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July 01, 2014

Fallout: New Vegas - Cut Content

 "You are a master of the outdoors. This Perk confers the ability to survive in hostile environments. You get a +20% bonus to Outdoorsman for survival purposes, for each level of this Perk." - in-game description in Fallout

Survivalist is a Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics perk and a cut perk in Fallout: New Vegas. This perk doesn't exist in the G.E.C.K. but an image of a Vault Boy named "perk_survivalist" can be found in the game files and proves that the perk was planned. Otherwise, benefit, prerequisites and description are unknown.

Fallout: New Vegas cut content refers to content in Fallout: New Vegas which was cut from the final version of the game. Most of it can still be found in the game files but is inaccessible within the game itself. Much of the equipment can only be obtained by use of console commands.
Some cut content is simply Fallout 3 content that was never removed from the game's resources.


Boomer's Pride
A cut achievement/trophy in Fallout: New Vegas which is awarded for causing 10,000 damage with Big Guns. This is due to the Big Guns skill not appearing in Fallout: New Vegas, instead being combined with the Small Guns skill into a single Guns skill.

Card Shark
A cut achievement/trophy in Fallout: New Vegas which is awarded for killing 5 people who you have beaten in Caravan.

General Custer
A cut achievement/trophy in Fallout: New Vegas which is awarded to the player for leading all of their companions to their deaths. As companions only become "unconscious" in regular play mode, this achievement would only be obtainable on Hardcore mode.

Mod Master
An early version of Mod Machine - an achievement/trophy in Fallout: New Vegas which is awarded for applying 20 modifications to various weapons. The cut version of the achievement was named Mod Master, and required the player to attach all the mods in the game.

Sore Loser
a cut achievement/trophy in Fallout: New Vegas which would have been awarded to the player for killing 5 people who you have lost to in Caravan.



Angel appeared in early versions of Fallout: New Vegas, but was cut from the game prior to release. Its game files hint that Angel was supposed to appear in Gomorrah, which suggests that they were either a guard or an "escort".

A veteran legionary within Caesar's Legion, stationed at The Fort in 2281. He was cut from the final version of Fallout: New Vegas but remains in the game's files. Not much is known about Atticus. His dialogue options appear to indicate that he is a goods runner.

Becky Bowen
The granddaughter of Lily Bowen. Becky lived in Vault 17 with her family until it was overrun by super mutants of the Master's Army. Becky Bowen is mentioned only in Fallout: New Vegas. She also appears in the game files of Fallout: New Vegas but should not be considered canon due to her being a test character.

The beggar is a cut non-player character still present in the game's files of Fallout: New Vegas. There are 3 beggars present in the GECK, all old-aged. One has gray hair. The other two have a similar appearance to each other, although they are of different race (Caucasian/Hispanic). The beggar was added during the development stages of Fallout: New Vegas, but was cut from the final retail release of the game.

Betsy the Brahmin
Betsy the Brahmin
Betsy the Brahmin appears to be a standard water brahmin associated with the cut character Kevin Hargrove. Although she is not placed anywhere in the game, a number of resources placed in the game indicate she was somehow tied to Freeside's north gate, in particular a disabled animal pen and gate internally referenced with her name. There are also indicators that Betsy would have served as some manner of companion, likely temporarily. An additional quest titled VDialogueBetsy (FormID 0015435e) contains two partially complete dialogue options: "Betsy, I need to go on by myself. Are you going to be okay, girl?", and "C'mon, girl. Let's get going." Both options are incomplete and lack any form of reply or script associated with it.

Bill the tax collector
a character placeholder used to narrate the ending sections of the game in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road. he serves a similar role to Ron the Narrator and can only be seen by using glitches or console commands.

Billy Bettis
Billy is a merchant that moves around the wasteland south of New Vegas Strip, the NCR Sharecropper Farms, and Aerotech Office Park. For unknown reasons, Billy Bettis will hold the sawed-off shotgun as if he is holding a two-handed shotgun, such as the caravan shotgun. It may be just a glitch the deleted character has, or it may be that he originally used a different weapon and still uses the animation for the old weapon. His character may have been cut before this could be fixed.

A Keely's protectron assistant and was to be found in Vault 22 in 2281, but he was cut from the final game. Bohr assists Keely with her research in Vault 22 and his duties include computing protein sequences. He was ordered to wait for her return by Keely before she went down to the lower levels and has been waiting for her return ever since.

Catty Clara
An old woman, given her name, as well as her alignment being with Maud's Muggers. She was meant to be a part of the Maud's Muggers encounter that the Courier could encounter if the Wild Wasteland trait had been chosen. Catty Clara was added during the development stages of Fallout: New Vegas, but was cut from the final retail release of the game.

There are three characters with this name, strangely enough, one is a female. She has the same appearance as Rose. The two men, also with same appearances, look like Alerio. He also wears the same hat. DrunkTestMale appears in the game files of Fallout: New Vegas but should not be considered canon because he is a test character.

Male and female versions, equipped with sexy sleepwear. They would have worked in the Atomic Wrangler casino, but at some point it was decided in order to hire a prostitute, the Courier would have to go on a quest to find them first. Escort was added during the development stages of Fallout: New Vegas, but was cut from the final retail release of the game.

Jimmy Bowen
Jimmy was the grandson of the nightkin, Lily Bowen, who lived in Vault 17 until it was attacked and raided by the Master's army and was presumably killed by either the ensuing fight between Vault 17's security and the super mutants or when they attempted to transform him into a super mutant or a nightkin. Jimmy is also one of Lily's hallucinations and is also part of a memory of what Lily used to be before she was a nightkin. Jimmy Bowen is mentioned only in Fallout: New Vegas. He also appears in the game files of Fallout: New Vegas but should not be considered canon due to him being a test character.

Gomez has a small bit of unique dialogue relating to Camp McCarran. These dialogue files tie her to the I Put a Spell on You quest as the monorail guard where she does or does not allow the Courier access to it. Ranger Gomez was set to appear in Fallout: New Vegas, but was cut from the game.

