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March 08, 2016

Fallout: New Vegas Total Conversion - The Frontier

Fallout the Frontier is an ambitious Fallout: New Vegas mod that will be set in Oregon, and it features 16 by 16 km map for you to explore. What was once a majestic and a bumbling city was reduced to shambles of its former glory. Fallout: The Frontier will provide main quest line, sidequests, a hunting system, new animals, and fire propagation.

The weather system has been reworked from the ground up, to bring us a real dynamic clouds and effects, and it will play a huge role in the Frontier. A total conversion mod for New Vegas, set in Portland, has also tanks you can drive. There is currently no official date on release, but the overall Mod status says it is about 75% complete.

As stated on the Fallout the Frontier website, the major factions in the Frontier are the Legion, NCR and the Scavengers. The Enclave and Brotherhood may play a small role. Other than that, Fallout the Frontier is filled with all new custom assets for armor, weapons, and buildings, Frostfall effects, custom emitters fx, volumetric sky clouds, and much more. The Frontier will also have bouncy, floaty space battles featuring new weapons and enemies.

January 06, 2016

Submit Your Fallout Related Content

Want to show off your awesome killstreaks or lucky escapes from the various creatures from the Fallout universe? Created some awesome mods for Fallout 3 / Fallout: New Vegas / Fallout 4? Submit your creations in a form of a video link in a message, to get featured on our Tumblr, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook Page!

If the provided content is something that really awesome, it might as well, be featured here, on the Vault-Tec Inc. blog! From time to time, we will be giving away prizes to the best videos. Please read the content agreement terms if you wish to continue.

May 23, 2015

Fallout 3 and New Vegas DLC Ranked by Fans

We recently asked you to rank Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas DLC from the best one to worst, and you did it (again)! This "social experiment" was not as big as the last one, when we asked you a bunch of silly questions, about what would you do If Fallout Was Real. Instead, this time we focused on a simple DLC rank, from the best to the worst, and here, you will find the results from our social media pages; Facebook, Google+ and YouTube Channel. Vault-Tec inc. wishes to thank all the Fallout fans involved in our studies! You make us stronger and better prepared for the future.

It is never too late to comment your favorite Fallout 3 and New Vegas DLC on Facebook and Google+ posts, or comment on Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas rank DLC videos on our YouTube Channel.

I will not bother you with the processing of collected data about ranking the DLC. All you need to know is that the final results are combined, from all the comments from our social media pages involved in this project.

The Results for Fallout 3 DLC

It was somehow a lot easier for you to rank Fallout 3 DLC then New Vegas, but I think we got such clear results simply because of one more DLC then New Vegas have. Broken Steel DLC was way before other Fallout 3 DLC, and not to mention that it didn't get below 3rd position. I guess we all respect the fact that free roam after you finish the game is the most important thing in Fallout universe.

Without any further rambling, here are the results of Ranked Fallout 3 DLC:
The fact that Mothership Zeta DLC was way beyond other Fallout 3 DLC is only telling us that we don't prefer Aliens in such form as it is DLC, but rather as easter eggs, like in other Fallout games. I believe the only reason Mothership Zeta DLC got a few points was the gear.

The Results for Fallout: New Vegas DLC

As mentioned above, we got some slight problems while ranking Fallout: New Vegas DLC from your comments. Nothing to worry about though. It was just Dead Money and Old World Blues DLC since they both shared the exact same number of ranking points. Let's check the results first, and I will explain the whole thing below;
As you can see, the Lonesome Road DLC is ranked the best Fallout: New Vegas DLC, but despite the fact that it was way above all the other Fallout: New Vegas DLC, it had a few low-position ranking comments.

To get back to Dead Money and Old World Blues DLC; I had to make a decision to put Dead Money before Old World Blues simply because Dead Money have better higher-position ranking comments than Old World Blues. I didn't make that decision based on my personal favorite.

Despite the fact that Honest Hearts is the lowest ranked Fallout: New Vegas DLC, it was just a few points behind Dead Money and Old World Blues DLC. I think, that in the end, a good story count, no matter what.

Thank you again, for participating in another Vault-Tec inc. "social media experiment"! I hope you enjoyed as much as I did creating it. Don't forget to comment your favorite Fallout 3 and New Vegas DLC on Facebook and Google+ posts, and on Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas rank DLC videos. This list will be updated every month! 

April 04, 2015

Incredible Fallout: New Vegas Mods That Will Ease Your Waiting for Fallout 4

Some are finished and some are in beta stage, but all of the mods have one thing in common - dedicated fans standing behind them. We covered some of them already, like After War Nevada - a complete game overhaul, and the upcoming Fallout: Lonestar - a total game conversion, and we also have our most popular gameplay effects and changes for Fallout: New Vegas list of mods. Not to mention Fallout: Project Brasil - a DLC like expansion, and Fallout: The Story - a huge mod in making, to play original Fallout in 3D.

For more popular Weapons, Armors, Companions, Factions, and other mods, head here. The main reason you're here is this, relatively new, awesome mod, simply called DUST - a Survival Simulator by naugrim04.

DUST is a Post-Apocalyptic survival simulator with an emphasis on lore and story. DUST completely overhauls nearly every aspect of the game to better represent an apocalyptic survival-horror atmosphere. Naugrim stated he created DUST because he was disappointed by the atmosphere of the Mojave.
The Mojave seemed too... tame. That's where DUST comes in. - naugrim04
Combat, weather, perks, loot, enemies, you name it. Some areas have even been visually overhauled. All vanilla NPCs have either been killed or changed beyond all recognition. You will not be able to complete quests or join factions. There is but one quest in DUST. Stay alive.

DUST takes place 20 years after the events of New Vegas. As you explore you will slowly learn the story of DUST, but unlike vanilla Fallout, you are not the main character. You are simply a bystander, and must create your own story. There is one way to win DUST. A true survivor must escape the Mojave. With help from notes and keen observation, one may be able to learn of the exit. Even then, the player will have to go a long way to get out. I have never made it through without the console, so it ain't easy.

The atmosphere of the Mojave has been completely redone. Nearly all weather has either been replaced with that of the Divide or edited to have a dusty/polluted feel. All healthy looking desert plants have been replaced with dead counterparts. Oh, and Lake Mead is drained. Actually the entire Colorado River is drained. It's a Tunneler-infested Labyrinth now.

Don't Starve
Dehydration and starvation rates are now greatly increased. At the same time, available food and water have been greatly diminished in number. Gathering sufficient food and water will now be a struggle. (Hint: Don't go to bed thirsty. You will die.)

Don't Get Shot
Humans (including the player) are now much more susceptible to wounds due to me increasing the damage multiplier on each body part. You may initially curse me when you first get torn apart by a Tunneler, but you'll thank me when you realize how little ammo you'll have to shoot with.

