June 28, 2015

Todd Howard and his Team Talk about Fallout 4 Details

Fallout 4's new color theme, where do the bombs fall in Boston? Can Dogmeat die? Voice actors... Since the great E3 Showcase (#BE3), revealing the Fallout 4 Gameplay and some of the game features, Todd Howard talked more detailed about the game. We recorded the most interesting interviews with Todd, and you can find them all below. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more interesting, fun, and engaging videos! Also, check the awesome Welcome to Boston Theme [VTi Mix].

Bethesda Twitch Interview [VIDEO]

Interview with Todd Howard about Fallout 4, where he talks about the game setting, features and much more. The interview was showcased on the 14th of June 2015 in the Bethesda's twitch stream.

Todd Howard YouTube Live at E3 Interview [VIDEO]

Here you will see Todd answering some of the questions such are; Why they decided to wait so long for Fallout 4 reveal, Voiced Characters, Single player exclusive, Mods and even more.

Todd Howard and Fallout 4 team Interview [VIDEO]

Todd Howard and his team members, including the main voice Actors are giving more details on Fallout 4 at E3 2015. See more information on the YouTube Video.

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