Kevin Hargrove
Kevin Hargrove is a "cut" non-player character still present in the games files of Fallout: New Vegas. A destitute-looking man that was to be located in Freeside.

A sentry bot who was to appear in Vault 22 at one point, broken. There are scripts relating to a cut mini-quest to repair it. It was supposed to be placed in the Vault 22 Common Areas, but disabled. By using the Placeleveledactoratme console commands, the player may spawn Koch, and repair it with a skill check, but it will not respond to anything.

Les Fretwell
A named NCR military policeman with some partially complete dialogue lines, he is placed behind the NCR Embassy, but disabled. He is linked to the cut quest Jailhouse Rock, along with trooper Willis and two unnamed NCR troopers. Les Fretwell was added during the development stages of Fallout: New Vegas, but was cut from the final retail release of the game.

Joseph B. Steyn
Joseph B. Steyn was the mayor of Nipton in or shortly prior to the events of Fallout: New Vegas. Josepth B. Steyn may be one of the skeletons ontop of the burning tires infront of the townhall. Although not included in the final version, at one point Joseph Steyn was to appear "in the flesh" in Fallout: New Vegas. It is unclear what expanded role, if any, he was to serve.

Marilyn was meant to be one of Mr. House's private securitrons, similar to Jane. She was cut from the game due to errors in her voice-over which could not be fixed in time. She is also mentioned when the Courier's companion Veronica Santangelo asks: "What did you think of Mr. House? I was surprised he only had the two robot sex slaves" when talking to her in the Lucky 38. Marilyn does not appear in any Fallout game; she is only found in the game files of Fallout: New Vegas.

Meg Reynolds
Meg Reynolds was the mayor of an area called the Underpass which does not exist in the game (though according to its cell name, Carlyle St. Clair's house is located there). She was likely the questgiver for a removed mini-quest which involved fixing a water purifier. While the quest exists in name only, the unused message for solving it is still around.

New Vegas resident
New Vegas resident is a Vault dweller class character. They are faction North Vegas classified, so they were intended to live in North Vegas Square. New Vegas resident was added during the development stages of Fallout: New Vegas, but was cut from the final retail release of the game.

NCR mercenary
A cut non-player character still present in the game's files of Fallout: New Vegas.

Outer Vegas defender
Outer Vegas defender is a wasteland adventurer class cut character from Fallout: New Vegas. A male as well as a female character exist in the G.E.C.K. The male has black hair, the female brownish. Given the name, they may have been intended to keep a watch on safety in the outer area of New Vegas.

Three characters, with GECK editor ID Followers, and classified as NCR gambler. Patient was added during the development stages of Fallout: New Vegas, but was cut from the final retail release of the game.

Pablo Miller
A mercenary in the Mojave Wasteland.

Lily Bowen
Lillian Marie Bowen is a nightkin living in Jacobstown in 2281. In the GECK editor, there is a character model for Lily before she was made into a super mutant, as well as models for her grandchildren, Becky Bowen and Jimmy Bowen.

Press demo raider
'Press demo raiders' are templates used for some sort of presentation.

The GECK has listed two male and 1 female character. One male and the female are class soldier, the other male is a class adventurer. Being ranchers, they clearly were intended to have their place somewhere in Mojave Wasteland around New Vegas.

Ranger Chauncey
He was to be stationed at Station Foxtrot primarily because of its proximity to Jacobstown (much like ghoul rangers are stationed at Ranger station Echo because of its proximity to Camp Searchlight). He was also supposed to wear a normal-sized Ranger hat which would appear comically small on him. Ranger Chauncey appears in early versions of Fallout: New Vegas, but was cut from the final product at some point prior to release.

Red Lucy Face Holder
Red Lucy Face Holder is a clone of Red Lucy, but with a different name. Her Karma is evil, and she has no sexy sleepwear in her inventory, suggesting the developers had other plans with her in the early stages of creating the character.

Roy Gottlieb
a former resident of Vault 11 and was the head of the Justice Bloc and the Chairman of the Coalition of Vault 11 Voting Blocs. Although not included in the final version, at one point Roy Gottlieb was to appear "in the flesh" in Fallout: New Vegas. It is unclear what expanded role, if any, he was to serve.

One of the prostitutes that brought in revenue for Nipton from NCR troopers and travelers. She was killed in the "lottery" (along with many others) the Legion set up when they raided the town. Although not included in the final version, at one point Rose was to appear in Fallout: New Vegas, probably as a corpse based on the GECK ID "NiptonDeadRoseCF".

Sen Lin
Sen Lin was added during the development stages of Fallout: New Vegas, but was cut from the final retail release of the game. Three partially removed dialogue options remain in the game's resources which were in some way associated with Sen Lin. Although their content has been completely removed, the names of two of the options—VSenLinHaveEggs and VSenLinNoEggs—suggest that the character may have been involved in some form of "gathering" quest, similar to Bleed Me Dry or You Gotta Break Out a Few Eggs.

Before Nipton was raided by the Legion, Sylvia was one of mayor Joseph B. Steyn's prostitutes. Although not included in the final version, at one point Sylvia was to appear in Fallout: New Vegas, as a corpse based on the G.E.C.K. ID "NiptonDeadSylviaCF".

Testacles the Debug Centurion
A debug tool to test Fallout: New Vegas' functions in its development stages. Upon being spoken to he can: alter the Courier's Reputation with various factions of the Mojave Wasteland, spawn Rex, edit quest outcomes, etc.

Testing dummy
A raider Melee class character, belonging to the Fiends faction. Judging by the name of the character, it can be assumed that they were used by developers during the testing phases of Fallout: New Vegas, not actually intended to be used in-game.

TestFemaleNVPG is a VendorDrinks class character from Fallout: New Vegas. Two characters are listed in the GECK, fully named TestFemaleNVPGArmored and TestFemaleNVPGSimple. They are the only 2 female characters to be wearing a Powder Gang outfit.

