May 27, 2014

Get Ready For Wasteland 2 - Opening Movie

Opening movie for inXile's upcoming post-apocalyptic cRPG, Wasteland 2, which is slated for release end of August 2014 and currently out on Steam Early Access. Check out this opening movie they filmed for the game. Parts of it were shot at Wasteland Weekend.

InXile hasn't provided a specific date in August for when the game will be available. When that day comes at the "end of August," Wasteland 2 will be available on PC, Mac, and Linux.

Those who backed the game on Kickstarter have had access to a beta version of it through Steam Early Access since late last year. InXile has been releasing updates for that version of the game in the meantime, the latest of which--the release of the full Arizona portion of the game--is now live for those with beta access.

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