Don't Cry
DUST is hard. Really hard. And it only gets worse the closer to Vegas you get. You're probably gonna die a few times. Strategy is incredibly important if you want to survive. You can't just run into battle and rely on your compass to tell you who to kill. You'll need to scope out each situation as it arrives.

Ammo is very rare. Most ammo you find will be junk rounds. Food and water is very rare. And before you get any ideas, no you can't just drink out of one of the many faucets of New Vegas. Plumbing doesn't work in the apocalypse (what? shocking!). You can still drink the brown sludge in the bottom of toilets, though. If you so choose, you can eliminate hunger as a threat by turning cannibal. Cannibalism is treated as an addiction, however, and will result in some penalties. Meds and other loot are also very rare.

  • Dead Money DLC, Honest Hearts DLC, Lonesome Road DLC
  • An alternate start mod of some sort

What is your experience with this humongous mod, share us some thoughts (comment) about it on the comment section below. Get Fallout: DUST here.

November 18, 2014

Fallout: Lonestar - Total Game Conversion for Fallout: New Vegas

Visit Fallout: Lonestar Web Page  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  YouTube

Fallout: Lonestar is a fan-made mod currently in development for Fallout: New Vegas. The project came as an idea of Christopher Means, who set out to initially create a mod for the game that was just going to be a single town in his native Texas. When Means attended GDC in Austin, he met Chris Avellone, and pitched his mod idea to the developer. Avellone, who was taken by the idea, convinced Means to broaden the project's scope, and even helped him recruit more Fallout community members to work on the mod. Now we got a total game conversion mod for Fallout: New Vegas, thanks to the Fallout Community, both, fans and devs. This project is still a work in progress, but it sure looks very promising!

White Rose Concept Art by: Yana Dmitruk

The Story

Fallout: Lonestar takes place in the post-apocalyptic, open-world environment of West Texas. The player assumes the role of the Lonestar Ranger, a special agent of the Confederacy. The Ranger is sent to transfer a prisoner from the Pass to the Confederate capitol of Reunion, but the transfer is ambushed and the prisoner escapes. In tracking down the fugitive, the Ranger becomes embroiled in the fate of Magnifico, a community of tribals who can miraculously grow crops in the toxic desert wasteland. Caught between the desperate Confederacy and the growing Revolution, the Ranger must decide on which side of the Law they stand. One thing is certain, the Ranger won't stand alone. Saving Magnifico will require guns, and slingers to wield them. Finding them won't be easy. The people not taking sides are all outlaws, scoundrels, vigilantes, and other ne'er-do-wells of low bearing and ill repute. They'd sooner zap you into a little pile of dust then look at ya'.

One of the possible companions: a gunslinger, hijacker, bank robber, and all around wanted ghoul, Ebru.
The Bliss Concept Art by Valery Malov
Bellow you can see James Guenthner's orchestral interpretation of Matthew Vince's Fallout: Lonestar original score, set to concept art from Terrorweed! Games' Fallout: Lonestar:

As seen on Fallout: Lonestar's Facebook page - the wall here is an original asset built for the game. Little things like this matter. An environment that feels, at all times, like a new and unique area.
The video bellow is a development diary with the project lead, Christopher Means. He breaks down what makes Fallout: Lonestar so interesting, so take a look on a summary of the Fallout: Lonestar project:

The game takes place 50 years before New Vegas, and it takes you down to Texas, and some of the key features are:
  • A New Environment to Explore - Explore the forgotten sands of the Pass and the ruins of Juarez. Learn the fate of Mexico and the Texas Commonwealth.
  • Companions - Six available companions to help you defend Magnifico.
  • Learn more about the fate of the United States in the years building up to the Great War. Fallout: Lonestar explores events such as: the U.S. Invasion and Occupation of Mexico, the Resource Wars and the New Plague..

..and much more. As development continues, Lonestar team expect to build new perks, weapons, and enemies. They promised to keep us all updated, so don't forget to follow them on social media pages: Facebook and Twitter!

Outside the crumbling facade of the Texas Mechanics & Implementation building, above the long abandoned Vault 50, the monks of the Silent City pay quiet penance for their sins.

October 01, 2014

Fallout: New Vegas DLC Stories

In case you've missed some of them, the stories that fuel each DLC of Fallout: New Vegas. These add-ons are Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road, Courier's Stash and Gun Runners' Arsenal. The last two add-ons are only item packs, so we will not focus on them at this point. Each pack adds new quests, items, perks, achievements and other content to Fallout: New Vegas. The Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition, includes all add-ons packs. This article is divided on total of two pages. First page include Dead Money and Honest Hearts DLC, and the second page include Old World Blues and Lonesome Road DLC stories. Enjoy!

1. Dead Money

The first add-on for Fallout: New Vegas, developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Bethesda Softworks. Dead Money is set in the Sierra Madre, an opulent and extravagant resort that was to be the greatest casino in the west, except that it never opened. The bombs fell before the grand opening, and the Sierra Madre froze in time, its state of the art security system locking the place up tight. And so the Sierra Madre faded from memory, only occasionally being seen in posters across the wastes, until it took on mythic ghost story status, a supposed "City of Gold" in the Wasteland where all the treasures of the Old World were rumored to be held.

The Sierra Madre is a mythical place in the wastes, with travelers risking their lives to find it. Only one man truly "found" it and lived. After the fall of HELIOS One, Father Elijah of the Mojave Brotherhood of Steel set out to find new weapons to eradicate the NCR, and in the process he found the Sierra Madre. Upon waking in, the courier will find they have been stripped of all useful armor, weapons and aid. The player is greeted by Father Elijah's hologram, which explains that the Courier has been fitted with an explosive collar and that he, Father Elijah, demands the player to recruit three companions in order to carry out a heist for the centuries upon the casino.

As the victim of a raw deal you must work alongside three other captured wastelanders to recover the legendary treasure of the Sierra Madre Casino. In Dead Money, your life hangs in the balance. It is up to you how you play your cards in the quest to survive.

2. Honest Hearts

The second add-on for Fallout: New Vegas, developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Bethesda Softworks. As a punishment for failed him in a  first battle of Hoover Dam, Caesar sentenced Joshua Graham (the Burned Man) to a gruesome death: covered in pitch, lit on fire and tossed off the cliffs of the Grand Canyon. Rumors around the desert indicated that he somehow survived this brutal treatment, but nothing ever came of it. Caesar then sent Ulysses to the Great Salt Lake to rally the White Legs to destroy New Canaan. With his help, the White Legs found a large supply of weapons. The White Legs then destroyed New Canaan, sending Joshua Graham, and the New Canaanites to Zion Canyon, where the Dead Horses stand with them against Caesar.