TestMaleNVPG is a VendorDrinks class character from Fallout: New Vegas. Two males are listed in the GECK, fully named as TestMaleNVPGArmored and TestMaleNVPGSimple, referring to their different outfits.

Test Man
Test Man is a placeholder non-player character for some scripts relating to the REPCONN test site quest. Judging by the name he was never meant to be in the final cut of the game.

Tom Dooley
A cut non-player character still present in the game's files of Fallout: New Vegas. Tom Dooley has a script package denoting him as a merchant, placed in Freeside in the map cell with the bodyguards, but disabled.

Underpass citizen
Underpass citizen
Underpass citizen is a Wasteland Adventurer-class character. There are six characters listed in the GECK: four male and two female. Given the name, they were meant to live near the Highway underpass area around New Vegas. Underpass citizens were added during the development stages of Fallout: New Vegas, but they were cut from the final retail release of the game.

Vault 11 survivor
The Vault 11 survivor is, as the name suggests, the only survivor of the Vault-Tec Vault 11 social experiment. Vault 11 survivor was added during the development stages of Fallout: New Vegas, but was cut from the final retail release of the game. His existence is still alluded to as the first audio log in Vault 11 reveals that only four of the five remaining residents were killed by a gun. The fifth one's status is unknown.

Vertibird pilot
The Vertibird pilot is the ill-fated pilot of the crashed Vertibird in 2281. Vertibird pilot was added during the development stages of Fallout: New Vegas, but was cut from the final retail release of the game.

Warren Jacobs
Sgt. Warren Jacobs is an NCR sergeant. Warren Jacobs was added during the development stages of Fallout: New Vegas, but was cut from the final retail release of the game.

A named NCR trooper with some partially complete dialog lines. Linked to the cut quest Jailhouse Rock. There are also two unnamed NCR troopers with the same purpose.

Xa Mo
A white-haired Asian man living in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281. He wears the clothes of Eulogy Jones, the slaver leader of Fallout 3. Xa Mo was added during the development stages of Fallout: New Vegas, but was cut from the final retail release of the game.

Wrench (character)
Wrench is referred to multiple times in the G.E.C.K. and was meant to be involved in The White Wash. The Courier would be required to buy Wrench's super tool kit back from Miguel's Pawn Shop, and then return it to Wrench. The Courier would then need to ask Wrench what he knows about the water shortage, as can be found in VMS10 in the G.E.C.K. The script for The White Wash shows that Wrench can repair things, which would explain why the Courier needs to retrieve Wrench's super tool kit.


Brahmin WaterSkins
A brahmin, named for the leather water sacks on its back, that is inside TestMap01 and the Mentats Test Level. Brahmin WaterSkins appears in the game files of Fallout: New Vegas but should not be considered canon due to being a test cell creature.

Alpha male lakelurk
Alpha male lakelurk
The alpha male lakelurk was a sub-species of lakelurk that was to appear in Fallout: New Vegas, but was cut from the game prior to release. It is a stronger form of the lakelurk that is visually identical to the lakelurk king.

Feral ghoul jumpsuit
A feral ghoul wearing a RobCo Industries jumpsuit, which was cut from the game.

Floater is a creature cut from the final version of Fallout: New Vegas. They appear in game files in name only, using the centaur's assets.

Glowing ghoul jumpsuit
A glowing one wearing a RobCo Industries jumpsuit. This type of ghoul was cut from the game.

Called simply gecko when spawned, Gojira is its editor ID. It is graphically identical to the fire gecko, but triple the size, making it roughly equal to a super mutant behemoth in height. It has its own unique embedded fire breath weapon called 'Gojira Flame' (baseid 0011324a) which has a base damage of 400 and an incredible damage per second of 3,200, and a staggering 8,000 HP. It will kill any creature if one is placed beside it. Not even the X-42 giant robo-scorpion, legendary deathclaw, or legendary bloatfly (the strongest creatures in the game) stand a chance against Gojira, making it the strongest creature in the game.

Ranch and Sheep Dog
Ranch and Sheep dogs are a variant of dogs in the mojave Mojave Wasteland in 2281. They were a type of dog cut from the final version of Fallout: New Vegas.

Irradiated radroach
The irradiated radroach appears the same as a "normal" radroach but with the radioactive aura of a feral ghoul reaver and the ability to heal itself with a radiation blast similar to a glowing one.

Legion creature
A recruit legionary, classified as a feral ghoul. His ragdoll doesn't dismember or move around properly. The model also has some effect added to the hands.

Sunset Sarsaparilla eyebot
This cut content eyebot was intended to be a sentry alarm, within the Sunset Sarsaparilla factory and warehouse.

Super mutant rehab
Super mutant rehab
A super mutant character in Fallout: New Vegas. Looks like one of the unarmed, unarmored super mutants from Jacobstown. When spawned, he will be hostile. Super mutant rehab was cut from the game prior to release.

Nightkin base rehab
These look like the unarmed, unarmored super mutants and nightkin from Jacobstown. The 'rehab' may have something to do with Jacobstown's nightkin schizophrenia treatments. Nightkin base rehab was cut from the game prior to release.

Radioactive tumbleweed
A radioactive version of the tumbleweed exists within the resources of Fallout: New Vegas, but remains unused. Identified as Radioactive Tumbleweed, it emits radiation similar to a glowing one, is classified as a creature, consequently moves under its own power, and can be killed.


Damaged Mister Handy
The damaged Mister Handy was cut from the final version of Fallout: New Vegas.

NCR sentry bot
It is similar to the military sentry bot in appearance, but is differently colored, with orange eyes instead of the standard red. The NCR sentry bot was originally intended to be stationed in Camp McCarran, evident in its G.E.C.K. id McCarranFieldSentryBot, but was cut from the final version of Fallout: New Vegas.

