May 16, 2014


Here are couple of Fallout Unlockables and Easter Eggs, feel free to add your in comments. Enjoy!


South Park Humor
Go to the police station in the Hub. Find the officer named Kenny. Kill him. You will hear "Oh my god, you killed Kenny!"


To hear comments by the development team, hold [Shift] during the credits.

Non-Player Character Katja
To get the NPC Katja, go to the "Followers of the apocolypse" building. In the boneyard the person standing right inside the door with green hair (not Nicole though) is Katja. Talk to her about the city and then there will be an option "why don't you come with me." Click it and she will join you. She can use sub-machine guns and throwing knives.Turbo Plasma

Rafle and Hardened Power Armor
To get a turbo plasma rifle, go to boneyard (after you have got the missing parts from the dead body)and talk to smitty in the first house where you can see a man through a hole in the ceiling and he give you a turbo plasma rifle. You must have a plasma rifle before talking to Smitty.

To get Hardened Power Armor talk to the man in the white lab coat in front of the house and farm when you have power armor. He will ask you to go to the hub and get a book. Get the book and talk to him he will give hardened power armor.

Fallout 1, 2 Tactics, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4