The Courier then arrives in the Zion Canyon with the Happy Trails Trading Group Caravan. Things go horribly wrong when your caravan is ambushed by a White Legs raiding band. As you try to find a way back to the Mojave, you meet the Burned Man, Joshua Graham, who is surprised that it is a different Courier than Ulysses that came to him, as he had figured Ulysses would come to murder him.

The Courier becomes embroiled in a war between tribes and a conflict between a New Canaanite missionary and the mysterious Burned Man. It's a familiar formula of exploration, choice, murder and a decent (but not entirely gripping) storyline. The decisions the player character makes will determine the fate of Zion.

September 30, 2014

Fallout For Dummies

before the Great War, some geniuses in the government decided that it might be a good idea to have a backup plan in case the worst should happen. They contracted the Vault-Tec company to build massive self-sustaining underground fallout shelters called “vaults” in order to preserve select segments of the American people centuries after a nuclear conflictIt is later revealed that the body snatchers belong to an organization called the Enclave, the remnant of the United States Government.

84 years after a thermonuclear Armageddon (called “The Great War”), the first Fallout followed the adventures of an intrepid explorer from Vault 13. Fallout’s protagonist, the so-called “Vault Dweller”, emerged from such a vault to find a harsh and blasted wasteland once known as California.

Vault 13 needed a new water chip if its inhabitants wanted to continue drinking clean water. So the Vault Dweller would have to endure all the Raiders, Radscorpions, Technophiles, Mutophiles, and other deranged life forms the California wasteland has to offer. In the process of procuring the water chip, the Vault Dweller discovered a plot to unleash an army of grossly mutated humans (called “Super Mutants”) upon the wastes. Moreover, the army’s leader, The Master, planned to use a Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV) to create even more mutants. While there were several possible endings, official canon holds that the Vault Dweller got the chip and defeated the Master, but was exiled from Vault 13 for his/her trouble – to keep the vault’s children from hearing the heroic tale and leaving the vault as well.

80 years after the events of the original Fallout (2241 AD, 168 AGW [After Great War]), Arroyo, the village founded by the exiled Vault Dweller, is suffering a severe drought. However, the original Vault Dweller has long since left the village and is assumed dead. His/her grandchild called the “Chosen One”, is called to aid the village. Told to seek a G.E.C.K.. (Garden of Eden Creation Kit), a device capable of reshaping the barren wasteland into a healthier ecosystem, the Chosen One retraces the steps of his/her grandparent to Vault 13. However, Vault 13 is not as the Vault Dweller had left it. Its populace had been culled, most of its inhabitants kidnaped. And there’s nary a G.E.C.K. to be found. The Chosen One returns empty-handed to Arroyo, to find that it has now been culled as well.

Chosen One learns Earth shattering truths about…well, just about everything. Everything you thought you knew about the Vaults, the Super Mutants, and the pre-war United States was wrong. The short version? The government was fully corrupt, many of the vaults were designed as human Petri dishes, and the Enclave wants to use a modified FEV to slaughter anyone whose DNA isn’t completely pure. However, the Chosen One put a stop to this nefarious nonsense by destroying the Enclave HQ, but not before rescuing the captives from Vault 13 and Arroyo. The two communities founded a new settlement and lived together in harmony happily ever after…ish.

All is well and good in California, but not so in the Midwest. The Brotherhood of Steel, a quasi-knightly order dedicated to the preservation of pre-war technology, is fighting hard in and around Chicago. The Great Plains are now home to legions of malevolent factions, and the Brotherhood is the only beacon of order in sight. But their numbers are thin, so they’re forced to recruit from the local tribal populace in order to fill the ranks. The player takes on the role of one such initiate. Leading a squad of fellow initiates into battle against a clan of Raiders, the Initiate soon earns himself a place as a proper Brother of Steel. It is revealed that the immediate goal of the Midwestern Brotherhood is to push into Colorado in order to find “Vault 0”, a supposed treasure trove of pre-war technology and the key to dominating the Midwestern US. However, the warring factions of the region make attaining their goals difficult.

After the Initiate has finished wading through the corpses of Beastlords, mutants, and Reavers, his unit finally reaches “Vault 0” (revealed to be Cheyenne Mountain). Vault 0 also happens to be the home base of a malevolent brain/computer hybrid known simply as “The Calculator”. The Initiate’s unit strikes deep in Cheyenne Mountain, past the Calculator’s armies of robots, until it destroys the Calculator itself. Having finally found a defensible position, the Brotherhood formally establishes its Midwestern chapter.

The goings on in California and the Midwest went largely unnoticed by the inhabitants of the “Capitol Wasteland”. There was no growing threat on the horizon. There were no factions any worse than the others. Life was hard, and then you died. But in this bleak limbo of an existence, a group of scientists touched upon an impossible dream: clean, non-radioactive water. For everyone! The project was ambitious and progress was slow. But then the birth of a certain child derailed “Project Purity” entirely for 19 years. The project leader, a brilliant scientist known simply as “James”, abandoned the project in order to raise his child in the comfort and security of nearby Vault 101, vowing to return once his child reached adulthood and no longer needed him.

But bonds of blood run thick in the wastes, and the child followed in James’ footsteps soon after he escaped Vault 101. The ever persistent Lone Wanderer eventually tracked James to another Vault, freeing him from the mental prison of a mad overseer. For the briefest of moments, along with a team of volunteers, father and child worked side-by-side. Then the Enclave crashed the party, killing James in the process. After leading the surviving volunteers through the subways and sewers, the Lone Wanderer took refuge with the local Brotherhood of Steel chapter. Scientists assured the Brotherhood that the project could be completed if the project site was retaken…and if they were able to obtain a GECK. Of course, none was better suited that the Lone Wanderer to find the fabled artifact. But just when the GECK was pried loose from its radioactive confines, the Enclave ambushed the Lone Wanderer and brought the adventurer to their secret base at Raven Rock. However, the intrepid hero seized upon an opportunity to escape, destroying Raven Rock and bringing the GECK to the Brotherhood.

Holding to their end of the bargain, the Brotherhood clashed with the Enclave ranks for control of the project site. The Enclave garrison was eventually shattered, and the Lone Wanderer, supported by a company of Brothers, was able to install the G.E.C.K. successfully. However, legend holds that one final act of radioactive service either killed the Lone Wanderer or inflicted such injury that the adventurer barely survived (depending upon whether you bought a particular expansion pack and assuming you didn’t force a follower to commit the final, suicidal act of heroism).

Despite the bombardment of numerous nukes, the city of Vegas managed to survive the war mostly untouched. In the aftermath, a group of people formed touting the values of the old governmental system and called themselves the New California Republic, or NCR. Thanks to the Hoover Dam, the NCR and citizens of New Vegas have access to clean water and power, something most areas lack. At odds with the NCR is the Legion, a dictatorship lead by a man who renamed himself Caesar. Based on the Roman methodology of conquering other civilizations, the Legion absorbs nearby tribes and enslaves a portion of their population. The NCR and Caesar's Legion butt heads over control of the area, and tensions are high.