Sentry bot toy
The sentry bot toy is a fully articulated miniature replica of the sentry bot. When picked up it has no effect, simply occupying the player's inventory. However, when dropped the sentry bot toy will follow the player around. Though it is mobile it lacks the ability to attack, and will flee if involved in combat. When not moving the sentry bot toy will periodically change poses, as though checking its equipment and functionality.
The sentry bot toy can be damaged and destroyed, most commonly if something attacks it. Once this happens it will no longer follow the player, though it can be picked up and dropped as normal. It is not possible to repair the sentry bot toy once broken. The sentry bot toy was cut from the final version of Fallout: New Vegas and is only available through the use of console commands.

Test dummy robobrain
The test dummy robobrain did not appear in the final version of the base game.


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June 23, 2014

Let's Talk About: Fallout New Vegas DLC

Why waste time with an introduction? Here's my thoughts on the New Vegas DLC.

Dead Money

Alot of people don't like this one. And I totally get why. Dead Money is brutal, but not in the way we've come to expect out of these DLC. There's no suped-up unstoppable enemies, no annoying bullshit boss, and it's most DEFINITELY not a monotonous grind, though the environment can grate a bit. Dead Money whisks you away to the fabled Sierra Madre; Something really cool in New Vegas was that all the DLC were constantly hinted at before they even came out, so some of you with a sharp eye may have heard of this fantastical place before you were deposited at its door. Specifically, you get kidnapped and brought there before a rather prominent figure, Father Elijah, who you also may have heard of in the regular game. He's done this because he wants you to help him break the tight security on the ancient yet pristine casino in order to access its mysterious vault full of untold treasures.

Art Deco makes everything better. It's a fact.

It's certainly an interesting take on a plot, to say the least; A bank heist on a bank that's been abandoned for hundreds of years but still armed to the teeth. To that end, you spend Dead Money running around gathering your crew, setting up the heist itself, and finally following through with it, albeit with some twists and turns. All of that sounds pretty cool, right? That's because I haven't brought up any of the HORRORS that await you playing this. Dead Money could be best described in gameplay as survival horror; You are stripped of ALL equipment, with no way of getting any of it back, and now you have a freakin' bomb collar on your neck that will blow up if one of your fellow heist members dies or you get close to the incredibly annoying and omnipresent faulty speakers that exist throughout the Madre's labyrinthine Spanish Villa exterior. There's also a fuckload of traps, and a damn near unavoidable toxic cloud that will you dead in about 4 seconds of exposure. That's not even mentioning DM's new and ONLY creature, the Ghost People. Jesus, these guys are spooky. Ghost People lurch around all slow and creepy, then they start hopping around like olympic athletes when they see you, often times hucking spears and gas bombs at you, and you can only kill them by removing a limb. Otherwise, they keep getting back up to try again!


Now, this is gonna sound crazy...I fucking LOVE Dead Money. Call me crazy, but this is exactly what difficult SHOULD be. It's not difficult because it's unfair, it's difficult because it challenges you to play the game a different way. I also think it's not so bad; If I can beat Dead Money on HARDCORE, and I DID, then people should have no trouble playing on normal mode. They just have to think differently. Aim for limb shots instead of head shots, always carry a knife to chop off the Ghost People limbs, and NEVER STOP CROUCHING. But more to the meat of this DLC, the strongest part is the story, or rather the back story. You learn all about the Madre, its history, why it was made, and about its mysterious creator Frederick Sinclair. What starts out as a fairly simple "Do what I want and no one gets hurt" story quickly becomes a tangled web of desires and betrayals. That's not even grazing the fucking impeccable design of your companions. All of them are not as they appear to be initially, and talking to them unlocks deep, wonderfully written stories and motivations. Rewards are also quite lovely this time around, awarding Energy Weapon enthusiasts with the stupidly powerful Holorifle, and lovers of Guns with a BAR! Dead Money nets a 10/10. Haters gonna hate!

Honest Hearts

Honest Hearts is certainly alot safer than Dead Money. You join up on a caravan heading to the Mormon town of New Canaan only to have your entire caravan killed by Legion hopefuls, The White Legs, just as you enter none other than real world national park Zion Valley. It is there that you meet The Burned Man, who some of you should know as the Legate before Legate Lanius. Turns out he didn't die despite being LIT ON FIRE AND TOSSED DOWN THE GRAND CANYON. Nope, he just walks away looking like a mummy with a kickass Colt .45 and Bible quotes to boot. There's also some other dudes that...exist I guess. They're kind of interesting, but The Burned Man, or Joshua Graham, effectively remains the only memorable character in this.

He just sits there checking pistols...SO COOL.

The story is also very straightforward; The local tribes that live in Zion are torn between fighting the White Legs or merely evacuating The Valley. This is complicated by the fact that Joshua really wants to fight the White Legs, AND that Zion was untouched by the bombs and is absolutely GORGEOUS. Seriously, this DLC is worth playing for a look of Zion alone! There's also this actually very interesting back story about how the natives came to believe in a god called "The Father in the Caves", that is really worth looking into, since it's both well written and offers some damn good loot when you complete it.

The White Legs always have really good equipment to loot, which is nice.

There's not really alot else to say about Honest Hearts, which I suppose is its problem: It's rather plain. Yao Guai from FO3 make a return, but unless you count the Green Geckos, the only substantial new enemies are just super sized versions of the regular creatures. To be fair though, nothing will make you shit your pants in fear quite as well as several Giant Cazadores flying at a Mach 1 collision course with your skull. It offers some nice rewards, and there are really cool parts that shine through the mundanity, like Graham and Zion itself. 7/10.

Old World Blues

Immediately bouncing back from the blandness that was Honest Hearts comes Old World Blues, which is easily the wackiest experience Fallout has to offer. You get teleported to The Big Empty, a crater that used to be a mountain housing a massive scientific facility. The Big Empty's name is a bit of an oxymoron; It is indeed VERY big, the largest of all the DLC to date, but it is most certainly not empty.

Dotted all across Big MT are facilities where all manner of bizarre top secret experiments were carried out, so expect to find both really cool stuff and horrific monsters that want a taste of your face. You could literally explore for HOURS without so much as touching the story, but that's not to imply the story isn't also fun. In a rather strange twist of events, your kidnappers this time are brains floating in also-floating jars, who call themselves The Think Tank. These goofballs were the head scientists of Big MT before the war, and now they spend all day just capturing hapless fools and lobotomizing them. For some reason, you managed to not be lobotomized, but now your brain, heart, and spine are all out of you, and your brain has...Run away. I'm dead serious.

