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March 20, 2016

Realistic Settlements in Fallout 4 by Wasteland Angel

Since Fallout 4 was published, many were focused on just building their settlements. That's fine and up until now, you can find many settlement videos on the interweb. I watched dozens since the launch of Fallout 4, but no matter how big, massive or interesting they are, they usually lacked a dose of realism.

Don't get me wrong, there are many really good settlement videos out there. It's just that most of them are somehow focused on building sizes and stuff, rather than be fully realistic. I'm talking about small details like missing pillars on tall buildings or bridges, or even spamming with duplicated fences, floors, etc. It's fine, this is a game after all.

I finished Fallout 4 couple of times and started focusing on my own settlements in detail. There are few I gave my full devotion. I started from Sanctuary Hills and worked there about a month. Then, to take a break, I switched to Red Rocket Truck Stop. After I finished Red Rocket, I decided to systematically build every settlement slowly, each time a quest sent me to it. We'll be referencing the most complete.

October 24, 2014

Vault Boy - a Fallout inspired PC Build


Another unique piece of work is done by a Fallout fan, and this time, it is a custom PC build simply called the Vault Boy. Alex, the student from Gold Coast, Australia who describes himself as a gamer who also loves PC building, created a post (build log) on, with a detailed procedure of his build, with more than 340 photos in the gallery.

Alex described the purpose of this build as an HTPC / Steam Box rig, but also because he just wanted to do some case modding for the first time. Since Fallout 3 is Alex's all time favorite game, and he just wanted something different, he went with a Fallout theme, mostly with the vault boy.

BitFenix Prodigy Arctic White PC Case
BitFenix Prodigy PC Case - Start


What has started as just a case modding project, has turned into an actual PC build;

Main configuration:
  • Case - Modded Bitfenix Prodigy
  • Motherboard - ASUS P8Z77-I Deluxe
  • CPU - Intel i5 3570K
  • GPU - Asus R9 290
  • RAM - 2 x 4GB G.Skill Rip-Jaws 1600Mhz
  • SSD - Crucial MX100 256GB
  • PSU - Silverstone Strider 550W Gold ST55F-G

  • Radiators - Alphacool NexXxoS Full Copper ST30 280mm, Alphacool NexXxoS Full Copper XT45 240mm
  • Fans - 2 x Cougar CFD 120mm Blue LED fans, 2 x Cougar CFD 140mm Blue LED fans
  • Pumps - Dual DDC Pumps with Watercool Heatkiller Dual DDC Pump Top
  • Reservoir - Bitspower Water Tank Z-Multi 150 Full Acrylic
  • Fittings - Various Bitspower Enhance Black Sparkle Fittings + Extensions
  • Tubing - EK 12mm Hardline / Rigid Tubing
  • CPU Block - EK-Supremacy EVO Clean CSQ Nickel Plexi - Painted Blue
  • GPU Block - EK-FC R9-290 Nickel Plexi
  • RAM Block - EK-RAM Monarch X2 Nickel Plexi, EK-RAM Monarch Modules
  • Coolant - Mayhems Pastel Sunset Yellow

  • Cables - IceModz Paracord Individually Sleeved Custom Length Cables Blue & Yellow
  • Lighting - 3 x White 5.5" DarkSide Connect LED strips from DazMode

  • Blue and yellow custom painting: entire case,various grills, original Bitfenix case badge, SSD, radiators, EK Monarch RAM modules, EK Supremacy EVO
  • Fitted 280mm radiator in the top with the Koolance shroud.
  • Fully custom 10mm clear acrylic front panel with 240mm radiator fitted.
  • Acrylic floor mod
  • Dual DDC pumps mounted to the floor
  • Custom case feet
  • PSU side covers
  • Repositioned power/reset switch to the back
  • Fully custom 2mm clear acrylic side panels
  • Some 3M carbon fiber vinyl applied to various parts
  • Aluminum cover for motherboard rear I/O
  • Lit up acrylic motherboard tray
  • Custom Vault-Tec vinyl stickers
  • And - Strength Vault Boy Bobblehead from Bethesda

Moded BitFenix Prodigy PC Case
Finish - Fully modded PC Rig "Vault Boy"

Not bad at all for the first mod project, don't you think? I would highly recommend you to check the entire photo gallery of this project if you're interested more about the whole process. Also, send us a message via Contact Form below, with your Fallout themed creation (Game mod, props, a brand new game inspired by Fallout -- anything goes as long as it is original and yours), for a bigger exposure to the Fans.

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