And then someone just tried to kill your face with bullets, which was bound to happen eventually to a courier in the post-apocalyptic frontier. If it weren’t for a meddling robot and charming local doc, you’d be something’s lunch. But you’re brought back from death and your motivation is clear: find the dickheads who put holes in your brain. If you happen to be caught up in a large-scale conflict along the way, that’s only because it’s Fallout. Your Vault uniform and Pip-Boy come from the friendly doctor who rehabilitates you during character creation. While the game takes place three years after Fallout 3, it doesn’t have any direct ties to that story, though it may drop hints, and will definitely feel familiar to players of Fallout 2.

When you enter the Mojave Desert for the first time you'll notice that the landscape looks similar to the previous wastelands, but now there's actual vegetation around. While most of it is dried up, you can find and harvest fresh fruit, seeds, and herbs, which you can use to whip up concoctions like healing powder or stimpaks. Though the game is still really difficult when you're inexperienced, the main missions lead you along a relatively safe route to the New Vegas strip, where the story starts to get interesting.

Wandering the desert, you'll meet friendly people and kill aggressive monsters and thugs. Or maybe you'll kill friendly people and become friends with the thugs, although you should still kill the monsters. with it's hardcore mod becoming sort of a Sims situation, you'll have to make sure you regularly feed, water, and rest your character. Adding to that inconvenience is that everything, including ammo, counts toward your weight limit. There are also limitations on your ability to fast travel - if your character would dehydrate by the end of the journey, you won't be able to embark until you've had some water. Endings for Fallout: New Vegas are dependent on what actions the player took via quests during the game, with separate endings being shown for each major location, political faction, and recruitable companion.

What happens next? Well, Fallout 4... Until that part of the story, thank you for reading, and share it with your Fallout friends!

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September 24, 2014

Fallout: New Vegas - Top Unmarked Locations

Unmarked locations are the ones which do not appear on the map on your Pip-Boy. There are about 63 unmarked locations in Fallout: New Vegas, but I'm bringing you the ones that I've personally discovered, that are somehow interesting. However, some of them are not on this list. There are 30 unmarked locations included, on 6 pages total.

   1. Abandoned warehouse

The abandoned warehouse is located directly east of the Allied Technologies offices. The warehouse is a single room, with half an open space with several file cabinets and desks; the other half is a maze of metal containers stacked high. There are stairs which lead to an empty catwalk on the western side of the room. Before the quest Birds of a Feather, it is apparent that the area is set up in advance, including three brahmin and the containers and about 8 troopers. After the quest Birds of a Feather, the three Legion soldiers that were unconscious before will be standing around, if they were not killed during the quest.

   2. Abandoned shack

It is situated a little north-northwest of Yangtze Memorial. The building is made out of an airplane fuselage piece, and the sign above the door reads as "The Hornets Nest 588". Inside is a usable bed, a reloading bench and a heavily irradiated sink and toilet. There is random loot scattered about the benches and the floor. There is an overturned table placed in an odd location in the middle of the room. Oddly, there is a fire burning in the empty barrel in this shack, even though it is abandoned.

   3. Bootjack Cavern

It is located east of the wrecked Highwayman. From there, head due east (toward Lucky Jim Mine) until you reach the cliff face, then head north along the cliff. The cavern entrance faces west, towards the road. The Pip-Boy display is deceptive because it displays the quest marker on the east-facing side of the mesa, in the cave's interior. Players having difficulty finding the location would be well-advised to begin at the road and head east, rather than beginning at Lucky Jim Mine and heading west. The cavern is a small cave consisting of three sections which are populated by fire geckos. There is a deposit of sulfur and potassium almost identical to the deposit in the sulfur caves, only smaller and not explosive.

   4. Boulder City train station

A building in the northern outskirts of Boulder City. When crossing the rails to the north of the trainstation, there's a cement factory. The rails leaving the station to the east are shattered and spread out. Inside you will find bark scorpions, a Nuka-Cola vending machine, a Hard locked safe, and a Sunset Sarsaparilla vending machine. The cement factory may make the noise of iron settling when you approach it. Up the ramp on the refinery is a duffle bag which contains two trail mixes.

   5. Camp Guardian caves

The Camp Guardian caves is a large network of tunnels and a few large open areas, with its main entrance being at Camp Guardian Peak, directly north of the tent. There are also two additional exits toward the southern end of the cave. The first comes out on a ledge over top of the pathway you took up, just past the Camp Guardian sign. The second is located in an underwater passage at the southern most point of the cave and comes out in Lake Mead, a short walk south of the Camp Guardian sign. The cave is inhabited with 15 to 20 lakelurks and a lakelurk king.

There is also a related quest - Help for Halford. Halford is the only remaining soldier in the platoon that used to be stationed at Camp Guardian, and is now a broken man found crippled within the local cave system. With a doctor's bag or Medicine skill 50+, one can heal his leg and help him escape.


September 12, 2014

After War Nevada - Complete Overhaul for Fallout: New Vegas


AWN - After War Nevada - Complete Overhaul Mod by Jodwig

After War: Nevada is a complete overhaul for Fallout: New Vegas and is a summary of 2 years of hard work by Jodwig himself. It's enormous mod, which aim was to change and re balance every single aspect of the game. See detailed description bellow, along with the video review by Caedo Genesis.


All items have been carefully balanced, including vanilla weapons and new ones as well. Few vanilla weapon models have been swapped and few unique weapons have been added. In all cases new items were added as well.

More than 250 carefully balanced weapons in total; about 35 Pistols, 60 Rifles (including automatic ones), 10 Submachine Guns, 20 Shotguns, 30 Heavy Guns, 25 Explosives, 45 Melee and 20 Unarmed.

More than 80 balanced armors, all with the new resistance system (Normal, Laser, Plasma, Fire, Electrical, Radiation). About 45 Light, 20 Medium, 10 Heavy and 10 Power.

More than 50 balanced helmets. About 20 Light, 15 Medium, 10 Heavy and 10 Power.

More than 110 ammo types, from classic HP and AP to depleted uranium. Hollow Point ammo massacres unarmored targets, while armor piercing is a must against armored targets.

Weapon Mods
Weapon mods have been changed into 3 tiers for every mod type (3 tiers of damage mods, 3 tiers of speed, ammo, accuracy and so on) in order to increase the chance of players getting a mod and to allow players to use it for different weapons as well.

More than 30 implants with the new implant system. They can increase your stats, resistances, speed, AP regen, healing rate or even give you nightvision.

