April 06, 2015

If Fallout Was Real - Social Experiment Results

We are more than happy to say that our big social experiment If Fallout Was Real was a big success! For those who are not familiar with the experiment, let's just say that we gave Fallout fans approx. two weeks to answer some of the most interesting questions on our social media pages Facebook and Google+ about what would you do if Fallout was real. This article will focus on data collected from the whole experiment, but also with some comments insight from both, Google+ and Facebook page of the Vault-Tec inc.

The experiment reached over 101 000 people (there is something in 101, so let's just say it's about 101k). That's right, more than 101k people saw this experiment, and the engagement was excellent on both social media platforms, with more than 1100 comments about what would you do if Fallout was real.

Take a look at those two charts below, it will make some things clear to you;

Charts above doesn't show which social platform is "better", especially if you consider that Vault-Tec inc. Google+ Page has about 1k fans, and Facebook Page more than 12k. The charts above sums up pretty much that you don't have much crafting abilities in both, weapon crafting and building, but when it comes to daydreaming, you did a pretty good job of describing what would you do if Fallout was real.

If you want a comparison about which social media page "performed" this experiment "better", the answer is Google+. We received more engagement on our Google+ than Facebook page (considering 12:1 ratio of Page fans), and here is the chart;

We will split the results into two sections - Facebook and Google+, because of comments, but the post reach and comment count is the combination of both. I know, and we could all agree that, if Fallout was real for real - we would be dead. But that is not acceptable by Vault-tec, so, without further rambling about the experiment stats, here are the results of each post, and some of your answers;

1. What Would be Your First Thing to Do?

First things first, so we asked you what would be your first steps in the Fallout apocalypse, and here are the results;

Post reach: 31200
Comments: 313

Comments on Google+ Page:

Good / Most common answers;
Nattalie The Russian: probably gather supplies and try to find another group of survivors or even a bunker?, Logan Boese: Find food and water and a weapon?, Rachel McAnnally: Loot a Walmart, Martin K: Join a caravan.

Funny comments;
Lawrence Cooper - FroBak: Save to hard drive?, Don McCollough: Avoid living in Megaton just in case some wise-ass gets the idea to activate the bomb in the center of town.

Bad comments;
The Lone Wonder: be a dumbass. Am kidding I would dye my hair blue and kill everything, cain terrill: I would get away from my family and travel alone getting things I need as I go?

See Google+ Post.

Comments on Facebook Page:

Good / most common answers;
Maxwell Moreno: Start a settlement and slowly take over wat area I'm in., Mitchell Woods: Stock up on supplies, weapons, water, food, ammo. And then turn where I live into a fort, board up the windows with corrugated iron and wood., Brian Wheeler: Seek shelter., Kenny Neff: First thing? Pack supplies and load up my guns.

Funny comments;
Fabian Hawkins: Select the difficulty to easy.., Gary Howe: First... Sex... Then bit more sex.. Then if was still human and not ghoulified id try and find some friendly people and have more sex... Got to get the population back on its feet eh..., Josh Wagner: Id find Johnny and smash that Damned guitar!, Matthew Smith: The republic of matt.

Bad comments;
Aaron Joel Pleat: Die of radiation poisoning., Vinícius Gama de Farias: I would most likely die., Alex Barrett: Probably die.

See Facebook Post.

Share your thoughts (comment) about the whole If Fallout Was Real experiment on Google+ and Facebook post, or at comment section below!


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