October 13, 2014

Fallout 3 Total Conversion - Fallout: Zero

Fallout Zero is a total conversion mod of Fallout 3 game, complete with its own world and backstory set two months after the outbreak of the Great War. The mod includes several new game features such as a reactive people helmet, a drivable metro car, craftable objects, an original basic needs system (hunger, thirst, etc.).

The player is teleported to a Zero world with a level 1 Character, an empty inventory and the possibility to choose their character’s attributes. After completing the story, the player is ‘returned’ to the original world of Fallout 3, retaining the Level and attributes their character had possessed before starting the mod.

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The Story

Our hero and his/her father have been living in the basement of their bombarded house for the past two months since the Great War broke out. With supplies running low, their only chance for survival is to find a way inside the city’s Vault. Join our hero and discover a world of survivors crippled by the fatal lack of food and drinking water, ubiquitous radiation, an imminent nuclear winter, and humanity’s inability to come to terms with the consequences of its own deeds. Their fate, along with your own, is in your hands.

The mod focuses on solving different tasks depending on the main character’s (mainly non-combat related) attributes. This mod is not meant for FPS players, although it’s not always possible to avoid combat (however, ammo and decent weapons are hard to come by). Tip: Don’t try to kill your enemies as soon as you lay eyes on them. Your foes are stronger than you right from the start, so you should keep in mind that the enemy of your enemy can offer a much needed helping hand. 

Based on your reaction, the world of Fallout Zero will change as a whole: everything is interconnected. The main storyline will always give you at least two possibilities to choose from, with every one of your decisions leading to a completely different result.

You can see the Fallout Zero intro video below. For all videos about this mod, including walk-through, see VIDEOS page on Nexus.

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