Food, Chems & Scavenged Items
More than 230 balanced items, from food and drinks to drugs and scavenged from plants and creatures items.

All misc items (like empty bottles, syringes, scissors etc.) have had their value and weight altered, so the player is now allowed to loot them in order to earn some caps.


All old perks and traits have been changed (some were balanced, some removed and many new ones added). 

There are around 250 balanced perks in total, most with their own unique icons. The player gets 1 perk every 2 levels, with so many perks and being able to pick only a few perks (15 perks at lvl 30) each player's build is more unique, allowing him to customize his character as he wants; he can specialize solely in stealth and silent killing, be it with melee weapons or guns, or go with sniper depending on critical hits, or with a jack of all trades build etc. There are also perks for skills, tags, karma perks which require good/neutral/evil karma in order to work, mastery perks, which require 10 of one of the stats, but give big bonuses etc.

As in vanilla, player chooses up to 2 traits at the beginning, there are around 30 balanced traits to allow the player to further customize his play style.


Alternate Start & Classes
Player chooses on the beginning one of the 30 classes with alternate starting locations, perks, factions and so on. He also chooses his own gear, limited to each class.

Old Fallout resistances are back! Creatures and armors have resistances now. You can check armor's resistances in pipboy, next to the armor's name, in brackets - (Normal, Laser, Plasma, Fire, Electrical, Radiation).

Weight has been changed from pounds (lb) to kilograms (kg), together with ALL items in the game.

Recoil & Accuracy
All Guns, Explosives and Energy Weapons have recoil. The stronger and heavier weapon is, the higher is recoil. Also, with low weapon skill your hands will sway, moving will increase recoil and make them sway even more, crouching and aiming down the ironsights helps a lot. Crouching also increases chance to hit in VATS. While in interiors, players get penalties to recoil and accuracy with bigger weapons. Smaller weapons like pistols, SMGs, shotguns and carbines have no penalties at all.

Crippled Limbs
Crippled limbs were rebalanced, crippling head will lower your perception to 1, thus making you unable to shoot anything from range, while crippled arms greatly increase weapon swaying and crippled legs greatly reduce movement speed and prevents you from using sprint. Same goes for enemies as well. Info about currently crippled limbs can be read in effects tab in pipboy.

Hardcore Mode
On HC mode ammo has weight, companions can die and you have to eat, drink and sleep. I recommend playing on HC mode, I rebalanced game for both types of game mode, with HC on and off, but HC mode turned off will still make game easier and make it less survival-oriented.

Loot of all NPCs from all factions have been rebalanced. They are more deadly, accurate and tougher. They use newly added weapons as well AND they use special ammo types now, meaning that you can meet raider with assault rifle loaded with armor piercing bullets, so your armor can go to hell with that - no more ramboing in power armor. Their accuracy lowers radically the later it gets, so player is no longer at disadvantage during night, but it's still a double-edged sword.

As mentioned earlier, creatures are resistant to various types of damage, they are also faster, tougher, stronger AND every creature gives different amounts of XP, so player is rewarded for killing stronger creatures, just as it should be.

SPECIAL Stats & Skills
The 7 primary stats and skills have been rebalanced and made equally important. You need high strength if you want to do damage with melee weapons or use heavy weapons; perception for shooting and using VATS at long ranges; endurance for health, resistances, implants, drugs, alcohol etc.

Poison resistance is much more important, because creatures' poison is much deadlier now. Player will be able to catch Diseases in the future.

In vanilla, there was hardly any radiation and no need for Rad-Xs nor Rad Aways, so instead of adding radiation to random places and altering all current zones of radiation (it would take me years to do that), I increased radiation on food AND added radioactive auras and attacks to many creatures. Radiation has never been deadlier.

Primary Needs
Hunger. thirst, sleep and radiation thresholds for penalties start at 200 and change every 66/67 points, e.g. 200, 266. 333. 400, 466 etc., up to 1000 which ends with death. Hardcore Mode only (except for radiation). At night and in interiors dehydration rate is 50% slower, while during combat all Primary Needs are 100% faster.

There are 2 new companions - Sunny Smiles and Jacobstown Marcus. Also, all companions got some love. You can recruit 1 companion per every 2 points of Charisma, up to 5 companions with 10 points, and up to 7 with perks. Every companion uses ammo, has their favorite weapon, tags, starting perks/traits, abilities and unique SPECIAL stats, which matter and make a difference. Everything can be checked in the pipboy in perks tab.

Sprint & Bullet Time
Well known by everyone Sprint and Bullet Time are here! They both use action points in addition to VATS or as an alternative for people not using VATS at all. Sprinting can help you run from ferocious creatures or help melee character get near their victims and to try knocking them down, while Bullet Time slows down the time, allowing you to aim more precisely.

Dodge Chance
Players have dodge chance modified by agility, perks, moving, sprinting or even by unarmed and melee skills. Dodge chance is capped at 90% and ignores damage on a successful roll.

Playable Races
Playable races are unlocked, meaning you can play as ghouls (comes with bonuses and penalties), raiders or old ones.

Vendors & Economy
Traders have cutthroat prices. Selling items doesn't give much money and buying is expensive, but traders are stocked with goods, meaning that you can usually get what you need as long as you have money. The better stuff the trader has, the more he charges for something, while poor traders and small shops will offer better prices, but they will have less money and worse stuff to sell. 

Many locations got repopulated or fortified, like Crimson Caravan, Goodsprings, Gun Runners, Jacobstown and NCR Correctional Facility etc. There are even more, If you are using the Mini DLC Plugin.

Spawns have been altered. Player can meet stronger enemies at the beginning, while on the higher levels his chance of meeting stronger enemies increases, but he can still meet weaker enemies.

Check this mod on Nexus.

Caedo Genesis made a 3 minute long review of After War Nevada mod, check it bellow:

Anyways, Fallout fans are the best, and this mod proves that! Jodwig alone almost made Fallout 4 (or New Vegas 2, if you want) in two years, what do you think about that? Share this epic work with your Fallout friends and for more awesome projects like this one, check the links bellow.

