September 24, 2014

Fallout: New Vegas - Top Unmarked Locations (Page 2/6)


   6. Camp Searchlight trailer park

It is a fenced off area which contains numerous trailers and campers which can be openly explored, however, be wary of the radiation in this area especially around the radioactive barrels as it can get rather high. There are several golden geckos in the park as well as some feral ghouls in the area. On the southern perimeter of Camp Searchlight is more evidence of it's irradiation at the hands of the Legion: it is a trailer park that has been reduced to a radioactive graveyard of abandoned campers and forgotten trailers.

   7. Carlyle St. Clair's house

Carlyle St. Clair's house is located to the north of the Crimson Caravan Company, adjacent to the string of power line towers that are beside the road running from Horowitz farmstead to Raul's shack. As you approach it, the shack is partially hidden from sight as it is in a ditch, just under a cliff-face.

Carlyle St. Clair's house is a small one room house. There is a dumpster outside containing random loot. Inside the house there is a double size sleepable bed, a refrigerator containing alcoholic beverages, and a shelf. Mortimer will warn the player that this location is surrounded by traps, but none are to be found. You will find Carlyle St. Clair III sitting outside the house, and if you talk to him, he will become hostile.

   8. Central sewers

Located In front of Camp McCarran. There are two dead prospectors in this location. One is in a room off to the left of the long north-south tunnel on the east side of the map. The other is near the center of the map where several tunnels intersect. Both contain random guns, ammunition, and food. There is a multiplas rifle and an Average locked radiation suit case with an advanced radiation suit, located in the same room as the central sewer control terminal.

In the north section of the sewers is a room with "Blind" Luke, a corpse that contains one of the two Luke's Finds (a key to open the sealed sewers). The other key is on the corpse of "Sweet" Jill in the East central sewers. The room located inbetween the two East central sewers doors contains several feral ghouls including a glowing one. You can find a worn key in the inventory of the glowing one. A terminal with access to Central sewers control is also located here. The south-west room near the sealed sewers is inhabited by 5 Fiends. The exit marked "Mojave Wasteland" is an exit to Camp McCarran. It is guarded by NCR troopers.

   9. Crashed airliner

Not much can be said about pre-War airliner. The crash site is located southwest of Nipton Road pit stop. It is buried in the sand, and only the left wing and tail-fin are visible. An ammunition box is located under the back wing, containing a few 5.56mm rounds. Radscorpions spawn in the surrounding area.

   10. Deathclaw promontory

It is located on the east bank of the Colorado River, directly east of Lucky Jim mine and Cliffside prospector camp. It is a rough, uneven area over a cliff, with a labyrinth of hills, filled with a large number of various types of deathclaws. The area has been known to be inhabited by about 36 deathclaws total, varying from alpha males, mothers, and normal deathclaws; as well as young and baby deathclaws.

Remnants power armor (but no helmet) can be found on a dead prospector. A suit of T-51b power armor can be found on a second dead prospector. Three deathclaw eggs can be found at the southern end against a cliff. A Multiplas rifle can be found next to one of the dead prospectors. A Tri-beam laser rifle can be found next to the other dead prospector.

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