September 24, 2014

Fallout: New Vegas - Top Unmarked Locations (Page 6/6)


   26. Train tunnel

The tunnel is located between Raul's shack and the Brotherhood of Steel safehouse, north of Gypsum train yard. It is home to some feral ghouls and glowing ones. It is lined with frag mines throughout, including some placed on the waist-high ledge on either side of the tunnel. Near the western exit are two bear traps. Both ends of the tunnel are locked with a Very Hard lock.

The tunnel is an alternative route to reach Nellis Air Force Base in order to avoid most of the shelling. It will exit just south of Nellis within view of the control tower. Follow the right-hand tracks to the fence and then head left along the fence line to avoid most of the bombardment.

   27. Violet's trailer fort

It is located just south of the Poseidon gas station. The fort is surrounded by trailers which act as walls with only a few places to enter from. Inside the fort is a 2 story scrap metal shack with several fire barrels around it and a ramp to get to the 2nd floor, this is where Violet and Violetta are, in the back of it. On the 2nd floor there are a few beds and some good loot to prospect. On the first floor there are a few Fiend guard dogs to watch out for.

Violet is a Fiend leader, one of three fiend leaders during Three-Card Bounty. Her head is needed as proof of her demise. Violetta's brain is one of three possible replacement brains for Rex.

   28. Wins hideout

It is located halfway between Westside and H&H Tools Factory. A small house, with a pile of tires near the front door. Next to the house is a small deck containing a couch, a tricycle, a washing machine and two ammunition cases. When entering the house Sammy and Pauline are usually standing in the middle with a bed to the left and a couch to the right. The safe is in the far right corner with a lamp on it and there is a refrigerator on the far left side with some food and wine, with a container next to it. All of the items in the hideout have no ownership, so they are free to loot.

   29. Sealed sewers

The sealed sewers are accessed from the central sewers. A key called Luke's find must be obtained to enter, it is found on "Blind" Luke in a room in the central sewers or "Sweet" Jill in a room in the east central sewers. The south part of map contains a room filled with several feral ghouls, including a feral ghoul reaver. The Humble Cudgel, a unique weapon found on the corpse of a dead prospector. A fire axe can also be found next to the prospector's corpse.

   30. North sewers

They are accesible in the Mojave Wasteland, Westside, North Vegas Square and The Thorn. The sewer connects to the Central sewers via pipeline in the south, and to the fighting arena of The Thorn in the west. There are several exits to the settlements around New Vegas via manholes in the north section of the sewer. On the Courier's map most exits are labeled Mojave Wasteland except for those to Westside and North Vegas Square, this is because these exits are inside the walls of these settlements.

The location of the exit is mentioned however when looking at the ladders. The exits that are labeled Mojave Wasteland from left to right on the player character's map are: North Vegas (just outside the settlement, very near the H&H Tools Factory), Freeside's north gate and the Crimson Caravan Company. Greasy Johnny can be found in the east portion of the sewer.


This article is written with the help of the Fallout Wiki. I hope you've enjoyed this pretty list of unmarked locations in Fallout: New Vegas. There are more than 60+ unmarked locations in Mojave Wasteland, and I put the ones that I've personally discovered, however, some of them are not on this list and couple of them are just have to be listed, which I haven't discovered. How many unmarked locations do you remember? You can share us your thoughts on #VTi Facebook or Google+ post. Also, share this article with your Fallout friends.

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