May 16, 2014


Here you will find couple of Fallout Hints. Feel free to add your hint in comments. Enjoy!

Free Money
If you want lots of cash (more than enough to last the whole game) go to the hub. Go downtown and into the Crimson Caravaners on the day that they leave (3rd of every month). Tell Keri you want a job. When she asks for the location that you wish to go to, tell her, "never mind, I just remembered something I have to do." Go back to the entrance of the Hub. You will see two men wearing red shirts. Point to both of them. If it says "you see: caravan leader" then talk to him. He will give you $600! Now, go back and talk to Keri, and repeat the process all over again. You will recieve $600 every time you talk to the caravan leader. It might take a while to get tons-o-cash, but it will be worth it.

Unlimited Experience
After accepting and completing the Fargo Traders’ missing caravan mission, head back to Old Town in the hub. Speak to the mutant named Harold and ask him about the Death Claw. After that, go outside of the building and speak to the character named Slappy, who you will find walking in circles. He’ll ask you to take the Death Claw. It will then load you to a cave and you’ll receive 800 experience points for what you just did. From here, simply exit and choose to go back to Old Town again. Speak to Slappy once more, grab the Death Claw, and repeat the process for another 800 experience points. Keep doing this over and over again until you’ve acquired the desired amount of experience.

Where To Get NPC's
Ian - Go to Shady Sands. In the house just to the east of the entrance, go in the bottom door. Talk to the man named Ian. Ask him to help out for 100 caps or a piece of the action. (whatever that is...)
  • Dogmeat - Go to Junktown. In a house next to Gizmo's Casino, you will see a dog blocking a door to a man's house. He asks you to help him out. Give the dog an iguana on a stick and the dog will follow you.
  • Tycho - Go to Junktown. In the Skum Pitt bar talk to a man named Tycho. Tell him you need his experience and he will join.
  • Tandi - Go to Shady Sands after you kill the Radscorpions. If Tandi was kidnapped, go to the Raider's camp. If you rescue her she will join you.

Acquiring the Power Armor
Go to the hub, then go to old town. The first building at the bottom of your screen has a gang in it. You have to fight them. Have enough stimpacks to last you and some good armor. After you have killed the gang got to the back room in that building and release the guy in there. He asks you to tell Talus He is ok. Talus is at the brotherhood of steel. He will give you a list of weapons and power armor. Tell him you want the power armor. Then you have to go and see Micheal. Micheal gives you the Power Armor.

Plasma Armor
Go to the cathedral south of the bone yard when you enter its important that you steel a badge from the man in the middle. If you don’t you won’t make it past the door to go up stairs. When you steel it, lock pick the door to your right. Now that you have the badge you can go right up to the third floor an steel the purple badge from the head minister of the cult. Also open the chest to the right of the room.

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