September 21, 2014

Fallout 3 - Top Unmarked Locations (Page 8/9)


  36. Tidal Basin

The Tidal Basin is a partially man-made reservoir found in the Capital Wasteland. Before the War, it was a productive fishing and boating port with the Jefferson Memorial in its center. When the bombs fell, mirelurks began colonizing it, soon infesting the water. The basin is filled with many row boats, tugboats, and dinghies. Many boxes of loot are still aboard the half-sunken, and dilapidated boats that mar in the shallows of the district's port basin.

It is surrounding territory was being fought over by the Brotherhood of Steel, the Enclave, and the super mutant hordes that occupied Downtown Washington, D.C., and in 2277 the Brotherhood seized it and gained control of Project Purity. The Tidal Basin could have been infected with the modified FEV if the Lone Wanderer chose to do so during the final part of Take it Back! main quest. After completing Take it Back! the water in the basin will no longer be irradiated.

  37. Talon Company recon camp

The outpost is located southeast of the Arlington Library. This outpost has three outdoor floors. On the bottom floor there are two shelves with numerous amounts of loot with a locked first aid kit (25 Lockpick is required to open it). Next to the shelves is a workbench and a bottlecap mine sitting on top of it. Below the workbench is a locked safe (50 Lockpick needed to open). Next is three ammunition boxes. One of them is locked and needs 50 Lockpick skill to open. They contain various amounts and types of ammo.

On the 2nd floor, that first platform is just that desk which contains various types of loot. If you walk back to the road and turn left and keep walk then take another left you will reach a walkway. This is the 2nd floor second platform. This room has a pool table with various loot. Behind the pillar when you walked in is a locked (50) gun case. It contains various loot. On the top floor, if you walk all the way down is three ammunition boxes. One of which is locked needs a Lockpick skill of 50 to open. They contain various ammo types and amounts.

  38. Talon Company camp

The building functions as a forward operating base for three Talon Company mercenaries. It is located in an office building a short distance to the southwest of the sewer waystation (across the arterial road and up the hill), a bit west north-west of Grayditch. The building is recognizable by a metal stairway on the east side of the building, usually with a number of corpses dumped just underneath.

Once inside the building, a narrow hallway (which can form something of a choke point for an unauthorized intruder like the player character) leads to a common room, from which two other rooms lead off; a store room and a control room/dormitory. There is a Talon Company merc in each room. The rest of the building is inaccessible due to passageways being blocked by collapsed ceilings. Minor amounts of random loot can be found in several of the containers.

  39. Small ranch

The small ranch is the only habitable house left in Springvale. You can reach it by heading north from Megaton, following the road. The house is located a block away from the Red Rocket gas station, across the street from a destroyed house. The house is occupied by Silver, an ex-prostitute from Megaton. The ranch faces east. The front entranceway is protected by a canopy. At the rear of the house, there is a covered porch. The player can enter the house from the front, or the rear.

It has two rectangular rooms. The first room is used by Silver as a kitchen and pantry. In this room, there is a first aid box, a garbage can, a refrigerator, and an oven. Silver uses the other room as a bedroom. She has an active radio in this room set to the Enclave channel. This room contains a bed and a cabinet.

40. Sniper shack

The sniper shack, or abandoned shack in-game, is a building on a cliff to the west of Rockbreaker's Last Gas. The sniper shack is a single room building, containing a locker, ammunition boxes, a fridge, a stove, metal boxes, and a bed. There is also a workbench and a cage containing the game's only named radroaches: Fluffy and Jitters.


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