September 24, 2014

Fallout: New Vegas - Top Unmarked Locations (Page 3/6)


   11. East central sewers

This portion of the sewers is small compared to the other sections of sewer that can be found underneath New Vegas. There is a connection to the central sewers in the east and there are four exits to the surface. One exits at the NCR Sharecropper Farms. A corpse named "Sweet" Jill is located in the south east corner and contains the key, Luke's Find, one of two that can be used to open the sealed sewer that contains The Humble Cudgel. The other key is located on "Blind" Luke's body in the central sewers.

A storage room near the center of the sewers exits contains a locked (hard) gun cabinet, which contains random, leveled gun(s) and ammunition. The key for this cabinet worn key can be found on a glowing one in the central sewers near the multiplas rifle and terminal.

   12. Fabulous New Vegas sign

It can be found by exiting Camp McCarran and turning north. It is also visible as a sniper outpost in the opening cinematic. There is a platform on the back of the sign, as suggested in the opening cinematic where a New California Republic Veteran Ranger with an anti-materiel rifle snipes a fiend at the El Rey Motel, but this platform is inaccessible by normal means and at night there isn't a ranger sniper present at the post.

The sign is in a similar location to its real world analogue, the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign, except that the real world analogue is smaller in size and the "Las" on the sign has been replaced by "New."

   13. Gibson's shack

It is located west of Gibson scrap yard, past the power lines. A small, destitute shack with a campfire and several empty whiskey bottles surrounding a skeleton on a bed. There are also a few chems scattered around and a finger impaled on a machete driven into the wall next to the skeleton.

There is also a Comm Station terminal, used in the quest I Could Make You Care. According to Veronica, the terminal contained in the shack was used by Father Elijah to pass technological information to her. You can find unique finger near skeleton and seven Med-X.

   14. Great Khan armory

It is located in a basement of a burned out house northeast of the Spring Mt. Ranch State Park, at the south entrance to Red Rock Canyon. The armory is accessed through a pale yellow cellar door outside of the house. It is occupied by an unnamed Great Khan and the Great Khan armorer. She will let you trade with her if you have enough fame with the Great Khans.

The armory storage area is to the left, with a workbench and reloading bench to the right. A steel, Hard-locked gate protects the armory's merchandise from theft.

   15. Great Khan supply cave

The Great Khan supply caves are three unmarked locations in the Mojave Wasteland, two of which are located almost directly north of Bitter Springs, with the third located to the northwest. The three caves are involved in two quests for Captain Gilles, namely Climb Ev'ry Mountain and No, Not Much.

Irradiated supply cave is found at the north edge of Bitter Springs, to the left of the path leading up into the mountains behind the camp. Night stalker den supply cave is north of Bitter Springs, at the end of the path which leads up into the mountains behind the camp. Oscar Velasco's supply cave is located to the northwest of Bitter Springs. By staying close to the incline on the right, and climbing up whenever possible, the player will come to a narrow path near the top of the mountain. The cave entrance is along this path, to the right.


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