June 19, 2014

The Most Popular Fallout 3 Model and Texture Mods

NMCs_Texture_Pack_for_FO3 by NeilMc_NMC

What This Mod Does: It changes the vast majority of in-game graphics. The DLC is not re-textured with this mod, it covers Fallout 3. It still works if you have the DLC installed but the textures in the DLC will be the ones that shipped with the original game (unless textures in the DLC are re-used from the Fallout game).

This was a years worth of work, all textures were made individually by 1 person alone, and took a great deal of effort. What graphics does this mod change?

Roads, Landscape, Trees, Rocks, Vehicles- Cars/ Motorbikes/ Boats etc. Buildings- Litter & most paper scraps. Interiors- all aspects, walls ceilings floors etc. Medium to large sized objects (eg. toolboxes, Nuka cola vendors, chairs, cupboards etc).
This encompasses the bulk of the in-game visuals, what I consider the vast majority of the graphics. What graphics does this mod NOT change?
  • Sky, Water, Small clutter objects (eg bottles, cans, books etc). NPC's (in game characters), Bodies/ faces, Clothing etc. Weapons, Effects. Mutants and other wasteland creatures. UI elements, Loading Screens, PipBoy.

Enhanced Night Sky by CptJoker

This mod is a high-resolution replacement for the default night sky. Taken from real-life star field photography, it's been carefully crafted to enhance your night-time viewing experience. (Note: the stars do not correspond to their accurate celestial positions - such is beyond my means to produce). Enjoy your nights of stargazing! No video available for this mod.
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Terrain pack by NeilMc_NMC

Replaces landscape/ terrain textures and bump maps for FALLOUT 3.
The default game textures and bump maps and have a typical resolution of 512x512 pixels. These textures have all been replaced with real-world photograph-based equivalent textures, and you can choose 3 different resolutions to suit your PC.
  • 2048x2048 pixels (400% larger, Most detailed)
  • 1024x1024 pixels (200% larger, Detailed) 
  • 512x512 pixels (same resolution as original textures)

The higher resolution packs may cause increased VRAM usage and therefore page-file swapping/ hard drive 'texture thrashing' and (due to increased memory usage) may cause some in-game stuttering/ lag or slow-downs. This will depend on your PC, CPU, RAM and graphics card. (None of this will harm your PC, just make it sweat a bit!) See more >>

Enhanced Blood Textures v2_22b by dDefinder

Increases the resolution size from 256 to 1024 and created new textures for screen, world, wounds and static blood decals. Esps are used to increase the size appearance of the blood, adjustments for screenblood, add more giblets and new wounds related to the weapon type. ini will change max amount and lifetime for blood that is in the world space. No video available for this mod. See more >>

Hi-Res Weapons v3 by the a - burns

For various rifles & pistols / merely enhancing standard textures. No new textures this time, only some improvements over the original ones and replacement of the 3rd person texture (small) by the larger 1st person texture. Doubled resolution for 3rd person textures (may impact performance). Tweaked textures:
  • Combat Shotgun, Hunting Rifle, Laser Rifle, Lincoln Rifle, 10mm Pistol, 10mm SMG, Laserpistol, .44 Magnum, Bottlecap Mine, Frag Mine, Frag Grenade, Gatling Laser, Minigun, RockIt Launcher, Flamethrower, Fatman, Missilelauncher, Railwayrifle, Sniperrifle, Plasmarifle, Chinese Officersword, Shishkebab, Supersledge, Baseballbat, Mesmetron and Sawedoff Shotgun.
No video available for this mod. See more >>

Which one (if any) of those incredible mods have you tried? Share us some thoughts.

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