October 18, 2014

Krai Mira - a Post-apocalyptic RPG Inspired by Fallout

Krai Mira is a single player, RPG adventure that takes place on boundless steppes, radioactive swamps, distinctive settlements and grim mountain forests of the same-named island.

Scorched by the sun and hopelessly irradiated, 12 years after the collapse of the Second Soviet empire, the Earth is soaked in toxic waste and blood of its former masters. Those who remain are fighting to survive the endless and the senseless struggle with the environment, and inevitably, by themselves.

Troublous times of KGB Inquisition and bloody communists sank into oblivion. But the deep scar they left in people's mind continued to bleed. A new evil, even more cruel and insidious, made a nest somewhere deep in Crimean mountains. Those who remain are fighting to survive the endless struggle.


3D Engine - Imagine Fallout2 gameplay with an option to zoom in/out and rotate the camera, adjust resolution and quality, using hills and roofs in combat. Realistic day/night cycles, water reflections, particles, fog, and rain – all these features are supported by the modern 3D engine.

Turn-based combat with some improvements - Now you don't need to wait for every combat member to take its turn. Instead of successive moves all members (except the player) take their turns simultaneously.

RagDoll physics - Killed enemies fall more realistic. Those who like walking on the roofs, sometimes perform complex acrobatic somersaults before they die.

Improved AI - So called 'realistic perception' was borrowed from Commandos series. You can sneak behind enemies and use terrain objects to lurk. Don't get into the field of view of your opponents and don't use firearms until you are noticed or they will raise the alarm and call for their companions. Note that some armor like helmets, gas masks, sunglasses affect perception.

Open World - Wander through vast Crimean wastelands and feel the spirit of freedom and post-apocalyptic reality. Travel using the global map and explore random locations with diverse enemies that will not let you get bored.

NPC followers - People and other animals will join you if you are able to interest them with something. 'Something' can vary from common ideas to few screw-nuts (main currency on the island).

Lock picking, Stealing, Gambling, etc.In the development we set realistic goals, and some of these features can be implemented in the expanded version only. Though we've made tech demos for you to check them out online on the game's website. These features are not just skills depending on your stats. To pick a lock, you'll have to choose the right shape of each section of a Decoder pick, with a limited amount of attempts. For successful stealing, you should take into account sights of view those people who could see your action.

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A significant part of the work has been done. Battle mechanics, inventory system, weapons, AI, user interface, models, and animations, etc. - this is a result of 2-years work. The most exciting – new locations, settlements, quests, monsters – is coming. This is also is the most time-consumptive part of the development.

Krai Mira is a game influenced by the Black Isle Studios' Fallout franchise such as Fallout and Fallout 2. You are set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where you'll have to survive through its potential dangers.

A player will follow a predefined sequence of locations, with the ability to enter so-called 'random areas' from the global map. The gameplay will be focused on fighting. You will also be able to gain experience, improve your basic skills, buy equipment and take quests that will follow you through the main storyline.

If you love Fallout games, especially the classic ones, see the video below, and check Krai Mira on Steam!

Fallout 1, 2 Tactics, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4