Check other Community projects:

July 13, 2014

Most Popular Drivable Vehicle Mods for Fallout: New Vegas

Advanced J3XMotorcycle by invalidfate

New Features compared to original J3XDrivableMotorcycle: tilt animation while turning, more realistic driving experience (rotatign wheels and engine smoke), companion riding and double riding, turret with elevation-angle tracking (original one in FO3 only with horizontally tracking), new realistic turning model, using the equation F=m.V^2/R (the faster you drive the harder you turn), Motorcycle caller, teleporting your bike anywhere anytime, Motorcycle storage, fixing 1st-person animation bug, optimized controllability, configurable driving speed, speed blur, and run-over function. See more >>

XRE - CARS v0_86 by Ermeso

Features: Simplified, single-script setup 3rd party car addon system, Rex Motor Vehicles car shop: Rex character & dialogue (voice acting courtesy of AlChestBreach), Vehicle imports, Lost car retrieval, Car lot, Fully mechanically auto-operating car lift, Exterior building and assesories (car lot), Store interior.. Operational car features:
  • Manual transmission
  • Car Actions Menu
  • Trunk storage
  • Refuel from portable cans
  • Free and Rear cam view
  • Speed sensitive steering
  • Car flipback menu function
  • Mounting companion gunners
  • On-screen destination target reticle
  • Current session & totalled statistics in menu
Brahmin Trophy cross country events:
  • Lapsed, checkpoint guided courses through the Mohave map
  • Records & rewards
New car models: 
  • Open & closed Transporters
  • Recon Truck, Corvega, Carnivore Desert

XRE beta1_35 showcase - Flyable Vertibird by Ermeso

At heart XRE is a scripted object physics & manipulation engine, allowing the creation of moving structures and vehicles in Fallout. The current beta showcase contains one implementation, a flyable vertibird. The second part of the showcase, a both manually and a.i. controllable missile, will be added when I'm done with solving a few die-hard bugs and finish the a.i. control mode script. Right now, all my work goes into the vertibird. The goal is to release several stand-alone vehicle types as modding references. Vertibird Features:
  • Reskinned exterior
  • Lighted windows & flashing navlights
  • HUD with analog throttle, velocity && altitude gauges
  • Relative & sealevel altitude measurement
  • Currently two weapons: 70mm dual tankshell cannon, 20mm gatling cannon
  • HUD nightvision
  • Over 20 original/remixed sound effects
  • Collisions & crash sequence
  • Takeoff & landing sequences
  • Searchlight
  • Both Metric and Imperial System HUDS, And more..

Mobile Truck Base by tdx73

This adds a purchase able truck to Gibson Scrapyard that serves as a mobile player base. As of now there are 23 selected locations to travel to if you have discovered them (subject to change if requested). The usual items found in a player home crammed into the back of a truck/van. Area is small but will accommodate two people.
See more >>

Which one (if any) of those incredible mods have you tried? Share us some thoughts.

July 04, 2014

Fallout: New Vegas - Cut Content (Part 2)

This article continues from Fallout: New Vegas - Cut Content (Part 1)


Armored Vault 21 jumpsuit
The armored Vault 21 jumpsuit is a Vault 21 jumpsuit which has been modified to add additional protection in certain key spots on the suit to help brave the wastes outside of the vault. This item was unintentionally cut from the final version of the game and can only be obtained through console commands. Even though it was cut, it is worn by the Courier during the end game cinematic. In the Fallout: New Vegas game manual, under the section about stealth, the Courier is ducking behind a car, also wearing the armored Vault 21 jumpsuit.

Remnants Tesla armor
Given their non-appearance during the events of Fallout 2 between 2241 and 2242 and its greater rarity and less resistance compared to the advanced power armor, it was possibly a prototype during this period before the complete destruction of Navarro by the NCR. The Remnants Tesla armor is a piece of power armor which was cut from the final version of Fallout: New Vegas.

Repconn jumpsuit
Repconn jumpsuit
This clothing item is a pale blue jumpsuit with a black "REPCONN" logo on the back. It provides no Damage Threshold, but provides a bonus of +5 to Repair and can be repaired with RobCo jumpsuits. Despite the letters of REPCONN being normally capitalized it appears with a capital "R" and lowercase letters afterwords on the Pip-Boy 3000 screen.

Vault 24 jumpsuit
These vault jumpsuits were originally worn by the inhabitants of Vault 24. They were cut from the game along with Vault 24.

Papa Khan armor
The Papa Khan armor has a mesh but no default texture. It provides a Damage Threshold of 8 with or without the helmet; the armor can be repaired with Great Khan armor. The helmet is a pickelhaube with 2 horns attached to the back, and has red glasses attached to the face. The helmet provides no Damage Threshold and cannot be repaired with other items. This armor is found on an unused clone of Papa Khan and so can only be obtained through console commands. In the Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide it lists the Papa Khan helmet as obtainable when in fact it has been cut from the game.

White mask
The white mask is headwear that is found in the game files of Fallout: New Vegas, but not used in the actual game. It seems to be a placeholder for the White Glove Society mask. It is only obtained through the console commands.

Scorched Sierra power armor
Unused resources exist for a matching helmet to go with the Scorched Sierra power armor, notably featuring a green glow coming from the visor area. The mesh and corresponding textures are fully complete, but were not incorporated into any armor or other console-obtainable item. The armor was inspired by a mod made for the PC version of New Vegas. In an interview, Chris Avellone said "The armor was something one of the staff members saw, and we thought it would be the coolest thing to put in one of the last add-ons for Vegas."

Enclave Shocktrooper armor
Enclave Shocktrooper armor and the matching Enclave Shocktrooper helmet are a suit of power armor which, although present in the game files of Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, were not used in the final game. In Fallout: New Vegas, if obtained by using console commands, it has a DT of 35, the helmet has a DT of 6, the armor set has the highest DT in-game.


Big Boomer texture
The Big Boomer is a unique weapon in Fallout: New Vegas. Within the games files exists an unused texture for the Big Boomer. It uses the Fallout 3 model and only differs from that in the color of the wood and the words Big Boomer written down the side of the handgrip.

Deathclaw gauntlet
Deathclaw gauntlet
The deathclaw gauntlet is the hand of a deathclaw strapped to the user's arm. It ignores enemy armor, as did the version in Fallout 3, and looks identical. Although the standard deathclaw gauntlet is cut content, the Fist of Rawr, a unique version of the gauntlet, appears in the Lonesome Road add-on.

Debug megapistol
The debug megapistol is a debug weapon in Fallout: New Vegas. It is identical in appearance to the 9mm pistol, but deals tremendous damage. This means, much like The Disintegrator laser rifle and The Faderator, it was most likely a developmental tool and never intended for use in normal gameplay. It is only available through the use of console commands.

The Disintegrator
The Disintegrator is a debug test weapon in Fallout: New Vegas. With over 3800 DPS and 1000 damage per shot, this laser weapon will destroy anything in your way. If that's not enough, this weapon always gives critical hits for an extra 22 damage, a negligible addition to the already massive damage but also ensuring that your target will be reduced to a pile of ash. The Disintegrator can only be obtained via console commands. Once added to the game, this weapon may show up in dead enemy inventories.

