September 21, 2014

Fallout 3 - Top Unmarked Locations (Page 3/9)


  11. Dry sewer

a sewer system that can be reached from Dupont Circle. It is one path to Our Lady of Hope Hospital in the Reilly's Rangers quest. The first area of the sewer is patrolled by Talon Company mercs, the entry room contains two if it is entered from Dupont Circle. There is a grenade bouquet in the descending stairwell of the aforementioned room. With a high enough Explosives skill it can be disarmed, although it can be walked around. Proceeding further into the sewer, a battle between two more Talon Company mercs and two super mutants may be encountered to the west, one of which has a minigun. The cul-de-sac from which the super mutants attack contains a number of medical supplies and a ham radio.

To the east is a dead-end maintenance room that holds a number of parts, as well as a chamber containing waste barrels. The chamber is filled by a cloud of flammable gas, which may be ignited with an energy or flaming weapon, or by firing a conventional weapon while inside the cloud. Beyond the toxic waste is a super mutant, armed with a heavy weapon, and a fallen Mister Gutsy (or sentry bot at higher levels) near a super mutant corpse, alternatively there may be two dead super mutants and a Mister Gutsy or sentry bot waiting. Moving uphill from here leads to a dead end, while a maintenance door leads to the hospital's boiler room.

The boiler room is full of super mutants. From here there is a door to the hospital, as well as spare parts and number of medical devices. Once cleared of enemies, the mattress on the ground (not the ruined bed) at the far end of the tunnel can be used to catch some sleep.

  12. Early Dawn Elementary

It is just north of the GNR building plaza in Chevy Chase. The player must pass through the school during the Following in His Footsteps quest, as it's initially the only way to access the plaza. Much of the building has collapsed and decayed in the two centuries after the war, and by 2277, it's little more than a burnt-out structure littered with super mutants. Otherwise, inside there are rotting school desks, educational aids lying about, and one Nuka-Cola vending machine. However, its strategic location (one of the primary access points to Galaxy News Radio) resulted in it becoming a strongpoint in the Chevy Chase area.

 13. Fallout 3 Enclave outposts and camps

Once the Enclave have made their first appearance during The Waters of Life quest, checkpoints, camps, and outposts will have been established at various locations throughout the Capital Wasteland. These outposts are typically manned by an Enclave officer, accompanied by several Enclave soldiers and other forces ranging from sentry bots, defensive turrets, and mind controlled deathclaws.

Approximately 30 known outposts are found scattered throughout the Capital Wasteland, and they are commonly found on the remnants of the pre-War road system, giving them the appearance of a checkpoint patrol network. Most of the sites are used by the Enclave for conducting research, or for testing new forms of technology they have developed. Such sites can be identified by locating an Enclave Field Research terminal, which can be accessed to determine the nature of the research being carried out.

Some of the sites are used for exterminating ghoul wastelanders, with an Enclave soldier using a flamer or heavy incinerator to carry out the task of disposing of the corpses. An outpost near Old Olney is the site where the player can carry out an optional objective of the add-on Broken Steel's Shock Value quest; to take control of an Enclave-controlled deathclaw.

14. Festive raider camp

The raider camp is a town square with a scrap fence around it. Set up by raiders, it is a fortification used to ambush passers-by and use as a headquarters. On your way in, there is a sandbag fence. Inside is a tree strung with white Christmas lights and a green dirty sofa next to it. Behind is a kitchen table with two green table chairs, two dirty yellow mats, and bunkbeds. The bunkbeds have a small round table between them.

15. Flooded metro raider camp

You will pass this area if you choose not to fast-travel to Rivet City with James after completing Tranquility Lane; it can be dangerous for low level characters. Take note of the large number of cars when approaching, and beware engaging the raiders from a distance, as the crossfire can easily set one of the many vehicles alight.

The encampment is accessible via the covered bridge to the northeast or through a hole in the fence at the southwestern side. The bridge is held by a single raider, supported by an automated turret controlled by an Average locked terminal at the opposite end. The other side is guarded by a group of patrolling raiders, one of whom is positioned on top of a fortified rubble pile, wielding a missile launcher.

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