Fallout RP

Welcome to Vault-Tec inc.'s section of Fallout 3 RP Series! Role-playing is an optional way of playing the game, in this case, we will focus on Fallout 3 Role play. Each RP post will be like some kind of longer intro (or short story), a fiction, just to get real before you get involved. This is kinda new concept because involves RP-fiction and you as its parts, and because it runs on a web page. 

There are few guidelines that you need to understand before involve with RP Series posts that will run at least once a week, along with some ideas on who/what to role play:

  1. You are welcome to join the "conversation" by commenting.
  2. Be realistic. Slow down! You don't need to run and jump everywhere. This supposed to be a real wasteland survival RP
  3. Try to limit what you are carrying, for example only a primary weapon, a sidearm, a knife and some grenades for your weapons.
  4. Realistic injuries! If one of your legs is crippled, there is no running and also when one of your arms is crippled, rely on one-handed guns, like pistols or close combat weapons like knives.

Here are some popular character types you may might want to consider: Survivalist, WastelanderCaravaneer, Nightkin, Vault 101 Survivor, Merchant, Wanderer, Tribe Leader, Gang Leader, Sherriff and other related to Fallout 3 game along with all the factions represented there, such is Brotherhood of Steel Initiate/Knight/Scout/Paladin.

Basically that is all, only consider type of the character you want to play with and in the first post (or if you're new at RP Section), introduce your character.

Fallout RP ENDED for episode 1! Check the series and play with us:
  1. Alex: The Wandering Stranger
  2. Alex: Public Enemy
  3. Alex And The Good Karma
  4. Alex Moves On
  5. Alex And The Reason
Episode 1 is finished, you can read it as well as contribute for the second episode here:

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