Writing this must have been a lot of fun.
The Think Tank, with no idea how to fight or defend themselves, then task you with defeating their traitor Dr Mobius and his ARMY OF ROBOT SCORPIONS (It's actually said this way, very loudly, every single time.) who they think has your brain, but in case it wasn't obvious by the fact that they somehow forgot what humans look like (Your toes are mistaken for penises.), they're kinda stupid. Not to mention one of them actually MADE THE FUCKING CAZADORES. Talking to them is a blast though, all of it very funny, and fans of the Venture Brothers will notice that Dr 0 is voiced by the same talent behind Rusty Venture! The story is actually somewhat heartfelt and melancholy at some points, making the title seem more fitting, but for the most part is a very funny, self-aware sort of sci-fi adventure, with plenty of swag to keep you coming back for more. 8/10.

Lonesome Road

LR was intended to be a finale of sorts, the last DLC as well as some manner of closure for The Courier. All throughout the game hints have been dropped regarding this mysterious "other" courier who turned down the job that ultimately got you shot in the head. Well, in Lonesome Road, he reaches out to you, inviting you to come face him in a hellhole known simply as The Divide. Similar to Point Lookout, you can leave LR anytime you want, which unfortunately removes alot of the urgency from what is intended to be a sort of "race against time" affair. As the name implies, you are to travel with no companions and you can bring anything you want for this, and you'll NEED everything because LR pulls out all the stops to give you one last ball pounding. Deathclaws that scale with your level are EVERYWHERE, the new enemies in the game, The Marked Men and The Tunnelers, are both crazy tough, and The Road itself has no doctors of any kind.

It's fairly normal to fight 3 at a time in this DLC.

 The landscape is what I'd imagine the world immediately after the bombs to look. The area that became The Divide was actually a stockpile for nukes, and alot of them went off before they could even be deployed, so The Divide is a savage land wracked by radioactive dust storms and consists of twisted steel and rubble almost exclusively. There's not much back story except your own, which the game attempts to put together that you are actually responsible for all this devastation, and now Ulysses, the other courier, wants revenge by using the still working nukes to blow up New Vegas...Wait, that doesn't make sense!

This guy is about as intimidating a pomeranian.

Ulysses goes on about this big spiel that you ruined a budding society, so his response is the same fucking thing? How petty! It seems weird that it just sorta throws this on you and expects you to care, seeing as how one of the main points in Fallout is to have a character with a blank slate. There are some nice action sequences, a fairly epic finale, and some really nice weapons and upgrades to the ED-E companion. The story is lame, which is a bit disappointing, and I was frankly expecting alot more out of it. After so many hours sunk into the game, I suppose my expectations were just too high. Lonesome Road gets a 7/10.

If you like this stuff, please comment about it! It feels good to actually get some talking in a series called "Let's Talk About", and it validates me making more of these. Aw hell, I'm gonna keep making these things anyway. Next time, we'll be begin talking about the cancelled Fallout games, starting with the Fallout 3 that never was, Van Buren! Until next time.

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June 18, 2014

The Most Popular Building Mods for Fallout: New Vegas

New Vegas Restoration - NVR by The NVR Team

The whole point of this on - going mod is to create a Strip that reminds us that there is still some good in the wasteland. By removing the trash, repairing the buildings, and adding more life to the Strip, our goal can be achieved. The NVR Team is working very hard to create the Strip we all want! This mod cleans up the Strip by removing trash, repairing roads, buildings, and making the Strip a better place to be.

Every area on the Strip has had attention, even the places that you don't see when you're walking by. In fact, if you enter the Strip, you will automatically see a difference right beneath your feet. The roads are no longer cracked and destroyed. With Version 10, this mod is so much more than just a "Cleanup" because so many new things are added as well. See more >>

Underground Hideout New Vegas V4-4 by Danthegeek

This Mod adds a Player Vault on the the Wasteland near Spring Mt. Ranch State Park. The vault includes all the amenities including a Armory, ammo Sorters, Weapons wall, water purifier, book shelf, grow area, and is Companion Friendly. The entrance is located West of Spring Mt. Ranch State Park next to a boulder and pond. Check your map for the exact location. See more >>

Underwater Home by T4K

This mod adds an underwater home near Calville Bay and the Legion camp. It contains a special type of atmosphere and several useful features. Apart from being underwater, I tried to make it with a realistic feel to it.

The overall lighting is very different than most of New Vegas interiors and is one of the major feature, do note that every light now has a source and his radius has been greatly reduced compared to the default game, which adds a creepier and more realism to your Fallout experience.

  • Unique quest to gain Entrance.
  • Animated Water Purifier (Food and Water)
  • Reactor System to power the home. Can be deactivated, see FAQ*
  • Sorting System with a unique load out system.
  • Ammo, food, beverage, chems and nuka cola stocking.
  • Radio System (Radio New Vegas & Mojave Music Radio) Compatibility patches available*
  • Bottle Refiller (Nuka Cola, Scotch, Sunset Sarsaparilla, Whiskey).
  • Companions Rooms for all followers. Compatibility Patches available*
  • Junk Incinerator & Mojave Express dropbox in the entrance area.
  • Lab with animal capturing and plants harvesting (seeds needed first).
  • Teleport with portable teleport device and support for custom locations.
  • Entrance Moving tool (stored in the armory on a stand, near workbench).
  • Currency Exchanger with safes for your money.
  • Infirmary (Vit-o-matic, cure addiction and poisons, heal yourself and restore crippled limbs).
  • Hideout Mainframe (Master sorter, load out management and a teleporter spare, in case you lose it).
  • Several rewards for completing some of the Default in-game quests.

