December 21, 2015

Claim the Post-Apocalyptic Paradise in Fallout 4

This beautiful post-apocalyptic paradise in Fallout 4 can be all yours to enjoy and take a break from an everyday struggle in the Commonwealth. It is very simple to get there -- just swim your way from the Castle, but all the simplicity ends here.

As you explore the island, you will notice it was sometimes populated. There are few buildings, shacks, corpses, various loot and there is also the Workshop for you to use if you want to build a settlement. There is a catch of course.

You must activate the Workshop first, and you will need to do a few things prior. Since I made this and used my voice for the first time ever on a video, I highly recommend you to watch it below!

Fallout 4 -- Claim the Spectacle Island! [Video]

Hope the video helped you to claim the only island paradise in Fallout series! Also, any kind of (constructive) feedback is very much appreciated. If you liked the video, consider to share it with someone who might also appreciate it, and comment your thoughts here or on the YouTube video! That way, You help me directly to improve myself for future projects.

Thank you for reading / watching, cheers!

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