June 01, 2014

Fallout: New Vegas most popular Guild/Faction Mods

Military Expansion Program by Scarecrow

Future plans for "upgrading" various military bases and outposts to look the part, mostly with more NPCs since a lot of the vanilla area's are a little sparse (for their intended purpose, especially Camp McCarran). Currently the following area's have been "upgraded". No video available for this mod. Get it here.

Camp McCarran:
  • Adds a fence around Camp Golf
  • Adds an "outpost" at the far S end of Camp Golf/Lake Las Vegas
  • Adds several more guards to fill the empty guard stations
Camp McCarran:
  • Adds about 40+ NPCs between the field and concourse
  • Some will be exercising
  • Some will be practicing at the shooting range
  • Some will be standing guard
Ranger Stations:
  • Echo

Searchlight Airport NCR or Legion by Jcro25

This is an overhaul mod that changes Searchlight Airport from a empty location to a strong NCR base. It has been designed to be as lore-friendly as possible and bug-free as possible. Contains James Sextons Legion ear quest and 2 new quests which will change the way the airport functions. Choose to keep the NCR at the Airport or help the Legion defeat, the choice is yours! No video available for this mod. Get it here.

Factions Reloaded - Legion by TheScout201

First things first, you're probably wondering what this mod does. In a nutshell, this mod adds hundreds of NPCs to the Mojave, a lot of which are new units. It also adds simple bounty hunting quests, camps, bases, events, and changes to the southeast portion of the Mojave. It's made to make you feel like the Legion is actually in the game while still retaining some sort of a lore-friendly feel. The Legion was seriously under-developed by the developers, and I felt that there needed to be some changes. Everything is completely lore-friendly, and just aims to show that the Legion is pushing forward in the southeast portion of the map. Get it here.

Caesars Legion Overhaul NVSE by CaesarInvictus

This mod aims to add new armor weapons and npcs to the game to flesh out the Caesars Legion faction and add new sensical armors and weapons to their loadout without compromising the legions feel. For the moment, there are no custom textures, though in time there will be, all of them fitting the original style the legion was presented in, just without looking silly and unbelievable as before. For example: Recruit legionaries have numerous types of head pieces now:
  • Slave- hoods, goggles, and mouth-wrap (these guys did come from slaves after all, and the hood just makes sense and looks nice)
  • Head-wraps (several kinda) and the traditional goggles and mouth bit
  • Recon helmet and goggles/mouth bit
  • The explorers and vexillarii now wear goggles and mouth-bandanas too, just because that fits them nicely
  • Praetorian guard no longer have stupid sun-glasses, and wear centurion helmets, with a small 1-in-5 chance of getting centurion armor.
The mod also includes a revamp of the legion raid camp, and a new player home for legion fans at the fort. No video available for this mod. Get it here.

Which one (if any) of those incredible mods have you tried? Share us some thoughts.

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