September 21, 2014

Fallout 3 - Top Unmarked Locations (Page 7/9)


  31. Rockopolis

Rockopolis is a hidden underground settlement that was abandoned sometime before the year 2277. It is located at the western edge of the Capital Wasteland, north of Girdershade and southeast of the yao guai tunnels. An easy way to locate Rockopolis is to head directly west from Smith Casey's garage. Eventually the Lone Wanderer will encounter a ravine blocking the path. Drop into the ravine and traverse it forward to Rockopolis. The most noticeable feature outside Rockopolis is the multicolored plastic triangle pennants hanging from the rocks, but the bright light emanating from the ladder entrance at night should make Rockopolis easy to spot.

There is no visible door. The player character must activate the large boulder in front of the pennants (left of the tree). One dead tree is on the right of the entrance, two are on the left. And as the attached pictures show, there is a length of bunting above the boulder. It is easiest to find at night, as there are lights glowing on the rock face as you approach it from the east. The entrance is very close to the center of that particular square on the map. A random encounter location is near the entrance. There is a string of multicolored plastic triangle pennants (much like those found in Little Lamplight) above the entrance boulder. If you approach from above, you'll see a small canyon - keep looking down - you'll notice a soft glow. Jump down and you'll have the option of entering Rockopolis without ever seeing the exterior.

The only accessible section of Rockopolis is now a small area with some random objects. The tunnel to what was the rest of Rockopolis itself is permanently blocked by rocks. The area has the appearance of a cave dwelling, but lacks any beds. The corpse of Argyle can be found near the cave in.

  32. Raider wreckage fortification

These fortifications are located just southwest of broadcast tower KB5. The fortifications are three stacks of cars turned into raider territory, two stacks have been converted into "vantage points" whereas the last (and highest) stack is a wooden plank leading onto a platform. On the platform there is a table with some loot.

  33. Sewer (Grayditch)

The sewer is a small underground series of tunnels located to the south of Grayditch and directly west of Falls Church Metro, in the vicinity of the ghoul outpost. The first room you enter is irradiated above normal (3-4 rads/sec), with two tunnels to the north which shortly converge. The upper half of the first room, as well as the entire north tunnel, is filled with a gas trap. Two tripwires connected to grenade bouquets are located halfway up each tunnel, and will set off the gas trap (and vice versa).

There are usually 3 feral ghouls in the area, who may set off the tripwire. At the middle of the right-hand tunnel is a dead wastelander in between two grenade boxes, one of which is locked (Easy). At the top of the tunnel is another dead wastelander. If you have downloaded the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel, expect to find several feral ghoul reavers at higher levels.

  34. Shelter

The shelter is a small, unmarked area on the Pip-Boy 3000 world map, but the door appears on the Pip-Boy's local map. It is located south of the Chryslus Building, and east of Farragut West Metro station. The entrance is a door underneath an intact bridge. If you start at the entrance to the Chryslus Building, head south to the second semi-intact road, which should have concrete dividers in the middle.

Coming from Farragut West Metro station, head around NNW up the slope to the first road, and follow that road east. If you wind up seeing an intact bridge with two statues of three Valkyrie winged-women, you're on the road to the north and it's safest with followers to backtrack west to get to the next road to the south. There's a blue and yellow truck in the east bound lanes with 3 ammunition boxes.

The door to the shelter is under the north side of the bridge just past the truck. You may see a fire ahead on the road, this is a burning pile of tires at a small fortified super mutant camp. Approaching the super mutant camp may trigger an Enclave Vertibird drop off after The Waters of Life quest, 2 Enclave soldiers and a Sentry bot are usually dropped off on top of the bridge.

  35. The Roach King's throne

Located northeast of Minefield. It is inhabited by The Roach King and 6 radroaches. The throne is mainly composed of a Red Rocket playground set, with a simple wooden chair in front of it. Several black plastic mats surround the area. A clock is mounted above the chair. A single mini nuke is hidden inside the Red Rocket.

Taking from the ammunition box next to the throne results in a loss of Karma. After the Enclave arrive in public, there will be an Enclave outpost on the rocky bluff directly behind the throne.


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