September 21, 2014

Fallout 3 - Top Unmarked Locations (Page 2/9)


  6. Capitol Post

Outside the office building is a medium sized plaza that is crawling with super mutants. If the Broken Steel add-on is installed, super mutant overlords may spawn here. The office section of Capitol Post contains a small reception area, and a back room with terminals containing stories published in the pre-war Capitol post, and a printing room in the basement. One of the terminals is rigged (first terminal on the right) and the reception terminal is linked to a sometimes hard to discern safe, situated in the left panel of the receptionist desk (when facing the terminal).

There is a locked door that leads to the terminals, but the player can simply walk around it where there is a giant hole in the wall, leaving hardly any "wall" at all. The only enemies found in the office are several radroaches. In the printing room, below the main lobby where the floor has collapsed, the body of Gibson can be found, along with a brief note and the key to his house in Minefield.

  7. Car dealership

Selling the brand new Chryslus Motors 2077 Corvega for the low, low price of $1,600,000, the dealership can be found by heading east from Fairfax ruins. The exterior of the dealership is of a similar design to the Corvega factory. A water tower stands nearby, and an Enclave detachment sets up a position beneath it after The Waters of Life.

The interior is a spacious place, with two Corvegas on display. A small administrative section is in the back, and a small repair bay is built on a raised section in the left side of the room. A separate dealership run by Bob exists in a special encounter in original Fallout game.

  8. Chinese Army mobile command HQ

Can be found northeast of Wheaton Armory, or east of the Regulator HQ (if using the Lawbringer perk). A truck and trailer are visible at a high rise near the end of a ruined section of the freeway overpass. Heading up from the base of the freeway, the player character will come across what appears to be a communications center set up in the trailer. In the trailer there is a Ham radio, a ruined terminal, and some useful loot found scattered around and in metal boxes and a filing cabinet. On the table with the Ham radio is a Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual; perhaps the only clue to the trailer's original purpose.

  9. Cornucopia Fresh Groceries

A chain of grocery stores from the pre-War era. Several locations can be found throughout the Capital Wasteland, mostly throughout the D.C. ruins:
  • Georgetown West - Found near Radiation King and A Cuppa Joe. A few radroaches can be found inside the building, along with some tin cans, boxes of Abraxo cleaner, bottles of turpentine, and a couple of Nuka-Colas. A floor safe with an Average lock can also be found behind the counter, along with a first aid box which houses random medical supplies. The terminal in the McClellan family townhome refers to this place as McGurty's grocery.
  • Northwest Seneca Station (CW) - Located very close to the entrance to the metro tunnels. The store is infested with a couple of radroaches. Some Sugar Bombs, food and liquor can be found inside along with some other minor loot and a first aid box. Easy-locked floor safe contains some bottle caps, pre-War money and a pack of cigarettes, which can also be accessed via a nearby terminal.
  • Takoma Park - Found east of Nifty Thrifty's. The inside of the store is not accessible, but a large amount of merchandise (BlamCo Mac & Cheese, Pork n' Beans and Salisbury Steak) can be found in front of the store.
  • Seward Sq. Southeast - A Cornucopia Fresh Groceries can be located in part of the square; however, it is inaccessible and does not have any loot in front of it.
Cornucopia Fresh Groceries appears in Fallout 3 and a sign for it appears in Michael Angelo's workshop in Fallout: New Vegas.

  10. Drainage chamber

There are seven drainage chambers and two sealed cisterns scattered around the Capital Wasteland. These are minor dungeons, and all are home to Fallout 3 radio stations broadcasting Morse code (except Oscar Zulu and Yankee Bravo). The particular message is explained at length on the page for signal Kilo Bravo. Many of the stations do not have a map marker, but can be spotted easily from far away by looking for the tower.

  • All have a transformer at the base of the tower with a switch to throw that starts the encoded broadcast, except Kilo Bravo (switch inside WKML).
  • The entry to the underground ham radio station will be nearby (check your local map or the links below if having trouble).
  • You can also zero in on the broadcast. It actually comes from the sewer grate or manhole entrance, not the tower itself. They have a short broadcast distance of roughly 200 yards (183 meters). At the edges of the broadcast, it is entirely static. At its source, there is no static and the signal can be heard clearly.
  • Turning off the ham radio stops the transmission. As you might expect, this happens when turning the radio's dial ends in a click. It can be turned back on, but you have to select it in your Pip-Boy again to hear it.

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