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Fallout 3 - Top Unmarked Locations (Page 4/9)


  16. Fort Bannister ground zero

The entire area is pock-marked with craters, a favorite resting place for radscorpions. While the small craters hold nothing of value, the massive one contains an overturned military truck as well as a safe behind the truck's cab and in front of that safe is some RadAway.

The main crater has also two ditches, or tails, on each side. A crashing plane armed with nuclear weapons or a nuclear payload may have caused the ditches, with a large piece of debris sliding through the dirt forming the other ditch. Another suggestion is that a U.S military bomber leaving to bomb China may have been struck by an EMP emitted by a nuclear weapon and crashed, resulting in the crater. There may have also been an alien craft crash, or some alien activity, given the presence of the alien power cells. After The Waters of Life, an Enclave detachment will establish an outpost overlooking the large crater. This camp usually consists of several Enclave soldiers, an Enclave officer, and an automated turret. A single Enclave scientist will be investigating the truck at the bottom.

  17. Freeway raider encampment

A raider fortress on top of a highway just north of Vault 101. A full scale raider encampment, lying atop a highway. It is made up of a variety of broken-down vehicles. At any level, at least 10 raiders reside in the encampment. This area is very close to Vault 101, and therefore is a very bad place for low-level players to wander. Two of the raiders have higher level weapons compared to the others - one of has a sniper rifle and the other carries a flamer.

  18. Ghoul outpost

The ghoul outpost is a small camp inside a building located south-west of Marigold station, and is home to three hostile ghouls and a jailed super mutant. To get to the ghoul outpost, turn left down the street as the Lone Wanderer exits Marigold station and travels until they come to a T in the road (one block). Turn left at the T and continue along this road and pass through a barricade that says "Welcome to Grayditch". Turn to the right and and go up a little hill. Just as the player character comes to the top of the hill, turn right. The entrance is the set of double-doors in the large building immediately to the right (check the Pip-Boy local map for "Outpost").

Inside the building is a small square room with a burning barrel, a jail cell containing a super mutant, and numerous desks and junk scattered about. A mini nuke is sitting on a shelf in the back room, right above the bucket.

  19. Gold Ribbon Grocers

The entire store appears to have been set up as a Rube Goldberg machine, using pressure plates, a long row of boxes, a pitching machine, a bear trap, a bouquet of frag grenades, and explosions. Successfully causing the contraption to ignite the gas leak will cause items to drop from the southwestern hole in the ceiling.

The set up is intended to be started by standing on the southwestern pressure plate (the one with several arrows around it, all pointing to it). Triggering the pressure plate causes a log with a brahmin skull on it to swing loose from the ceiling and hit the first of a long row of boxes on a shelf. The boxes will topple into each other like dominoes, with the last box falling off the shelf and onto the second pressure plate. That pressure plate will trigger a pitching machine. The pitching machine will fire baseballs that knock a pot, a bucket, and finally a precariously balanced fire extinguisher over.

The fire extinguisher will fall onto a bear trap and explode. The gas cylinder explosion will cause the grenade bouquet to fall, eventually exploding to ignite the gas leak, thereby causing a skeleton and some loot to drop from the southwestern ceiling hole onto the ground. Do not approach the back half of the store before the gas leak has been ignited, or they'll risk being caught in the blast.

  20. Hilltop Farm ruins

It is located south of relay tower KX-B8-11, southeast of the grisly diner, northeast of Temple of the Union and north of the AntAgonizer's lair and Canterbury Commons. The ruins consists of a water tower, a silo, an outhouse, a makeshift windmill, two irradiated farm plots, and a destroyed farmhouse. The house contains a terminal which chronicles the life of a group of wastelanders who lived there shortly after the Great War. The authors of the various terminal entries are Doc Johanson, Edgar, Jim, Rochelle, Tyrone and Tyler. In addition, four more residents called Miguel, Miles, Jacky and Vu are mentioned in the notes. Remains of a playground suggest that there were also some children.

Apparently, they had been underground and started a small farming colony on the hill. Leadership seems to have rotated between the inhabitants once a month. It appears that they managed to construct an irrigation system for their crops (possibly using the water tower nearby) and raised brahmin (a few can be found roaming nearby). The last entry speaks of the scout, Miguel, spotting travelers in the valley below, and the residents' intent to stay hidden. Their fate is unknown, but it seems fairly certain they were discovered, attacked, and/or killed or kidnapped by raiders or slavers.

Skeletal remains found near the terminal indicate that at least one of the settlers perished at this location. The corpse of a raider can sometimes be found down in the irradiated lake, next to the barrels of toxic waste. The body contains random loot that you would normally find on a raider. Wandering the area around the farm will generate several random encounters, such as a party of ghouls, wasteland traders, even an Outcast sweeper team.


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