June 11, 2014

Insomnia the game

InSomnia - is a Real-Time, tactical, RPG with unique game mechanics and elaborate universe. Development by indie studio MONO. For latest news about the game, check their Facebook page here, Help this game get on Steam and / or support the whole project here.

InSomnia is an Atmospheric Single/Coop RPG, set in the dieselpunk, Apocalyptic universe, "Living" open world sandbox & realtime, tactical gameplay. InSomnia will send you into murky retro-futuristic universe of metal jungles permeated by Noir and Dieselpunk. Young "Noman" awakes from the cryogenic sleep on a colossal space station travelling through space for about 400 years to an elusive Point of evacuation, a distant planet, where the residents of the station will be able to revive the mankind. Either way, you will have to survive this tough world to learn the real reason for the mankind to embark on such a risky journey, and how mistaks of the past have influenced the present.

Key Features
Nonlinear Storyline - Embark on rich non-linear quests and missions with many possible solutions, points of no return, hard decision making, branched dialogues, puzzles & lots of Easter eggs.

Apocalyptic/Dieselpunk stylistics & Dark Ambient score - experience an RPG in murky retro-futuristic styling of Dieselpunk and Noir with man-made, apocalyptic landscapes imbued with the sounds of "dark ambient" tracks and echoes of post-war civilization. Explore a mysterious colossal semi abandoned space station that has being moving to an elusive evacuation point for 400 years already.

New Chapters/Campaings releases - the game will be updated with additional scenario chapters 4-5 years after release to tell the whole story so, we plan to create more then additional 20 chapters each on 3-6 hours of gameplay.

Freedom of choice & Character development - Develop your character through tactical real-time combat & crafting systems - combining hundreds of skills and abilities for a unique build, as well as manage and customize tons of items and equipment to get a unique look, you are free to go where you want and to do what you want, if you can handle it.

Single/Coop campaings - Play through the atmospheric single-player campaign alone or with friends. Where each of players will need to make his own decisions & has its own influence on the main storyline.

Survival & Hardcore content - Survive starvation, extreme weather, injuries, and sometimes event the real possibility of permadeath. Uncover awesome loot in secret challenge rooms, but beware there is a chance of fatality rate, so coop will be you of help!

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