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June 12, 2014

Fallout: New Vegas Popular Companion Mods


Niner by Mishaxhi

Niner is just a regular guy looking for a good time. He likes dogs, alcohol, sightseeing, meeting new people, smashing things, the work of Dean Martin, sunsets and hard drugs. You can meet him on the road between Goodsprings and Primm, shouting at an inanimate object. Features:
  • Over 500 lines of fully voiced and lip synced dialog.
  • His own quest which unfolds on the road the Vegas.
  • Smaller side quests.
  • Niner always has something to say about anything. He'll comment on many locations in the Mojave, and on the events of several vanilla quests.
  • Fully working companion wheel.
  • A headset that you can use to keep in touch with him.

Unlimited Companions by Oleg Lokhvitsky

Allows you to have as many companions as you want. Will work with all vanilla companions and any non-vanilla companions that are added using vanilla variables (probably will be most of them). The maximum number of creatures allowed to follow a player at any given time is 6. If you are planning to have a large number of companions (>4), it is recommended you also enable the optional add-on that raises that limit to 12. See more >>

Sunny Smiles Companion by gurk_meja

Sunny Smiles is now a fully featured companion, with voice and lip-sync. She behaves and talks like any normal companion, and with some added options. Cheyenne is available as an optional companion as well! Her look and scripting is vanilla, and those that have tried my earlier companions know that's how I like it. This mod is designed for maximum compatibility and stability. Features:
  • Companion Wheel
  • No companion limit
  • Default waiting mode is Sandbox, guard is an option 
  • SetEssential Toggle in Tactics Dialogue
  • Unlimited Weapon Toggle
  • Set home, go home
No video available for this mod. See more >>

Delilah- Mojave MD by scrumpusrex

Delilah is a fully scripted, synced and voiced, lore-friendly female medical companion for New Vegas. She has a fully functional companion wheel. Delilah was raised in Goodsprings and has lived there all her life. She lived with her father and his tribal bodyguard, Sulik until their deaths. She is Doc Mitchell's nurse, and has an aptitude for medicine. She has recently begun thinking of adventure, and helping Doc Mitchell with the wounded stranger in town seems to her like it might be her ticket out.. Can you help Delilah achieve her goals of becoming a legitimate Mojave MD and finding her true calling?
  • Over 300 lines of fully voice acted/lip synced unique dialogue
  • Unique Tattooed Body Type (ALICE T3)
  • 3 Marked Quests leading Delilah along the path of becoming a Mojave doctor
  • And unmarked quest included just for fun (but not without it's rewards!)
  • 3 new perks Delilah gives you over the course of your travels
  • 4 unique new Aid items taught to Delilah by her "Uncle" Sulik [craftable through dialogue]
  • Learns ACTUAL DOCTOR ABILITIES as your companion!! (ie; heal health & limbs, cure addictions, remove poison, & remove radiation)
  • 2 fully-functioning menus (combat menu & medical) usable in and out of combat
  • Essential and Weapon Alert toggles [in dialogue]
  • Affected by the Ferocious Loyalty perk
  • Scripted to use Stimpaks/SuperStimpaks, Antivenom, & Med-X at appropriate times in and out of combat (ie; after critical hits, when health gets low, etc)
Delilah is located in the house next to Chet's store in Goodsprings. See more >>

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Which one (if any) of those incredible mods have you tried? Share us some thoughts.

May 28, 2014

Most Popular Fallout 3 Companion mods

Jessi Companion by Loxy38.

Teen Companion named 'Jessi' Which is short for Jessica (Class:Ranger), Her own Ranged and Melee Weapons (Some custom and some with custom textures), Usual A.I packages, Her own Pip-boy Light, New Hairstyle (By Ren), Custom Eyes with 4 extra colours, Her own PipBoy3000 and Glove, 5 Outfits, Her own Inactive Slave Collar, She smokes / Eats / Sleeps and has a sandbox mode when not hired or at Home, She can change your Race for you and Repair your gear for you,Extensive Customizations, Any Karma can recruit her, She can heal in battle and out of battle with Stimpaks, Home Marker System, Run Speed Menu, Barber Menu and Many Many more features. Way too many to list. Get it here.

Enclave Commander 090 by J3X

Command everything from a small strike squad to a whole army using the most advanced squad command system for Fallout III. Call in Airstrikes, carpet bombing runs, missile strikes, orbital strikes, reinforcements & transports wherever you want it, just point with your mouse! Five different factions to call in soldiers from; Enclave, Brotherhood of Steel, US army & Brotherhood Outcast. 6 different kinds of humanoid soldiers and 6 different kinds of robots to call it, including everything from stealth units and scientists to Chimera tanks. Get it here.

RobCo Certified by Talkie Toaster

RobCo Certified adds a new three-rank perk with the same name. With the perk, if you have a spare Fission Battery and some scrap metal you'll be given the option to repair any robot you destroy, turning them into a loyal ally who'll follow you anywhere. Each rank allows you to repair bigger and better robots to command. RobCo Certification is designed to allow non-combat sciency characters to be viable, letting them unleash a horde of robot minions against those who would threaten them. Version 2.0 lets you upgrade your robots, improving their firepower, and gives you vastly more control over their abilities and skills. It also adds Companion Share & Recruit compatibility, so friendly repairmen can fix up damaged bots. Plus, Zeta addons! Now you can command alien robots, and teleport them down from the Mothership if you run out back in the Capital Wasteland. Get it here.

Sharing and Caring Companions by ZableBlaze

The SCC master file allows you to easily recruit any NPC you can open dialogue with. Recruited companions will follow, sneak and fight alongside you. Sharing and Caring Companions also allows you to trade with your friends and give them simple orders like 'wait' and 'dismiss'. As new commands are released for FOSE you'll see more complex orders and different ways of issuing them to your companions. Get it here.

Which one (if any) of those incredible mods have you tried? Share us some thoughts.

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