Double-barrel shotgun
The double-barrel shotgun was slated for inclusion in Fallout: New Vegas at some point during development. While it was either removed prior to the release of the game or never implemented to begin with, a number of resources remain in the game's files for the weapon, including the weapon model and firing sounds, as well as an unused Form List, RepairNVDoubleBarrelShotgun. The weapon model and associated animations are identical to those found in Point Lookout, meaning the weapon lacks iron sights and the multi-step reload sound effect used for compatibility with the Rapid Reload perk. Despite this, sufficient resources exist for the weapon to be fully implemented within the game, leaving the ultimate reason for its exclusion unclear.

Gas grenade
This is a non-lethal thrown weapon that produces a gas/smoke like substance on detonation. It cannot be placed in containers or picked up if dropped. This item only exists in the game files, and cannot be obtained without console commands.

GP machine gun
The specifics of the GP machine gun are unknown. The weapon was at least planned at some point during development, but never made it into the final release of the game. The only remaining resource tied to the weapon is a single, unused, and empty Form List, RepairNVGPMachineGun.

Heavy rail cannon
This weapon does not exist in the game files except for a mention in a script. The Heavy rail cannon was a weapon cut from Fallout: New Vegas before the game's release.

Heavy riveter
The specifics of the heavy riveter are unknown. The weapon was at least planned at some point during development, but never made it into the final release of the game. The only remaining resource tied to the weapon is a single, unused, empty Form List, RepairNVHeavyRiveter.

Light rail cannon
These weapons show up referenced but uncommented in the "NVMissFortuneGunScript" script (which is also unused), no other mention of the weapon exists.

Multiplas rifle
Multiplas rifle
Within the game world object files, the rifle's model is labelled as "unique". There also exists an unused "non-unique model", which suggests that the weapon was originally intended as a unique variant of a usable standard version within the game.

Plasma rifle always crit
Plasma rifle always crit is a debug weapon in Fallout: New Vegas. It is a plasma weapon which looks like a plasma rifle, but is actually a "shotgun" variant of the plasma rifle, firing 5 rounds of plasma similar to the multiplas rifle. If that's not enough, this weapon always deals a Critical Hit, ensuring that your target will be reduced to a pile of goo. It is quite obvious the plasma rifle always crit was a test weapon like The Disintegrator, most likely used for testing the critical process in energy weapons and their animation upon death. The plasma rifle always crit can only be obtained via console commands.

Plasma rifle weak
As the name suggests, the damage caused by this plasma rifle is extremely weak. Judging by the damage and name, this was most likely a developmental weapon. The plasma rifle weak can only be obtained via console commands. It cannot be picked up again once dropped out of the inventory, due to a game engine setting that disallows pickup by the Courier.

Poisoned Shishkebab
Poisoned Shishkebab
This weapon is very powerful in combination with the Pyromaniac perk and any other melee specific Perks, especially because of the dark datura Poison effect it has, resulting in -2 Intelligence and -58 HP for 1 second.

R9000 camera
Used like a weapon, it is an exact replica of the Codac R9000 (shown by the fact that it has 'Codac' written on the back). It uses energy cells as 'ammunition'.

Stun grenade
This is a non-lethal thrown weapon, dealing 100 Fatigue damage along with 15 damage to an enemy's HP. The stun grenade is not found in the game, and it can only be obtained via console commands.

Slave's Burden
Slave's Burden resembles a large backpack with 4 smaller containers attached to it. Going by the name, appearance and the fact that it is classified as a weapon, it was to be worn by slaves and contains flamer fuel packages. The Pip-Boy icon displays the flamethrower icon.


NV Survivalist
A Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics perk and a cut perk in Fallout: New Vegas. This perk doesn't exist in the G.E.C.K. but an image of a Vault Boy named "perk_survivalist" can be found in the game files and proves that the perk was planned. Otherwise, benefit, prerequisites and description are unknown.

Deathclaw Omelet
It was to be given by the Courier to make deathclaw omelets. The perk was cut, however. This recipe allows you to make Rose's famous deathclaw omelet.

Spicy Casserole
It was to be given by the Courier to make spicy casseroles, similar to Ruby Nash's casserole. The perk was cut, however.

Companion suite
Unknown atributes

Child at Heart
The Child at Heart perk greatly improves your interactions with children, some adults and a robot, usually in the form of unique dialogue choices. Child at Heart is a Fallout 3 perk and a cut perk in Fallout: New Vegas.


The 2EOCasLoHotelLobby is a test cell in the game files of Fallout: New Vegas. This test cell is a simple hotel lobby that consists of an open foyer area with adjoining toilets, staircase and corridors. To the rear is another large open room, with a staircase leading down towards the entrance of Vault 3. 2EOCasLoHotelLobby appears in the game files of Fallout: New Vegas but should not be considered canon because it is a test cell.

A dimly lit hotel lobby, with the same layout as 2EOCasLoHotelLobby. It consists of an open foyer area with adjoining toilets, staircase and corridors. To the rear is another large open room, with a staircase leading down towards the entrance of Vault 3. In the foyer, there is a pack of hostile coyotes located near the entrance. There is also a group of non-hostile non-player characters in the corner, made up of Mojave inhabitants and NCR troopers.

Barracks01Int Template
A set of barracks in a L-shape layout, the barracks consists of five bunk beds and a set of toilets in the rear. The majority of the containers are empty. However, there is some random ammunition in a footlocker, and some chems in the first aid box located at the rear of the barracks.

Barracks02Int Template
A set of barracks, it has six bunk beds and a set of toilets to the rear. Barracks02Int Template appears in the game files of Fallout: New Vegas but should not be considered canon because it is a test cell.

Cell for Dead "Void Creatures"
A simple empty metal room with no doors or lighting. There are four other identical rooms which must be no-clipped into to access, and one larger, equally empty room. Another room has 3 NPCs, which could be Lily Bowen, when she was a human, and her two grandchildren, Becky and Jimmy.

Cottonwood Cove Building 01
A simple dwelling consisting of a few rooms with various items scattered around. All items are marked as own by Caesar's Legion. Cottonwood Cove Building 01 appears only in the game files of Fallout: New Vegas, but should not be considered canon because it is a test cell.

Craftsman Home 01 Template
A dirty, dimly lit replica of Doc Mitchell's house. The player character is spawned on top of the house.

Dummy Cell for Scripted XMarkers
A simple hotel lobby. It consists of a open foyer area with adjoining toilets, staircase and corridors. To the rear is another large open room, with a staircase leading down towards the entrance of Vault 3. It has an identical layout to 2EOCasLoHotelLobby.

Dummy Cell VES VEFR Encounters
A simple hotel lobby with the same layout as 2EOCasLoHotelLobby. In addition, it is populated with one naked NCR Ranger, 5 hostile NCR Rangers troopers and a single nightkin on the far side of the room. In the rear room, there is also a disguised Frumentarius.

