July 20, 2015

Beautiful Fallout 4 1080x1920 Mobile Wallpapers

For us, the Fallout fans, there is nothing we want more than Fallout 4. That's why 90% of us search the internet on a daily basis for every new bit of info, picture or video. When you're on-the-go, there is a Fallout Shelter app, to keep you occupied and pumped for Fallout 4 even more.

Everywhere you go, you just want some reminder of that beautiful masterpiece called Fallout 4, even if it's in a form of a mobile wallpaper.

That's why I created a mobile wallpaper from the very first shots available from the Official Announcement Trailer, and it felt much warmer along my heart. Now, since we have much more screenshots, pictures and conceptual art that could be turned into mobile wallpaper, I made dozens of them and decided to share them all with you. Now you can too, feel that little bit of warmth every time when checking your phone, far away from home.

Fallout 4 1080x1920 Mobile Wallpapers

Fallout 4 1080x1920 Mobile Wallpapers

I'm sure that you will find the right Mobile Wallpaper for you. More to come, and until then, check the Fallout 4 Portal, or read the latest blog entries on Fallout 4!

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