256 -boot c –hda c.img –hdb hdd_2Gb.img –hdc hdd_2Gb.img –hde hdd_2Gb.img… ect
  • The default is HDD_2Gb.img but you can edit the file with notepad. Just change the 2 to a 1, to use the HDD_1Gb.img, save and exit.

Extra HDD for Virtual Memory:
  • We would highly recommended attaching a 1/2GB HDD used only for virtual memory. You can use the Virtual Memory sdl cfg line below.
  • Once you are running the emulator right click on the vault 13 desktop icon and choose properties, select the performance tab. Next select “virtual memory” at the bottom, click “Let me specify my own virtual memory settings” and select the HDD you attached. It will prompt you to reboot once you exit. Don’t reboot, choose no, and then shutdown and re-launch the emulator. This will help to keep System Resources between 98-99% free. This helps to optimize the performance and improve stability.
  • You can check the performance by right clicking on the desktop vault computer and selecting properties. Navigate to the performance tab at the top and look for “System Resources:98%free”.
Virtual Memory sdl cfg:
/sdl -L . -m 512 -boot c -hda c.img -hdb HDD_2Gb.img -hdc HDD_1Gb.img -usb -usbdevice tablet -soundhw sb16


  • You will need to be rooted in order to Overclock your device. Increasing your CPU speed can have a large impact on performance and could make games playable on older devices. 
  • Get a free overclocking app from the Play Store such as AnTuTu's CPU Master (free). Open the app and increase the speed in small increments of 100-200Mhz and then run AnTuTu's Benchmark to check stability and performance. Once you've found a stable overclock start up QEMU and have fun.
  • You must click the volume bottom before you can move the mouse.
  • To help maintain stability try and minimize back ground app activity while running Fallout.
Note: Fallout 1 and 2 runs reasonably stable. Reasonably stable = testers report gaming session of 1-3hrs.

Tweaking the CPU Settings:

  • Increasing the minimum CPU frequency may help to improve stability. You can use the free CPU Master App. Also set the CPU governor to Performance or on demand. Don’t forget to set it back to normal after your finished exploring the wasteland.
CPU Master Play Store (free app)

Fallout 1 and 2 Troubleshooting:

Fallout 1, 2 Tactics, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4