September 21, 2014

Fallout 3 - Top Unmarked Locations (Page 6/9)


  26. Musty caverns

An unmarked location in the Capital Wasteland, located east of Mason Dixon Salvage. It appears as a regular ant hill entrance. The interior layout is almost identical to the ant mound in Fallout: New Vegas. It features several long, narrow tunnels that are dotted with cave fungi, among other things. At the end of the tunnels, there is one round room with two corpses that have little to no valuable loot on them. Outside of the cave is a respawn point for enemies, mainly giant ants, radscorpions as well as deathclaws at higher levels. Immediately inside the cavern there are also giant soldier ants.

  27. Overlook raider shack

It is located just west of broadcast tower KB5. This location consists of a ruined house with a wrecked four-door Corvega and a Flea parked in front of it. The house itself is marked with various graffiti. Four raiders patrol the inside of the house and the surroundings. Inside of the house, there is a bathtub with a mini nuke and a skeleton next to it. The fireplace has been filled with ammo boxes and stimpaks. On the other side of a the room, there is a storage rack filled with meds and an edition of Tumblers Today. In the other corner of the room, a freezer filled with gore can be found.

  28. Pirate Pely

A "Boats & Bait" shop located just south of the irradiated metro and north of the Jefferson Memorial. This is an unmarked location and cannot be fast traveled to. Pirate Pely is a small shack with a pier at the bank of the Tidal Basin. There are a few waterlogged boats located outside, though they are unusable. The shop dealt in "Rentals, Worms, Ice Cream and Talking Parrots".

The building's interior is very small, with barely enough room to move. There is a drinking fountain in the right corner and a set of lockers in the left. Behind the counter there's a refrigerator and a mannequin, as well as a footlocker. Under the counter, almost directly beneath the cash register, is a hard locked safe. The safe may also be opened with the average locked terminal on the counter. A single radroach occupies the shack.

29. Radiation King

Residing in Georgetown located next to A Cuppa Joe and Cornucopia Fresh Groceries, there can be super mutants as well as Talon Company mercs in the nearby area. Upon entering all that can be seen of the store is a small one room area with a bathroom. It is inhabited by a scavenger with a ham radio and a jukebox and 3 radios.

The scavenger buys/sells items and can repair your gear, although his Repair skill is only 12. He can be killed with a negative effect on Karma and his wares looted, however, stealing the food is considered theft and will also result in Karma loss. Everything else is not owned and can be taken freely.

  30. Raid shack

It can be found due east of the Bethesda ruins, north of the Chryslus Building, and south of the Wheaton Armory. There are two raiders outside, patrolling the front of the house. There is also a small white trailer with two ammunition boxes and Buffout just to the right when you enter the grounds. On the opposite side of the yard there is a table with various items and one ammunition box. Another ammunition box is further under the table and hard to spot.

Once you enter the shack, there will be three or four raiders depending on your level, one with a flamer upstairs and another in the kitchen wielding the unique combat knife, Stabhappy. There are various supplies within the house and the layout is simple. Downstairs is the kitchen and living room. Upstairs is a master bedroom, kid's bedroom and a bathroom. All beds in the shack can be slept in. There are many weapons and health items as well as ammunition scattered throughout the house.


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