November 05, 2015

Fallout 4 Launch Trailer and Apps

Just a "few more days", as Bethesda Devs would say, until Fallout 4 release, and we got a beautiful Launch Trailer that contain spoilers to those who don't want to know anything about the story in Fallout 4. Bethesda is bombing us with lots of new information, screenshots, trailers and Apps lately and I love it. The marketing campaign for Fallout 4 is flawless from a day one!

Now, the trailer doesn't reveal the game story itself, but some of the aspects and game settings. If you ask me, I would watch it anyway, it is that good! Watch it, yeah. Below.

Fallout 4 Launch Trailer

Just a day before the Fallout 4 Launch Trailer, iOS and Android users got a new C.H.A.T. App, and now the Pip-Boy App also! I didn't check the C.H.A.T. App, but I got the chance to try the Pip-Boy App.

Fallout Pip-Boy

The Bip-Boy App is currently working in a demo mode until 11-10-15, and then you will have to connect it with your Fallout 4 game on PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4 to get it fully functional. Although in demo mode, you can actually see the Map with no landmarks, and also play the Atomic Command. 

Interesting about the Atomic Command is that it gives you the bonus landmark every 10000 points you collect. It is very challenging to collect 10000 points, I must say, so don't get your hopes too high. You can also view a few weapon and armor stats in demo mode. Get the Fallout Pip-Boy app at the App Store and Google Play. Windows app version will come later today.

Have you seen the latest Fallout 4 screens, launch trailer, or tried any of the new Apps?! Share your thoughts below!

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