July 13, 2014

Most Popular Drivable Vehicle Mods for Fallout: New Vegas

Advanced J3XMotorcycle by invalidfate

New Features compared to original J3XDrivableMotorcycle: tilt animation while turning, more realistic driving experience (rotatign wheels and engine smoke), companion riding and double riding, turret with elevation-angle tracking (original one in FO3 only with horizontally tracking), new realistic turning model, using the equation F=m.V^2/R (the faster you drive the harder you turn), Motorcycle caller, teleporting your bike anywhere anytime, Motorcycle storage, fixing 1st-person animation bug, optimized controllability, configurable driving speed, speed blur, and run-over function. See more >>

XRE - CARS v0_86 by Ermeso

Features: Simplified, single-script setup 3rd party car addon system, Rex Motor Vehicles car shop: Rex character & dialogue (voice acting courtesy of AlChestBreach), Vehicle imports, Lost car retrieval, Car lot, Fully mechanically auto-operating car lift, Exterior building and assesories (car lot), Store interior.. Operational car features:
  • Manual transmission
  • Car Actions Menu
  • Trunk storage
  • Refuel from portable cans
  • Free and Rear cam view
  • Speed sensitive steering
  • Car flipback menu function
  • Mounting companion gunners
  • On-screen destination target reticle
  • Current session & totalled statistics in menu
Brahmin Trophy cross country events:
  • Lapsed, checkpoint guided courses through the Mohave map
  • Records & rewards
New car models: 
  • Open & closed Transporters
  • Recon Truck, Corvega, Carnivore Desert

XRE beta1_35 showcase - Flyable Vertibird by Ermeso

At heart XRE is a scripted object physics & manipulation engine, allowing the creation of moving structures and vehicles in Fallout. The current beta showcase contains one implementation, a flyable vertibird. The second part of the showcase, a both manually and a.i. controllable missile, will be added when I'm done with solving a few die-hard bugs and finish the a.i. control mode script. Right now, all my work goes into the vertibird. The goal is to release several stand-alone vehicle types as modding references. Vertibird Features:
  • Reskinned exterior
  • Lighted windows & flashing navlights
  • HUD with analog throttle, velocity && altitude gauges
  • Relative & sealevel altitude measurement
  • Currently two weapons: 70mm dual tankshell cannon, 20mm gatling cannon
  • HUD nightvision
  • Over 20 original/remixed sound effects
  • Collisions & crash sequence
  • Takeoff & landing sequences
  • Searchlight
  • Both Metric and Imperial System HUDS, And more..

Mobile Truck Base by tdx73

This adds a purchase able truck to Gibson Scrapyard that serves as a mobile player base. As of now there are 23 selected locations to travel to if you have discovered them (subject to change if requested). The usual items found in a player home crammed into the back of a truck/van. Area is small but will accommodate two people.
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Which one (if any) of those incredible mods have you tried? Share us some thoughts.

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