January 08, 2016

This Fallout 4 Parody Music Video Will Make You Cry

If you're a Fallout fan that loves the Adele, then you just hit the jackpot for today! What you are about to see, is a flawless Fallout 4 Parody Music Video based on Adele's Hello.

ArcadeCloud made this epic video featuring awesome Emma Beckett behind the mic. I'm not that into Adele, but this video almost made me cry.

I really don't want to ruin any expectations on the video, so just watch it below!

Since I love such mixtures, of Fallout mixed with our pop culture, this was simply something beautiful and worth to be shared.

Adele - Hello Fallout 4 Parody Music Video

I would love to hear your thoughts about this epic Fallout 4 Parody Music Video, so be sure to share them below!

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