March 18, 2015

Interview With the Prez - a Former Owner of The Enclave (Facebook Fan Page)


War. War never changes. This can't be truer even in a real life. On Facebook, there are so many Fallout fan pages we simply lost count. We might even say that there is a whole another virtual Fallout on Facebook; Love the creators? - there is the Vault-Tec page, love BoS? - there is a page, love the NCR? - there is a page, love the Enclave? - there is a page. No, wait, there WAS a page... That's right - the Enclave is officially wiped in a horrible manner, or in the act of a pure awesomeness, yours to judge. Just like in the game, in a "virtual Fallout" on Facebook, there are faction wars (aka page wars), and you know, it's true - war never changes.

By high sneak and speech skills available to one brave wastelander, the Enclave has fallen for good. Just like in the Fallout universe, the Enclave on Facebook was a huge organization, with about 30k of followers. The Prez is not dead, however, he retired. As a privilege the Vault-Tec inc. has with every government official, we asked the Prez about the whole thing. At least, you can now read the last words that will go down in history.

"I don't know where I stand; Am I the most stupid admin for what I did, or am I the most liked admin for being stupid for what I did?"
~ QWERTY - a former Enclave admin [Vault Girl]

Interview with the Prez

Q: In the name of Vault-Tec inc., I would like to thank you for this opportunity! However, do you mind reveal your true identity now?
A: My name is Jordan, as people have deemed it necessary to harass me on my personal account for shits and giggles, I'm not revealing my full name. They've even found it funny to bother my fiancĂ©, who has nothing to do with ANY of it. Regardless of what ANYONE thinks, Tiffany is VERY real. You know this to be true.

Q: That is great Jordan, thank you. Now, when did you actually hear about the whole incident, and what were you doing at the moment?
A: I was actually passed the fuck out at the time. I'm a bit of a night owl, so whoever did this clearly knew when to strike.

Q: Okay, but what exactly happened?!
A: My second-in-command, QWERTY, received a message from someone impersonating me, claiming that I'd lost access to all of my accounts and needed to be added to the page. Yes, she should've messaged me or one of the admins who had my phone number and had them call me to confirm. But that's neither here nor there. She was doing coursework for college at the time and had her head somewhere else. I'm not even mad about this one bit, as I was going to give her the page when I move Las Vegas next month anyway. I was planning on retiring to begin with, so all this amounts to is an early retirement. I'm asking people to stop calling her stupid or talking shit to her about it because if I am not mad, no one ELSE has a right to be because it was MY page and nobody else's.

Q: How would you rate the attack - the act of a cowardice, or a brilliant move with some skills involved?
A: I'd rate / categorize it as a combination of the two. It was cowardly and moronic because whoever did it apparently had nothing BETTER to do with their time. On the other hand, I'd call it a stroke of brilliance due to them thinking up such a devious plan to oust me. Either way, I don't really care about losing the page. I was going to retire anyway, but it's still a bit of a disappointment that I didn't get the chance to walk away on my OWN terms.

Q: How did you process the whole thing? You did put years in the Enclave, can you even remember how it all started?
A: When I heard about what happened upon waking, my first thought was one of indifference. Sure, it kinda sucks losing something I built up over a period of 2 1/2 years, but nothing can be done about it now. I'm not losing sleep over it. I have a life to live and I'm not giving anyone the satisfaction in believing that they affected my life in the least because they did NOT. It all started on October 8, 2012. I was part of a smaller page, Caesar's Legion. They did a purge of all admins and I was a casualty. I thought to myself "hmm, what major faction isn't represented by a large page?" I did a little research and just so happened to find that my favorite faction, the Enclave, had a page of only 900 as its largest.

Q: Why did you add a co-owner to the page and do you believe she could done better?
A: I added a co-owner back in December 2014 due to the fact that someone infiltrated my page and attempted to get the Enclave removed. He almost succeeded, which made me add two admins I trusted the most due to them being amongst the oldest and thus more mature. That and the fact they were already owners of larger pages made me trust them, as they were unlikely to hijack the page. However, one left due to having a lot on her plate. I personally think QWERTY did a great job as Vice-Prez. The ONLY thing she could've done differently is double check with me or another admin before adding "me" to the page. We're still friends and always WILL be. I hold no animosity against her over this in the least.

Q: Are there any plans for the future involving the community?
A: No, there are not. I'm retired at this point, which was in my immediate future anyway. I was added to the replacement page, yet have no plans on posting and may very well just remove myself.

Q: Any last words for the community?
A: All I ask is that people who dislike me leave me and my fiancé alone. I'm out. I'm done. She had NOTHING to do with the page to begin with, so harassing her is about as low as it gets. Doesn't matter who thinks she is fake, but I assure you, she is not. ALL that I ask is that we are left alone to live our lives in peace without worrying about who is going to message us talking shit next. I've met some good friends along the way and will miss all of the page's TRUE fans. You guys rock. Until we meet again, this is President Jordan Henry Eden, signing off.

[R.I.P. Enclave]

Author's note: I would like to personally thank Jordan for this interview - Thank you, and I wish you all the best in private life! To my personal belief, it is no way to go in such terms, no matter what. Qwerty is also not to blame for what happened, moreover, I think I would do the exact thing.

What are your thoughts about the way this page has fallen, let us know. Leave your comments about the whole "Enclave thing"! I will leave you with some personal closure from Qwerty as well:
"Yeah, basically, I'm aware that it was stupid and I am sorry, but what's done is done. The Enclave had a good run and I enjoyed being a part of the team; I made some good friends. But it's time to say goodbye, it was fun while it lasted."

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