June 03, 2015

Let's Talk About Fallout 4's Trailer

So after a long long LONG wait, Fallout 4 is finally here! Now we just have to wait to actually PLAY it, but hey, taking pleasure in small victories is how I live my life. The next obvious progression for any Fallout fan is to watch the reveal trailer again and again, finding all manner of tidbits one can find in only 3 minutes of gloriously rendered game hype fuel.

For those of you who haven't actually SEEN the trailer, here you go:


The Opening Song
Critical to any Fallout-related trailer is the old-timey music playing at the start. Once again, the Ink Spots got us covered with "It's All Over but The Crying", a very fitting title considering the context.

Through the trailer, we have brief glimpses of the world before The War. This is especially fascinating to me, as the idea of a tutorial or game sequence in which you experience first hand what life was like before the bombs fell was always something I wanted to experience in the Fallout universe.

The dog that never seems to die while at the same time always dies makes a return of sorts. We have yet another canine companion for the series, and my money's on his name being the same as always.

Both Old and New
If one looks closely at the environment of the house, it seems to imply that this entry in the series doesn't take place very long after the War itself. This is actually evident throughout the trailer, as we follow a young boy running to the Vault in the pre-war sequences, and we then cut to Vault 111 opening with what we can assume is the young boy (The main character) stepping out for the first time. This would mean that the pre-war sequences will probably serve as a tutorial and character design part of the game!

It's Boston!
One can pick out from the various scenes that the game most definitely takes place in Boston, Massachusetts, as so many predicted before. I'm just glad it doesn't look exactly like DC did.

Enemies Returning
We get a few shots of enemies in the trailer, all of which appear revised in a way. There's a brief shot of what I assume are ghouls charging the player, what appears to be a Mirelurk scuttling along the sand, a much improved looking Protectron, and of course, everybody's favorite: The Deathclaw.

Zeppelins and Power Armor
One of the more striking shots of the trailer comes in with an honest to god Zeppelin, decked out all sci-fi-esque, looming over the famous Paul Revere statue in Boston's North End (Further solidifying the location). We also get a few shots of Power Armor clad individuals, but as others have already pointed out, it would seem one can make Power Armor out of spare parts, or even mod your own.

The New Megaton
Several times throughout we get shots of this post-war town, which, based on what one can see in the scenes, is called Diamond City. I would put money on it being the Megaton or New Vegas of Post-War Boston, the central hub for the player to rest in between hours of exploration and adventure.

Found his Words
So everybody's losing their shit over the main character (Or someone who may not even be the main character) speaking at the end of the trailer. While I highly doubt that your character will actually make verbal utterances other than the usual grunts and yells, I think it would be interesting to finally have one. Also, note how the jumpsuit for 111 is more akin to the original tight-fitting jumpsuits in the first 2 games as opposed to the looser baggy ones from Fallout 3 and NV.

There's a ton more little things to pick out from the trailer that I won't go into here, but, needless to say, this alone is a lot to take in. I for one will be watching with eyes glued to the screen for Bethesda's E3 outing, where we will undoubtedly learn more about this triumphant return. Feel free to share your thoughts on Facebook and Google+ post, and remember! War...War never changes.

Article by Henry Lombardi

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