June 05, 2014

Fallout 1 Full Remake by Arcseso Team for Fallout: NV

Fallout 1 - The Story WIP by ARCSESO

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Progress level:

  • Vault 13 (100% complete)
  • Vault 15 (100% complete)
  • Shady Sands (80% complete)
  • Junktown (50% complete)
  • The Glow (started)
  • Necropolis (started)
  • Raider Camp (claimed)
  • The Hub (started)

Fallout the Story is a work in progress at the moment. It is designed as a mod for the NV base game only (no DLCs needed). It is one of the main design goals to keep the look and feel of this all time classic intact. Which means it is a lot of work and needs every support it can get.

Arcseso team have made a complete new travel system. Which allows the player to discover the map of Fallout 1, also includes random encounters and the ability to flee (if your character is a coward ;) ). The game will be node based as the original. So you travel from one small world space to another. It is not a continues world. They have plans to add one larger world space which allows a bit more exploration (as easter egg so to say) but this one will be started at the end of development.


  • Vault 13: (start and revisit 100% complete)
  • Vault 15: (100% complete that was an easy one ;) )
  • Shady Sands (About 30% done)
  • Junktown (About 20% done)
All creatures (except they have forgotten one and "The Master" doesn't count as simple creature here ;) ) from Fallout 1 are complete in their original form. Sure that they reuse from New Vegas but if changes are needed (Centaur for example) they are made.

Armors & Clothing:
To keep the look & fell of the game at the same level as the original a lot of armors got a makeover. Which means Fallout The Story will look a bit more clean then Fallout 3 or NV but this change is intended.

The first Developer Vlog for Fallout The Story

Follower & Reputation:
The follower system is different in Fallout 1 then in the newer versions. They aren't mostly the nice guys which can only be used as pack mules. We try to reflect this with several additions to the standard system.

The second Developer Vlog for Fallout The Story


  • Need ammo (100% complete). 
  • Are part of factions and react to player actions against them (100% complete). 
  • Comment on places that are visited by the player (started)
Fallout the story uses the NV reputation system. Which is a bit more complex then the original and maybe a bit more unforgiving as they think it's worth it.

But they also added the newer features like the companion wheel.

Since there won't be any remake of the classics by BGS, this mod will get you the closest to the feel of the classic Fallout games in full beauty of 3D! This mod still needs a lot of work to be done, but also it needs every support it can get! Support this project by leaving comment (share your thought), and share this post and dev videos with your Fallout friends.

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