September 24, 2014

Fallout: New Vegas - Top Unmarked Locations (Page 5/6)


   21. Orion Moreno's house

It is located just north of the NCR sharecropper farms. It is an unremarkable ranch style home surrounded by a broken down white picket fence. It has a fireplace, car port, and two entrance doors. Inside, the bed can be slept in without penalty; however, most items inside are considered owned and will result in Karma loss if stolen. The interior is also identical to Doc Mitchell's house. Orion Moreno can be found here unless the quest For Auld Lang Syne has been completed.

   22. REPCONN test site checkpoint

This is the only road to and from the REPCONN test site, and is teeming with feral ghouls. Be on your guard, and check the checkpoint for chems on the small table, then ransack the checkpoint under the bridge itself. Then run to the sandbag defenses at the far (southwest) end, under the bridge, to collect a number of items. Finally, double back up the north slope of the bridge to the top of the bridge itself, and claim further items. There are also several ash piles containing rebar clubs.

   23. Ringo's caravan

It is located near Jean Sky Diving. This was Ringo's caravan. However, Powder Gangers, led by Joe Cobb, attacked his caravan and killed two guards. Ringo escaped the battle and is hiding out in the Goodsprings gas station. Ominously, the dead female guard has had her clothing removed by the Powder Gangers that are still nearby, whereas the male guard is still clothed.

   24. The One

The One is an undetonated nuclear bomb found slightly west-northwest of the Devil's Throat. It appears only by having the Wild Wasteland trait. There is +1-3 Rads/sec when next to the bomb. Depending on the Courier's level, there will be two to four super mutant masters behind the bomb, next to a cave. There are also several glowing ones or feral ghoul roamers around the area. Without the trait, there is only a small blackened area of ground with a constant +1 Rads/sec.

   25. Train station

The train station is situated almost directly next to the REPCONN headquarters. There are two entrances to the station's interior: one located behind the ticket purchasing area, and the other at the front of the building in the waiting area. Apart from a few hefty stashes of pre-War money in the ticket booth shelves and cash registers and a doctor's bag, there is little to no notable loot within the building itself.


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