April 09, 2016

Bethesda is Ready for a Fallout Movie

Although the film adaptation of the popular post-apocalyptic RPG franchise, Fallout, is not currently in production, it may happen according to Todd Howard.

Todd recently confessed he isn't totally against the Fallout Movie idea in an interview with GI.biz, adding "We've had a couple of inroads, particularly with Fallout, which is a bit stickier than Elder Scrolls, but everybody's kind of asked and I've taken a number of [Fallout movie pitch] meetings over the years and nothing quite clicked where I felt, 'Oh, that would be as good as the game."

According to Howard, making a film based in the apocalyptic setting of Fallout risks potentially influencing fan opinions of the games in a negative way.

Personally, I think Bethesda is preparing for the right offer, and The Fallout 4's Wanderer Trailer is their take on something like that, just to see how fans would react to it. Or even better, they might be already working with some studio for some time now. If you remember Todd's appearance on E3 2015, when Bethesda announced Fallout 4, he admitted that Fallout Shelter is hinted in Fallout 3's Trailer. Check it below, to remind yourself;

Bethesda is well known at hinting various things in details of the trailers and even the games itself. Cinema Blend has an interesting article called "Fallout 4 Live-Action Trailer Is Probably The Closest We'll Get To A Movie", and all I'm asking is why? Why create a Live-Action Trailer in a first place? There's a reason to that, trust me.
"And that may happen. I don't rule it out, but nothing really has clicked where - the games are popular enough and that's their identity." ~ Todd Howard

One thing is for sure; it will most definitely not gonna call just Fallout, since there are already two short movies called Fallout, one from 2010, and the other from 2011. Check them here and here. They are not connected with the Fallout franchise whatsoever.

I would also recommend you to check the awesome Making of Fallout 4 Wanderer Trailer, done by Pixomondo. You will see how that's very, very close to CGI we've seen in movies for hundred of times.

"Fallout 4, if there had been a Fallout movie, you'd feel different about Fallout when we'd announced Fallout 4 and one of them wouldn't be quite right and you wouldn't want that to be the game, where the movie takes it in another direction... I would say we have a pretty high bar as far as what we would want it to be if it ever happened and nothing's quite clicked. Even little things like, 'What does the vault suit look like?' - every little thing we obsess over so the game is the thing where it really exists," Howard explains.

For the full Todd's interview with GI.biz, check the Kneel before Todd: Bethesda's Howard on a lifetime of achievement article.

And not to forget about the three new "big and crazy" projects in the works, as Todd Howard said at DICE. “We actually have three kinds of longer term projects we’re doing that are all -- we’ll talk about them at a future date -- but they’re different than anything we’ve done before. Big and crazy but in many ways different than things we’ve done before. It’s an exciting time.”

I would rather not focus this article on "what if" premise, but let's be honest - What if?! Projects don't necessarily mean games. Maybe we will be hinted about it at this year's E3, which Bethesda labeled Are You Game? I really don't know. Are you? If you're not game, then what are you?! And that's what I actually love about Bethesda, with their hidden hints all over their games and trailers and stuff.

I expect some details on Dishonored 2, Doom, and the future of Fallout 4 and maybe Elder Scrolls, but I feel like somethings missing entirely here. Maybe some of their three new projects, or maybe that's just me. Time will tell.

I love the fact that Todd is so open-minded about the whole Fallout movie concept, and still, so careful with what he wants and what fans might want, at the same time.

I believe it would be very nice of Bethesda if we would get something like New Vegas 2 in the near future, before Fallout 5 -- but Fallout movie would also be very awesome if you ask me. Both would be just perfect.

So, what's your take on Fallout the Movie, yay or nay?

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