July 02, 2014

Most Popular Drivable Vehicle Mods for Fallout 3

J3Xified Drivable Motorcycle by J3X original mod by VeliV

Adds 4 motorcycles to the game world for you to repair, drive and pimp. The motorcycles are located outside of: Paradise Falls, Rivet City, Megaton and Tenpenny Tower. You can pimp the motorcycles with one minigun on each side. How to do: Have two miniguns in your inventory, activate the motorcycle and select attach miniguns. Drive over your enemies at high speed for great and bloody fun! You can buy a Motorcycle Lightbub and a Broken Gas Tank at Rivet City Supplies.. - "Nothing is better than first cripple a raider with your dual miniguns then crush his skull under your wheel!". Use the mod kits by activating the standard motorcycle and select Upgrade or downgrade motorcycle. Remove any weapons attached to the motorcycle before upgrading. See more >>

Drivable Chimera Tank by J3X and Illyism

Adds one drivable Chimera tank to the Wasteland. A shrinked Chimera Tank will be added to your inventory when you start the game. More tanks can be spawned from a console outside of the RoboCo Facility near Tenpenny. You will get XP for it's kills. (Thanks again TalkieToaster for your incredibly script!). Drive over your enemies, let your screws crush them! REQUIRED MODS: Operation Anchorage and FOSE. See more >>

Drivable RoadWarrior Car by hardkopy

This is a drivable car which runs on whiskey. You will need a few bits to get it running but I left all you need at the bandit house in Springvale. My part: Adjusting the model in 3dmax to fit the nosering slot as armor (same as J3X drivable motorcycle only more awkward due to the size of the vehicle. Editing the scripts specifically for this vehicle. Adding sounds and menu items. FOSE is also required. No video available for this mod. See more >>

Pilotable Vertibird by J3X

Proof of concept. This mod merges my Drivable Motorcycle speed control script with SaidenStorms excellent Akatosh mount levitation scripts. This mod will probably not be updated, it's released 'as it is' and serves as a base for arlix123's Flyable Pilotable Vertibird BETA mod, if you want additional features like the ability to go inside the Vertibird, check it out! FLY! - Explore the wasteland from above! FIGHT! - Annihilate your foes with superior firepower; The Vertibird comes armed with a minigun and a rocket launcher. STORE! - The Vertibird have a cargohold where you can store your items. Required - DLC03: Broken Steel and FOSE: Uses several FOSE script commands. See more >>

Flyable Pilotable Vertibird BETA by Arlix with help from J3X

This mod creates a pilot-able vertibird for the player to fly around in. with this mod the player can fly anywhere, and shoot anything with an array of weaponry from useful to exotic. also the vertibird acts as a player home, where he/she can sleep and store items. You must have the latest FOSE installed, and You need Broken steel Addon installed to play this mod or it will not even load! Read more >>

Which one do you use/like the most, share us your thoughts!

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