These features are only a small part of what Underwater Home is, there's more than that. See more >>

Goodsprings Home by Daguls

A small home, with choice location, lore friendly design, plenty of storage, a place to sleep, and a small hint of the mystery associated with its owner. A necessity for myself, and hopefully you as well :)

The mod can be found on my website,, under projects, which houses all of my mods. You can download from there or use New Vegas Nexus, either way, please support me as you can with recommendations, comments, or questions, or even donate to the cause if you feel it! Thanks for your support. More mods to come soon. No video available for this mod. See more >>

Which one (if any) of those incredible mods have you tried? Share us some thoughts.

June 17, 2014

Most Popular Fallout: New Vegas Armor Mods

Reinforced Chinese Stealth Suit - NV by gaijune

"RCSS" adds a reinforced version of the Chinese Stealth Suit to the Mojave Wasteland. This mod implements a powered-up version of the Latexy Chinese Stealth Suit that resembles the likes of a popular futuristic Ninja. Peruse the images tab for a visual reference. East of the Abandoned Brotherhood of Steel Bunker, on the far east side of the map, and south of the Hoover Dam, you'll find a "Mysterious Nook" near a cache of Lakelurk eggs. Upon entering the Nook, you'll trigger a small quest that will lead you to a terminal. Check various logs in the terminal to find clues related to the location of several RCSS items.

For a detailed description/spoiler of where to find the items, check below. Alternatively, use the following codes with the console (XX represents the Mod Index number, found next to the File category in FOMM). See more >>

Spice of Life - Variety Armor and Clothing Robert Breeze Type3 by Nivea

I was always put off by the fact that 90% of the population seemed to wear the exact same armor/clothing with the exact same hat as everyone else, the end of the world may have happened but that doesn't mean everyone found and wears the exact same piece of clothing.

This mod aims to try and lessen this issue by adding more clothing/armor variety into the wasteland through the use of level lists. This mod includes:
  • Backpacks: 11
  • Gloves: 21
  • Headgear: 64
  • Armors/Clothing: 32
  • Poncho: 9

Advanced Recon Stealth Armor by Gopher

This mod adds several sets of stealth armor. Some of these are disguised so as not to be quite so obvious from a distance. Now you can choose your look and still be a ghost. Almost all the models are styled in the manner of existing FalloutNV and Fallout3 models, especially BrotherHood of Steel look and feel, with a touch of the Chinese armor style creeping in.
  • Advanced Recon Armor : This is hi-tec adaptation of the Brotherhood of Steel recon armor. It provides far greater protection whilst also incorporating stealth technology to give a stealth field when sneaking, with no weapon drawn and stationary. This means you rely on your skill when moving or in combat, but you get the chance to become literally invisible when you stand still, adding a new dimension to the stealth experience. **HINT** Go into sneak before fast travelling, and you will arrive at your destination with stealth field intact. Same for activating doors/gates. Stop for a second before activating gate and when you enter the new zone, you will be invisible.
  • Advanced Recon Armor (Battle Worn): A battle worn version of the above (see images).
  • Recon Ranger armor: A version of the NCR Ranger combat armor with its high DT plus all the functionality of the recon stealth armor.
  • Recon Ranger Armor (Black) :A black version of the above (see images).
  • Advanced Regulator Recon Duster : As above but disguised to blend in the wasteland better. Sometimes it is not a good idea to wander about the wasteland always looking like a hi-tec commando. This armor is disguised to look similar to the regulator duster. Up close it will not fool anyone, but at a distance it might.
  • Advanced Recon Death Walker Duster : As above but in black leather.
  • Advanced Recon Trenchcoat : As above but disguised to look like a military trenchcoat. A little smarter than the regulator recon duster. 
  • Advanced Recon Black Ops Coat : As above but dark grey/black.

Caesars New Regime - Legion Overhaul by dragbody, weijiesen, scottmack

When I played New Vegas for the first time, I was left with the distinct impression that the Legion should have been much more fierce. I was able to kill Vulpes and his buddies in Nipton the first time I saw them; I was able to march into the Fort and kill everyone; I was able to kill the Legate with a single head shot. All of these things made them seem like quite weak enemies, and that's before you look at their gear!

Let's face it--the Legion just doesn't look tough running around in skirts, football pads, and ugly helmets (with or without the feathers). However, the Legion almost defeated the NCR at the first battle for Hoover Dam, and they've got everyone on the west side of the Colorado scared they'll finish the job the second time. But how? As they are, they're target practice for NCR rangers and snipers. The Legion needed a new look. That's why I created this file.

What this mod does: It replaces all vanilla Legion armors, creates a few new classes, edits some weapon lists, adds a voiced companion--Achilles--in the Legion safe house, alters the faces of some prominent Legion NPCs, turns some Legion NPCs into mini-bosses (Otho, Alexus, Dead Sea), and adds some extra unique gear. The armors of Aurelius and Silus are now unique, for example. What this mod does not do: It doesn't add many Legion NPCs and it doesn't account for other mods such as AWOP that introduce new Legion classes. See more >>

Which one (if any) of those incredible mods have you tried? Share us some thoughts.

June 12, 2014

Fallout: New Vegas Popular Companion Mods


Niner by Mishaxhi

Niner is just a regular guy looking for a good time. He likes dogs, alcohol, sightseeing, meeting new people, smashing things, the work of Dean Martin, sunsets and hard drugs. You can meet him on the road between Goodsprings and Primm, shouting at an inanimate object. Features:
  • Over 500 lines of fully voiced and lip synced dialog.
  • His own quest which unfolds on the road the Vegas.
  • Smaller side quests.
  • Niner always has something to say about anything. He'll comment on many locations in the Mojave, and on the events of several vanilla quests.
  • Fully working companion wheel.
  • A headset that you can use to keep in touch with him.

