Fallout: Origins - Comic

Comic series that are brought to you by Wasteland Angel, a Vault-Tec inc.'s Facebook Page admin. Fallout: Origins are prequel lore series to a Fallout games and they show us (through some of the historical facts) how first dwellers from the Vault 15 have managed to form, through the years, such a big faction as it is the New California Republic.

 This comic should get the most interesting part of Fallout history to you, interesting and educational, as you might learn a few things about the history of the NCR. A history that is closely tied to Vault 15. Citation: Opened in Spring of 2121, a large portion of the overcrowded Vault's inhabitants emerge into the wastes, taking what technology they could from the Vault and leaving those that wished to stay behind. While many of these would band into raider tribes as the winter of 2121 came (marking the beginning of the Khans, Vipers, and Jackals), the remaining vault dwellers under the leadership of Aradesh's ancestor would establish Shady Sands in the spring of 2122. The settlement was jump-started using the G.E.C.K., allowing for adobe buildings from sandcrete and rudimentary agriculture to be set up. No one expected that the humble village would eventually culminate in the formation of the mighty New California Republic.

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