September 21, 2014

Fallout 3 - Top Unmarked Locations (Page 9/9)


  41. Super mutant bunker

The super mutant bunker is a base of operations for the super mutants located in the middle of their two trenches under The Mall. The super mutants occupy all the territory east of the Washington Monument. It appears as if the Brotherhood of Steel once occupied the bunker, be it for a brief period, before it was retaken, as evidenced by several Brotherhood of Steel corpses as well as radio equipment. 

There are two entrances to the super mutant bunker. The eastern entrance is at the bottom of a pit protected by a trap. The western entrance is in the western trench behind a sandbag wall. Both entrances are booby trapped. Once you enter you may be able to see a super mutant brute. If the super mutants outside are sufficiently damaged they may retreat, and occasionally they may run into the bunker.

  42. Super mutant bonfire

It is located northwest of Rivet City. A hill with metal fencing, it is home to 3 super mutants and a captive who can be rescued. There is a makeshift bedding, so it can be used as player housing, and ammunition boxes and a few supplies. There are also lots of gore bags with caps and Small Guns ammunition in them. During The Waters of Life, when draining the intake pipes, Vertibirds may fire upon the super mutants at this location. Due to it being in close vicinity to Rivet City, water caravans and traveling merchants passing by this location are often attacked by super mutants on the hill.

  43. Wasteland gypsy village

It is located north of the Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal. There are four shacks in total, three of which can be entered. The village is a mishmash of rusted shacks and derelict vehicles. The four main shacks are situated in a rough diamond shape, with two withered trees and a couple of scattered shelters that appear to be slapped together with scrap metal and wood beams. The southern most edge of the village is protected by a steep cliff and there is an inaccessible boarded up shelter door, suggesting the site might have once been a mine or crudely fashioned fallout shelter for the gypsy villagers.

A band of six hostile ghoul wastelanders inhabit this shantytown, five of which will immediately attack anyone detected in the area, and a sixth who skulks about inside the northern shack. This was once a settlement that was either overrun by a band of ghoul wastelanders, or perhaps the citizens themselves turned into ghouls, as the shacks are located within close proximity to Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal (which is highly irradiated), though there is no way of knowing for certain. One shack contains an foreboding sign however, as several piles of human skeletons litter the ground behind a barricade of tables.

  44. Wastelander lake hideout

a camp established behind an irradiated lake near the far top of the Wasteland. It was home to at least one scientist and possibly a wastelander before they were presumably killed by one or more raiders. To get to this location, the Lone Wanderer must head west, slightly northwest, of Oasis. This may be difficult for some, as several Enclave soldiers will set up camp nearby if the player has completed The Waters of Life.

The camp is hidden across the lake, behind part of an old dump truck. A bed, several RadAways, chems, and a safe can be found in a small area here. The safe contains random caps and chems. The corpse of a scientist wearing a radiation suit can be found next to a dead wastelander in this small area, both lying in blood. A lone raider is also found a few feet away from the bodies, drowned in water.

  45. Wastelander campsite

Located on the very edge of the map, southwest of the yao guai tunnels and west of Rockopolis. The location is difficult to spot, due to being surrounded by cliffs on three sides. The tent can also be difficult to see, as it is camouflaged against the rocks. Here you will find two wastelanders around a campfire listening to a radio.

On top of the nearby rock spire, there's an elevated platform providing an ideal observation perch for a sniper, therefore suitably, a sniper rifle and ammunition box can be found near a chair. The tent itself contains a Ham radio, a usable bed, 2 first aid boxes, and other minor loot - a plasma grenade may be found in one of the pots. Behind the tent is another ammunition box and a mine box.


This article is written with the help of the Fallout Wiki. I hope you've enjoyed this pretty long list of unmarked locations in Fallout 3. There are more than 80+ unmarked locations in Capital Wasteland, I put the ones that I've personally discovered, however, some of them are not on this list and couple of them are just have to be listed, which I haven't discovered. How many unmarked locations do you remember? You can share us your thoughts on #VTi Facebook or Google+ post. Also, share this article with your Fallout friends.

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