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June 23, 2014

The Most Popular Fallout 3 Building Mods

Mini Hideout - Player Home - Katanas by Rayek - Wyked

Adds a player home in Springvale under the Red Rocket gas station. The Key can be found via Mailbox just across the street. Also includes equippable Katanas from necKros "Some Katanas" mod and "HK416 SOPMOD" from munkeenuts and dcpuser. Companion Friendly with idle markers.

Hideout Includes: 3 Equippable Katanas, Hidden Room, Computer Butler for Haircut/Surgery, Jacuzzi/Hot Tub (Removes Rads), Mannequin display (male or female), NavMeshed for companions (includes idle markers), Katana Fountain/Shrine (remountable Katanas), Aquarium (animated fish, bubbles), Custom Bobblehead Display Case (can use bobbles from other houses), Water Purifier, Map Marker for Fast Travel, Separate storage labeled Armor|Weapons|Tools|Ammo|Explosives|First Aid|Junk|Storage, 2 Floor Safes (key required/auto re-lock), Purified Sink, Classic Nuka Refrigerator, Workbench, Infirmary, Laboratory, Pristine, Nuka Cola Machine (for Ice-Cold Nukas), Well Rest Bed, Wall Mounted Jukebox GNR (click on outer bar to activate), Display Case, Hidden Hatch Entrance (key required), Bathroom (can sit on toilet), Fungus Garden (self watering with switch), Hidden Wall Safe (key required), Ammo/Explosives Sorter, Food, Medical and Tool/Component Sorters, Light Switches, Water Switches, Ability to add/remove sconce and Wonder Meat Maker. See more >>

DCInteriors Project by chuckSteel

Have you ever thought about scabbing the DC wastes, even though, the super mutants may horrifically and violently rip your heart out? Have you said to yourself "D*** the torpedoes, I am going Downtown anyway", only to find once you arrive that 99% of the shops and houses are all boarded up? Have you ever seen a building on the horizon, thinking you'll head there, just to find nothing of interest, nothing worth investigating? If so, this mod is for you! Just opened in the beautiful Downtown D.C. Waste, Georgetown District. A Cuppa Joe, Floyd's Barbershop, Robinson's Robots, Mama Dolce's Outlet Store, The US Army recruitment Center, the Nuka Cola Soda Shop and two abandoned townhomes. See more >>

Underground Hideout by danthegeek

This Mod adds a Player Vault on the South East end of the Wasteland near Rivet City. The vault includes all the ammonites including a stocked Armory, Display areas, Item Sorters, special Weapons, and is Companion Friendly. The entrance is located West of the “Rivet City” Entrance in the Parking lot with the crashed planes and wrecked cars. See more >> 

RR Companions Vault by NosRhyfelwr

The RR Companions Vault is a combination house mod AND fully functional companion system. The house portion consists of Vault 1. The entrance to Vault 1 is located just south of Springvale, towards Megaton. There is a map marker that begins the game fast-travel enabled. Once inside the entrance, you'll find yourself in the service tunnels that lead to the vault proper. These tunnels contain access points leading to two hatches in the wastes, and can be used for quick access to places you would normally have to walk overland - and through very dangerous places - to get to, but are especially useful for people who don't use fast travel.

Access points lead to: Underneath the Anacostia Crossing side of the Rivet City access bridge; Outside the western wall of Tenpenny Tower. Wasteland-side of the access points have map markers, as well, though they have to be discovered normally. Access to the Vault itself may be gained (starting from the Springvale entrance) by going straight down the hall, and hanging a left in the main tunnel. The large door at the end leads into Vault 1. It's hard to miss. The others are simple enough to find; just explore. The access tunnel cell is decent sized, but easy to navigate, and decently well lit. There is also a secondary Vault 1 access door, towards the Rivet City exit. It's a small utility door that leads to a tunnel underneath the Vault 1 Overseer's office. See more >>

Which one (if any) of those incredible mods have you tried? Share us some thoughts.

June 18, 2014

The Most Popular Building Mods for Fallout: New Vegas

New Vegas Restoration - NVR by The NVR Team

The whole point of this on - going mod is to create a Strip that reminds us that there is still some good in the wasteland. By removing the trash, repairing the buildings, and adding more life to the Strip, our goal can be achieved. The NVR Team is working very hard to create the Strip we all want! This mod cleans up the Strip by removing trash, repairing roads, buildings, and making the Strip a better place to be.

Every area on the Strip has had attention, even the places that you don't see when you're walking by. In fact, if you enter the Strip, you will automatically see a difference right beneath your feet. The roads are no longer cracked and destroyed. With Version 10, this mod is so much more than just a "Cleanup" because so many new things are added as well. See more >>

Underground Hideout New Vegas V4-4 by Danthegeek

This Mod adds a Player Vault on the the Wasteland near Spring Mt. Ranch State Park. The vault includes all the amenities including a Armory, ammo Sorters, Weapons wall, water purifier, book shelf, grow area, and is Companion Friendly. The entrance is located West of Spring Mt. Ranch State Park next to a boulder and pond. Check your map for the exact location. See more >>

Underwater Home by T4K

This mod adds an underwater home near Calville Bay and the Legion camp. It contains a special type of atmosphere and several useful features. Apart from being underwater, I tried to make it with a realistic feel to it.

The overall lighting is very different than most of New Vegas interiors and is one of the major feature, do note that every light now has a source and his radius has been greatly reduced compared to the default game, which adds a creepier and more realism to your Fallout experience.

  • Unique quest to gain Entrance.
  • Animated Water Purifier (Food and Water)
  • Reactor System to power the home. Can be deactivated, see FAQ*
  • Sorting System with a unique load out system.
  • Ammo, food, beverage, chems and nuka cola stocking.
  • Radio System (Radio New Vegas & Mojave Music Radio) Compatibility patches available*
  • Bottle Refiller (Nuka Cola, Scotch, Sunset Sarsaparilla, Whiskey).
  • Companions Rooms for all followers. Compatibility Patches available*
  • Junk Incinerator & Mojave Express dropbox in the entrance area.
  • Lab with animal capturing and plants harvesting (seeds needed first).
  • Teleport with portable teleport device and support for custom locations.
  • Entrance Moving tool (stored in the armory on a stand, near workbench).
  • Currency Exchanger with safes for your money.
  • Infirmary (Vit-o-matic, cure addiction and poisons, heal yourself and restore crippled limbs).
  • Hideout Mainframe (Master sorter, load out management and a teleporter spare, in case you lose it).
  • Several rewards for completing some of the Default in-game quests.

These features are only a small part of what Underwater Home is, there's more than that. See more >>

Goodsprings Home by Daguls

A small home, with choice location, lore friendly design, plenty of storage, a place to sleep, and a small hint of the mystery associated with its owner. A necessity for myself, and hopefully you as well :)

The mod can be found on my website,, under projects, which houses all of my mods. You can download from there or use New Vegas Nexus, either way, please support me as you can with recommendations, comments, or questions, or even donate to the cause if you feel it! Thanks for your support. More mods to come soon. No video available for this mod. See more >>

Which one (if any) of those incredible mods have you tried? Share us some thoughts.

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