While not exactly a cut location, it is nonetheless inaccessible during normal gameplay. It exists as a single room; one wall has been removed and replaced with a screen. There is also a single door that leads to nowhere. If the player character travels here before the ending is finalized, the player will be shown only two slides, after which the game will end. Ron the Narrator can be found by walking through the wall.

Freeside NPC dump
This cell consists of four discrete rooms all separated from each other and suspended in a void. The rooms are all identical, with two doorways without doors in them. There is no way to travel between rooms without using the console. A static NCR guard dog is also present where the player character spawns.

FFE vendor chests
Storage space for New Vegas's random encounters, of which there are very few. Inhabitants include Malcolm Holmes and the sentry bot toy. There is also the vendor inventory for an NPC named Felicia, who does not exist in the game, and is associated with the Sunset Sarsaparilla headquarters. When accessed in-game, there is nothing but an endless void.

Hoover Dam battle spawner
The Hoover Dam battle spawner is a test cell in the game files of Fallout: New Vegas. A small square empty room with very little light.

Hoover Dam checkpoint
A simple room with two doors, a control panel, and a concrete barrier. The two doors both open into nothing. The control panel will spawn a NCR trooper behind the cover of the concrete barrier, and a recruit legionary at the far end. Once spawned they will ignore the player character and attack each other. The control panel can only be used once to spawn the non-player characters.

Hoover Dam global dummy cell
A single room with all three versions of ED-E (standard, Brotherhood of Steel upgrade, Followers of the Apocalypse upgrade) and a female Powder Ganger. The room contents also vary depending on what update is installed.

Gomorrah 3rd floor
A third floor to the Gomorrah exists within the game, but its option in the elevator menu is disabled. This floor houses the non-penthouse rooms available at the Gomorrah, as well as a small janitorial room. There are no non-player characters on this floor and there is no notable loot.

Mentats Test Level
Mentats Test Level
A vault like room similar to most vault common areas, with two giant rats, two giant mantises (one regular, one nymph), three different Powder Gangers, and eight brahmin uniquely named as "Brahmin WaterSkins". The Powder Gangers will not fight back when attacked, and instead will simply flee. The giant rats will likely begin combat with the giant mantises as soon as the player character spawns in the room. There are several tables located in one corner of the room. On the tables, there are various weapons and a lit, non-interactable piece of dynamite.

Mentats Test Level
It simply consists of a roulette table floating in a void.

An empty metal room, with nothing in it, not even lights. There are five other identical rooms which must be noclipped into to access, and one larger, equally empty room.

An empty metal room, with nothing in it, not even lights. There are five other identical rooms which must be noclipped into to access, and one larger, equally empty room.

Ruined store
A simple room with two doors, two trip wire traps and several recruit legionaries. The two doors both open into nothing. The recruit legionaries will remain non-hostile until attacked. Killing them will result in loss of Legion fame.

Sample bathrooms of all sizes
A long hallway, with doors on either side leading to copies of every bathroom used in the game.

Test cell for traps
A small room that contains many of the traps that appear in the game Fallout: New Vegas. Traps are located on the east, west, and south side of the room and a reloading bench is located on the north side. A ruler also appears on the west side of the room on the floor beside several traps. The room also contains two open doorways on the west and south ends. Walking through these doorways will result in the player falling through the map and respawning back in the test room.

The room has the same layout as the test cell for traps; but instead of traps, they have been replaced with "testing dummies" (raiders) standing at various distances. There is a ruler lain flat on the floor measuring the distance in game units, which is equivalent to approximately 33 yards. Each "testing dummy" is rooted in place and can not move, although they are turned hostile if close enough to the player character, in which they will begin attacking the player character by punching. Each "testing dummy" has raider armor with a DT of 4 and 95 Hit Points.

A huge map area consisting of various props located in the game and some random non-player characters, spread over a vast area. The map contains many items from Fallout 3, such as nukalurk meat and a sweetroll. There are other rare items from Fallout: New Vegas such as the wasteland omelet, a fire ant egg, and the brahmin Wellington. TestMap01 appears only in the game files of Fallout: New Vegas, but should not be considered canon because it is a test cell.

Usonianhome01Int Template
It contains templates for generic houses, similar to those found in Nipton. Usonianhome01Int Template appears in the game files of Fallout: New Vegas but should not be considered canon because it is a test cell.

Usonianhome02Int Template
It contains templates for generic houses, similar to those found in Nipton.

Other Maps containing nothing but void
These are all valid maps but there's nothing to see there except for endless black or gray voids:
  • DevArmory: "Armory"
  • GreenRoom: (no name)
  • HooverDamExt: "Hoover Dam Exterior Dummy Cell"
  • HooverDamInt: "Hoover Dam Interior Dummy Cell"
  • HooverDamIntPowerPlant: "Hoover Dam Interior Dummy Cell"
  • HooverDamIntArizonaSpillway: "Arizona Spillway Tunnel"
  • NorthVegasGenericHouse01 (+02, 03, 04): "North Vegas House"
  • NVVendorChestsCell "New Vegas Buried Vendor Chests"
  • NVWildWastelandCell "New Vegas Buried Vendor Chests"
  • TheFortSum "TheFortSummitDummy"


Chip Provenance
Very little is known about this quest's purpose. Its internal name is "VChipHistory", indicating it may have something to do with the casino chips or the platinum chip.

Jailhouse Rock
A named NCR MP, Les Fretwell, with some partially complete dialog lines, he is placed behind the NCR Embassy, along with trooper Willis and two unnamed NCR troopers.

A quest associated with Test Man.

Underpass Water Purifier
The purifier, which according to its cellname was to be near Carlyle St. Clair's house, would provide clean water to Underpass if it were functional. Whoever assembled it had no idea what they were doing - many parts are connected incorrectly or hooked up backwards. Someone with the proper knowledge could easily get the purifier operational.

Viva Las Vegas!
This is an unused stage of the main quest. There's not enough information to know anything about it. It shares a name with The King's unique clothing.

World Changes Post-Endgame
There is no post-endgame, the game just ends. Also, "Freeside Post-Endgame Content Quest". The infected brahmin meat the player can find in the kitchens of the Ultra-Luxe had an implied use which never made it into the game. Unused pop-up messages exist for poisoning the Legion's stew, but the scripts attached to the message are nonfunctional.

Meat of Champions
There is a perk with the same name, achieved by cannibalizing certain named non-player characters. Alternatively, at one point in development, the Courier would be assigned the task of cannibalizing them by another non-player character.

Welcome to Fabulous New Vegas
The only objective is "Kill the Raiders". Welcome to Fabulous New Vegas includes an alternate opening in which Jessup pistol whips the Courier and Benny shoots them in the head twice, much like The Forecaster said.

There is plenty of cut content from the Fallout: New Vegas, and those described in part one and two are just the most interesting ones, not all of it. For more cut content visit Fallout wiki, which was the source of this article.

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