June 13, 2014

Fallout 3 the Most Popular Guild / Faction Mods

Mothership Zeta Crew by Nylonathathep

So, you've finished playing Mothership Zeta and have conquered your own starship. You are the commander, but your crew consists on a know-it-all brat and an agoraphobic field medic. Not exactly the mightiest army ever, is it? Well, we are going to change that.

Mothership Zeta Crew adds a new faction under your command. It will develop a whole history arc involving the recruitment and commandment of a force comparable with the enclave or the Brotherhood of Steel itself. Can't say much more without spoiling the story! Once the mod is active and you've finished the Zeta add on, a button will appear in the command bridge, on the console at the right of your command chair. Press it and let the story begin! Features:
  • New areas on the ship and outside
  • Hordes of new NPC
  • New unique missions (5 for now)
  • Enclave commander-esque features
  • New Armor
  • New Weapons
  • Special features
  • An epic story arc

MERC 2 by Vforvic and SiN

In Merc 2 you will meet Blain who promises safety and security in exchange for your help in locating a long hidden base. Blain seems to know about both you and your father and promises to help you both. If you follow Blain you could unlock a secret that promises wealth, security and advanced technology. With his help you could forge a new faction in the Wasteland and perhaps tip the balance of power…or others that seek the power could do the same. If you win you could have a powerful new faction to command with new locations, weapons, armor and a safe place to call home.

When I started writing for this mod I had a vision of bringing us back to FO2 where the decisions weren't as clear cut; morality by choice, not by design. The 1.5 version of MERC 2 is the result; NPCs who seem to live and breathe, each trying to make sense of a world that doesn't make sense and where the rules only apply to those who can defend themselves. See more >>

Raiders Regulators Talon Expanded by PimpBot420

This mod attempts to increase the variety of Raiders, Regulators, and Talon company mercenaries that you run across in the wastelands. In addition to a greater variety of equipment, there are a handful of new items that are added. All new items can be found on the appropriate enemy. This mod will not affect any Raiders or mercenaries that have already spawned in your game, only to newly generated enemies.
  • Raiders have received 15 armors, 17 headgear, 14 weapons.
  • Regulators have received 2 armor, 6 headgear, 2 weapons.
  • Talon company has received 2 armor, 6 headgear, 10 weapons.
  • Female Regulators and Talon Company mercs have been added.

8 new armors are introduced: Carnage Hawk Armor, Hand-Me-Down Raider Armor, Highway Scar Armor, Sharp-Dressed Raider's Armor, Regulator Trench Coat, Talon Metal Armor, Regulator Leather Jacket, Talon Recruit's Outfit
11 new headgear are introduced: Hunter's Mask, Hunter's Hat, Regulator's hat, Black Eye patch, Pyro Helmet, Welder's Shade, Anchorite's Helmet, The Devil's Pigtails, Deactivated Slave Collar, Wasteland Flatfoot's Cap, Talon Riot Helmet. No video available for this mod. See more >>

Reillys Rangers Expanded by Tubal

Don't have any reason to return to the Ranger compound after completing Reilly's quest besides the caps? Feel that a mercenary team of 4 seems a bit small to operate in the DC ruins?
Reilly's Rangers Expanded adds new rangers and new features to the compound over time. As you help the rangers to explore they expand their operation.

This initial version adds new rangers as guards for the compound, a merchant, a player-owned tent, a wearable ballistic mask, and a few other minor tweaks. All features will become available by returning to Reilly with mapping data. Currently there is no consideration for how much data is needed, so 1 map marker is all that's needed to unlock another step. Leave the area for a day or so for the expansion to take place. Also re textures the Ranger Battle Armour, and the ranger logos decorating the place. No video available for this mod. See more >>

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