Unlimited Companions by Oleg Lokhvitsky

Allows you to have as many companions as you want. Will work with all vanilla companions and any non-vanilla companions that are added using vanilla variables (probably will be most of them). The maximum number of creatures allowed to follow a player at any given time is 6. If you are planning to have a large number of companions (>4), it is recommended you also enable the optional add-on that raises that limit to 12. See more >>

Sunny Smiles Companion by gurk_meja

Sunny Smiles is now a fully featured companion, with voice and lip-sync. She behaves and talks like any normal companion, and with some added options. Cheyenne is available as an optional companion as well! Her look and scripting is vanilla, and those that have tried my earlier companions know that's how I like it. This mod is designed for maximum compatibility and stability. Features:
  • Companion Wheel
  • No companion limit
  • Default waiting mode is Sandbox, guard is an option 
  • SetEssential Toggle in Tactics Dialogue
  • Unlimited Weapon Toggle
  • Set home, go home
No video available for this mod. See more >>

Delilah- Mojave MD by scrumpusrex

Delilah is a fully scripted, synced and voiced, lore-friendly female medical companion for New Vegas. She has a fully functional companion wheel. Delilah was raised in Goodsprings and has lived there all her life. She lived with her father and his tribal bodyguard, Sulik until their deaths. She is Doc Mitchell's nurse, and has an aptitude for medicine. She has recently begun thinking of adventure, and helping Doc Mitchell with the wounded stranger in town seems to her like it might be her ticket out.. Can you help Delilah achieve her goals of becoming a legitimate Mojave MD and finding her true calling?
  • Over 300 lines of fully voice acted/lip synced unique dialogue
  • Unique Tattooed Body Type (ALICE T3)
  • 3 Marked Quests leading Delilah along the path of becoming a Mojave doctor
  • And unmarked quest included just for fun (but not without it's rewards!)
  • 3 new perks Delilah gives you over the course of your travels
  • 4 unique new Aid items taught to Delilah by her "Uncle" Sulik [craftable through dialogue]
  • Learns ACTUAL DOCTOR ABILITIES as your companion!! (ie; heal health & limbs, cure addictions, remove poison, & remove radiation)
  • 2 fully-functioning menus (combat menu & medical) usable in and out of combat
  • Essential and Weapon Alert toggles [in dialogue]
  • Affected by the Ferocious Loyalty perk
  • Scripted to use Stimpaks/SuperStimpaks, Antivenom, & Med-X at appropriate times in and out of combat (ie; after critical hits, when health gets low, etc)
Delilah is located in the house next to Chet's store in Goodsprings. See more >>

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Which one (if any) of those incredible mods have you tried? Share us some thoughts.

June 09, 2014

Let's Talk About Fallout: New Vegas

When Black Isle shuttled off this mortal coil, some of the members, including series creator Joshua Sawyer, created a new studio dubbed Obsidian. Their history record is a bit...spotty *cough* Alpha Protocol *cough*, but when Bethesda had them make a Fallout spinoff game, it was like a reunion long overdue. Fallout: New Vegas is, in my mind, the true sequel to the original games.

It takes place in the same area many years after the second game, and not only are the old factions back, they actually act like they are meant to act, with the Brotherhood of Steel reduced once more to a small isolationist unit of stubborn jerks, and the Followers make their triumphant return (I do love The Followers, favorite faction.). Fallout: New Vegas also improved heavily on Fallout 3's design, incorporating iron sights, restructuring the leveling system, and finally reintroducing proper Faction and Reputation systems. In my mind, New Vegas is the glorious and long overdue wedding of the old games and the new ones. The strengths of both, the weaknesses of neither. So yeah, in case I hadn't already made it super clear, this is my favorite Fallout game to date. I could fill about 10 pages with just love and praise for this game, but instead I'll just settle for going over what makes this game such a vast improvement over the third one. I'm doing this because I hear all too often that people debate over which is better, when New Vegas is so obviously superior I cannot even believe people would do such a thing.

Not a very pretty union, but still...
Fallout: New Vegas takes place in the Mojave Wasteland, where you play a common delivery man swept up in a climactic battle that will determine the entire region's fate. The Courier, as you are called in this one, has been mugged and buried alive. With the bullet effectively scrambling your brains, you are left with only one viable option: Epic Revenge Quest! So naturally you trek all the way across the world, eventually making your way to the eponymous New Vegas, all in name of getting back at the jerk who shot you in the face. Of course, when you DO finally deal with him, the game really opens up, now giving you no less than 4 different paths to walk to the endgame. It's almost silly, but the Old Western motif it evokes mixed into Fallout's world makes it deeply engrossing, especially with all the fun along the way. See, unlike FO3, we have many towns and settlements, meaning alot more people to talk to, and alot more quests to burn away life with.

I'd like to personally thank the man who wrote No-bark. Thank you.
The game also boasts a ridiculously huge arsenal of weapons, and big improvements to combat (I already mentioned the game's inclusion of Iron Sights.), not the least of which is the massive improvement to the Melee and Unarmed skills. . Now you can perform special moves after getting proficient enough in them, as well as learn special fighting techniques, and that's not even touching up on the new weapon modifications. Now combat is wildly diverse and you'll often have a hard time picking what weapons to carry with you on your journeys into the wastes, which usually entail finding even more weapons.

You can even get the Mysterious Stranger's Revolver if you know where to look.
Playing your way was always a sticking point in Fallout, and never has it been more true in New Vegas. I have played through this game about 10 times and would gladly do it again in a heartbeat, because there is always a new way to play through. Perhaps someday I will attempt the Pacifist run...Meh. No bullshit tutorial, no unavoidable battles, just pick up, make your character, and let loose. The best improvement in this aspect is Companions. Companions have always been an integral part of Fallout, but a big problem FO3 had was that A) Companions often had no backstory to learn about, and therefore felt impersonal, and B) Fawkes was OP as shit. Seriously, why would you ever use anyone else but Fawkes? Dude's got like a million health and a Gatling Laser! Companions this time around take a step in the right direction; Literally every one of them, even the dog, has a backstory that you can explore, and even a special personal quest that will unlock some special perk for them.

