June 11, 2014

Fallout: Tactics Mods and Game Conversions

Awaken v1.4 by Vault-tec.eu

Awaken is a Fallout Tactics total conversion mod. It uses its engine but includes completely new storyline. It is based on Fallout 1 and offers about 30 hours of play in Fallout world. It is done by fans and for fans (didn't I hear that somewhere?) and it is freeware. There is Polish version of mod but there is English pack for it. In short terms this mod makes Fallout Tactics into almost full featured RPG. Changes made by patch:
  • Larger range of sniper rifle, AK-108 S rifle, 223 Pistol
  • Changes to stats of armors (DT/DR stats and smaller weight)
  • Tesla Armour is better than Combat Armour (because is rare).
  • Suehe can wield armours now.
  • The leather in Suehe's inventory is now as special Armour. Only Suehe can wield this.
  • Gontar from Necropolis tells few words more about the hive of Technologists.
  • Super Prod quest for a man from basement in Bandit locations works now.
  • Smaller requirements for lock picking for the back doors and safe in bank in New Chicago.
  • Fixed a small village to the south of Vault 32. There was impossible to exit from the locations if Crowa is in player team.
  • Crowa has some improvenments. Has bigger weight of inventory.
  • Some special encounters are tinckered:
  • Polish Wasted - more "jerry" in the fridge and Mefiu has two lines of dialogues ;)
  • Blacksmith - more cash in barterman inventory
  • Entering to train could be easier now.
  • Smaller world map - cuted off left and right unused areas.
  • Position of several locations are changed a bit: this will refresh world map gaming ;)
  • Better medic and doctor bags, better repair tools, better lockpicks.
  • Changed the sound of repairing of alcohol machine in basement in New Chicago.
  • Changed stats of default player hero Max Stone. Has tagged small arms, steal, lockpick.
  • Added new encounters on world map: wild dogs, wild brahmins, radscorpions, roach, comodo's
  • Some edges of world map has thougher encounters. You can fell, that there is nothing on wasteland but only dangerous creatures.

Fallout Tactics: Redux by Endocore

Over a decade after the release of Fallout Tactics and despite the provision of a set of easy-to-use game editors, FOT remains nearly as lame as ever-- full of bugs, incompetence, negligence, ignorance of Fallout traditions, and unsatisfactory gameplay. Fallout Tactics: Redux is the first comprehensive published effort to reform the standard single-player Fallout Tactics campaign. My Redux mod is a wide-ranging attempt to engage all of these issues and transform the game into something more compelling, since if the game remains in its current (original) state FOT is doomed to be utterly forgotten sooner than later-- and I've always thought that despite its many flaws, key elements of what could be a rather cogent military science-fiction game and perhaps even a respectable Fallout-themed game are present in Microforte's basic materials.No video available. See more >>

Turn-Based Mod by hadack and guz

This Mod tries to balance the game for Multiplayer Death-Matches in Turn-Based Mode. Although it looks like this mode didn't get the same attention from the devs like real-time, there are some things like the way Cars are used and the interrupt system, that are quite well designed and make Multiplayer matches fun to play.

26 new levels starting in TB-Mode, each with a unique goal that applies to reach it, making the matches more eventful - Weight of all items increased - Armors now have different resistances for each damage type - metal is good against explosion, power armor against energy, enivro(now -> combat-armor) against bullets - all Drugs have been completely revised, specializing the caused effect. (e.g. voodoo increases critical chance, but lowers several resistances. or buffout slightly raises strenght & agility but seriously reduces a characters luck ) ... - Drugs and stimpacks have higher chance of overdose, checked against the chars endurance and thus making first-aid and doctor more viable. better forget your all-you-can-eat mentality now - Poison & antidote added - Plasma weapons now inflict area-damage - Some new weapons, explosives, armors and other gadgets - Critical chance of most weapons lowered to make high luck and critical chance more attractive for snipers - In-game descriptions of all items adapted, for most of the changes

Enclave Mod by GunnerShi and RobCo

This mod is one of the best mods ever made for Fallout Tactics. See more here.

Darkfall by Vault-Tec

The player controls a citizen of a town called Forsayth, which is located in the downtown of a pre-war city. At the moment he works as a bodyguard protecting the water caravans. The citizens know only a few small villages near the town. No one left the town for a longer journey. Nobody suspects that in the distant mountains, snow-covered mountains, lies a city called Brek Zarith. It's Council of the Fourth usurps themselves a right to create a new world order. They are rich in prewar technology, weapons, and the city itself is a threatening fortress. Almost every significant town or city in the area is under their control. . They're sending there a commissar and legions of loyal police, brainwashed for their cause. It is just a matter of time when they reach Forsayth. See more >>

THE WASTES by Ox-Skull

The aim of this mod is to create a playing field where there is allot of stuff to do, and no time limit on when you do story related missions and endless playtime like in fallout 2.The emphasis is freedom.There will be 4 factions to choose from: BOS, ENCLAVE, RAIDERS and RANGERS. Each faction has an item that will have bonuses that the player will receive upon joining, the item will receive an upgrade once you have proven yourself to the related faction.The faction wars is the main story of the game, with one ultimately ruling. TacoLlamaSauce is the main developer of the story line. I will be focusing on the content of The wastes, keeping as close to Fallout canon as I can.There will also be Merchants, Mercs, Slavers, Mobsters and bounty hunter groups around the wastes to work for.Many other features are planned. See more >>

Fallout: Last Vegas by RobCo

This modification is a total conversion "Game" that doesn't require Fallout: Tactics installed to run. Fallout: Last Vegas is designed around the worlds of Fallout: 2, Fallout: 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, it will contain all the armors, weapons and items that are in Fallout: 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, this modification can be downloaded and installed to your computer and ran without having Fallout: Tactics installed and without your Fallout: Tactics CD in your computer. The game will be made to work in both RTS and Turnbase mode to fit all the gamers needs. See more >>

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