September 21, 2014

Fallout 3 - Top Unmarked Locations (Page 5/9)


  21. Hotel

Known only as "hotel", this location is used by the Brotherhood of Steel as an outpost and can be found at Pennsylvania Avenue, near Penn. Ave/Georgetown Metro and the White House. Outside the hotel on first arrival, 3 Brotherhood of Steel paladins are fighting super mutants. There is no special dialogue or quest activation, the Lone Wanderer can either help them or watch them fight alone against the super mutants. Inside the hotel, there is a rigged shotgun and a lone paladin sleeping on the bed inside. Setting off the shotgun awakes him or her, but they do not turn hostile. They begin to walk around the rather small hotel. The accessible area of the hotel is very small. This is due to a collapsed ceiling which blocks off access to anything other than a small entrance room and the hotel lobby.

  22. Isabella Proud's camp

The camp is very tricky to get to. It is located In the "backyard" of the factory in Takoma Industrial. Before you find the Talon tent, jump over the railing onto the metal structure which is half submerged. Jump onto the small ledge and then travel right and then left between two buildings and take a right at the end of the alley. The camp is on the other side of a small pond.

The camp consists of Isabella Proud and her husband Jason, both deceased at the time when you arrive. It consists of a tent containing a terminal with Isabella's notes on her research and some feral ghouls in a pool of water nearby as well as the corpses of its former inhabitants, clad in radiation suits.

  23. McClellan family townhome

The home is located in the first floor of a three-story brick building. By the small backyard is a centaur and a leveled super mutant wielding a melee weapon. There also the family's dog, Muffy, can be found dead beside a full bottle of whiskey.

The home is remarkably small, consisting in the main living room (in which a derelict baby carriage can be found), the kitchen, the children's bedroom, the room with the dormant Mr. Handy, and the master bedroom upstairs. Inside the children's room is the remains of the family's oldest son, lying in bed still holding his teddy bear, along with an assortment of toys. In the adjacent room is the dormant (but still working) Mr. Handy, besides which is the unprotected terminal that can be used to control it. Lastly, the master bedroom upstairs consists only of a couple-sized bed, a chair, and a ceiling light.

  24. Mole rat race track

The location lies almost right beneath the bridge crossing the highway, following the road leading to Grayditch's western entrance. The two tracks are comprised of short, barbed wire fences going slightly downhill on the highway, and two cages for the mole rats are found, along with two first aid boxes and a standard ammunition box. Several empty liquor bottles, some jet, and tin cans litter the place. Aside from the two mole rats, the site is populated by five low-level, non-respawning raiders; two of them carrying melee weapons, and three wielding firearms.

  25. Monorail train wreckage

It is located northeast of Germantown Police HQ. Three or more raiders have set camp next to four crashed monorail train cars. The camp is made of scrap metal planks on the floor, 2 shopping carts, a fire pit and a bathtub. Duck and Cover! can be found on the floor next to the bathtub.

In the Fallout 3 Official Game Guide, it states that the camp is "northwest" of Germantown Police HQ, when it is actually northeast.


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