The Legion are still basically assholes, though.
Factions are not only properly set up, they are an integral part of the game. See, this time around you get to choose who wins. It's not the usual lone man vs evil empire setup, this time it's you, the all powerful and godlike mailman who gets to choose who wins everything. All the Factions that could win are properly presented, given pros and cons, and offer multiple playthroughs just to see how things end up when each wins. Of course, you could be a total dick and take it all for yourself, but it's nice to see that there's actual moral choice in this game, and not the usual Messiah/Monster setup. There's also alot of minor Factions, and one of the cooler things is becoming beloved by one will make another that's their enemy despise you, and the Faction that loves you will reward you with gear, while the Faction that hates you will try very hard to murder your ass. One more thing to mention is Hardcore mode, a special option that adds the need to regularly eat, sleep, and drink to live, as well as make resting in a bed or pausing to take stimpaks midfight no longer viable. It adds a layer of depth and challenge to the game, and I can't play the game regularly anymore since now it's too easy.
It's like Mass Effect! They even got a blue chick!
I suppose I'm done gushing now. Just get New Vegas if you haven't and play it. It's really freaking great, and I love it to pieces. I love it so much, and I haven't even scraped the surface of all the content that's offered within. But here we are, I've done all the Fallout games currently released. What's next? DLC's! Yep, next time on Let's Talk About, I explore the downloadable adventures of both 3 and NV. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading.

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June 07, 2014

The best Model and Texture mods for Fallout: New Vegas

Wasteland Flora Overhaul by vurt

A much more varied Wasteland. 101 different trees and plants are carefully placed throughout the wasteland. You'll encounter cacti, ancient bristlecone pines, dead trees, desert sunflowers, desert candle flowers, lupins, reeds, a variety of different junipers, pines and shrubs. Most of the default trees are replaced with higher detailed models and textures.
See more >>

NMCs_Texture_Pack_For_New_Vegas by NeilMc_NMC and EVE - Essential Visual Enhancements by weijiesen and jonnyeah are on 10 best Fo:NV mods of all time list, see them here.

Official Pipboy Readius - New Vegas Edition by AlexScoprion and Brianide

This is the official port of the Pipboy Readius mod from Fallout 3. It replaces the regular ingame Pipboy with a handheld Readius-like device. It also removes the default Pipboy from the player's arm, as well as the accompanying glove.Controllers work. This is something we received a lot of complaints about in Fallout 3. Credit for this is mostly due to Vivanto, so you should all express your gratitude by appropriating him his deserved kudos (see Credits section at bottom for link). The Pip-Boy light is no longer remapped. There is now an Aid item "[Pip-Boy Readius Options]" which can be used to access the uninstallation menu, should the need arise. 
See more >>

Enhanced Blood Textures for NV v2_22c by dDefinder

Increases the resolution size from 256 to 1024 and created new textures for screen, world, wounds, static blood decals and gore. Esps are used to increase the size appearance of the blood. Adjustments for screenblood, added more giblets and new wound textures related to the weapon type. Ini will change max amount and lifetime for blood that is in the world space. More creatures can now cause wounds where before they didn't. No video available for this mod.
See more >>

Monster Mod by Dogtown1

Adds many new creatures to the game integrated through the spawn levelled lists. Now I dont mean red, blue, and orange versions of the default creatures, I mean theres 130 creatures that you have never seen before or they have a new model and texture making them unique, including their stats. What this means is you will always get something to spawn, just not 20 of them. I did this for a reason, its still a challenge with the spawn chance maxed instead of your computer trying to proccess a spawn count so high it blows up your computer. I also set the the respawn time to 2 days instead of 3.
See more >>

Which one (if any) of those incredible mods have you tried? Share us some thoughts.

June 05, 2014

Fallout 1 Full Remake by Arcseso Team for Fallout: NV

Fallout 1 - The Story WIP by ARCSESO

Check also development diary page on FB

Progress level:

  • Vault 13 (100% complete)
  • Vault 15 (100% complete)
  • Shady Sands (80% complete)
  • Junktown (50% complete)
  • The Glow (started)
  • Necropolis (started)
  • Raider Camp (claimed)
  • The Hub (started)

Fallout the Story is a work in progress at the moment. It is designed as a mod for the NV base game only (no DLCs needed). It is one of the main design goals to keep the look and feel of this all time classic intact. Which means it is a lot of work and needs every support it can get.

Arcseso team have made a complete new travel system. Which allows the player to discover the map of Fallout 1, also includes random encounters and the ability to flee (if your character is a coward ;) ). The game will be node based as the original. So you travel from one small world space to another. It is not a continues world. They have plans to add one larger world space which allows a bit more exploration (as easter egg so to say) but this one will be started at the end of development.


  • Vault 13: (start and revisit 100% complete)
  • Vault 15: (100% complete that was an easy one ;) )
  • Shady Sands (About 30% done)
  • Junktown (About 20% done)
All creatures (except they have forgotten one and "The Master" doesn't count as simple creature here ;) ) from Fallout 1 are complete in their original form. Sure that they reuse from New Vegas but if changes are needed (Centaur for example) they are made.

Armors & Clothing:
To keep the look & fell of the game at the same level as the original a lot of armors got a makeover. Which means Fallout The Story will look a bit more clean then Fallout 3 or NV but this change is intended.

The first Developer Vlog for Fallout The Story

Follower & Reputation:
The follower system is different in Fallout 1 then in the newer versions. They aren't mostly the nice guys which can only be used as pack mules. We try to reflect this with several additions to the standard system.

The second Developer Vlog for Fallout The Story


  • Need ammo (100% complete). 
  • Are part of factions and react to player actions against them (100% complete). 
  • Comment on places that are visited by the player (started)
Fallout the story uses the NV reputation system. Which is a bit more complex then the original and maybe a bit more unforgiving as they think it's worth it.

But they also added the newer features like the companion wheel.

Since there won't be any remake of the classics by BGS, this mod will get you the closest to the feel of the classic Fallout games in full beauty of 3D! This mod still needs a lot of work to be done, but also it needs every support it can get! Support this project by leaving comment (share your thought), and share this post and dev videos with your Fallout friends.

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