May 31, 2014

Fallout Gamers World - This Week's Highs and Lows

At the end of the week, the VTi Fallout Community team scan their memory banks to identify the incontrovertibly best and worst moments of the last week. Then, when confronted with the sum total of human ecstasy and misery, they write about Fallout gaming instead.. This week's news in case you've missed something, enjoy!

Play Fallout Games on Android DevicesFallout 1 and 2 are fully playable on Android with all the sounds and music from the original game. With the use of an Android X86 emulator QEMU, you will learn how to install and play your own copy of Fallout 1 or Fallout 2 on Android. Guide + video How to Play PC Games on Android with DosBox Turbo...

Play Fallout Game on iOS Devices

A short quide on how to run Fallout game on your iPad or iPhone. You can do the same steps on any iOS device even on iPhone. To do this just follow the simple steps...

Canceled Fallout games history

Fallout (PlayStation). A proposed top down shooter proposed for Sony's original PlayStation console, although a prototype existed it was cancelled after 3-4 months of development. A Fallout top-down shooter for the original PlayStation was in development at Interplay at one point. It was canceled after about 3–4 months of pre-production and early prototyping...

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Overview

Action game developed and produced by Interplay Entertainment for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 game consoles. Released on January 13, 2004, BoS was the fourth video game to be set in the Fallout universe and the first to be made for video game consoles. The game chronicles the adventures of an initiate of the Brotherhood of Steel.

Fallout 3 & New Vegas Most Popular Mods

Mods can help to continue the success of the original game, even when the original game has become dated. While they can include new items, weapons, characters, enemies, models, textures, levels, story lines, music, and game modes, this post will focus on some of the most popular ENB mods of Fallout: New Vegas.

Let's Talk About: Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game

Fallout fanatic Henry Lombardi talks about every Fallout game published, but also those that have never saw the light of day. Fallout's entire past, present and future are discussed; their history, their ups and downs, new ideas from an immerse perspective, and much more. Ever wanted to talk intellectually about Fallout? Join the discussion and Let's Talk About Fallout!

Get Ready For Wasteland 2 - Opening Movie

Opening movie for inXile's upcoming post-apocalyptic cRPG, Wasteland 2, which is slated for release end of August 2014 and currently out on Steam Early Access. Check out this opening movie they filmed for the game. Parts of it were shot at Wasteland Weekend...

Josh Sawyer, the lead designer of FNV talks about Fallout 4
Josh Sawyer, the lead designer and project director of Fallout: New Vegas has detailed with a list of what he wants in Fallout 4. He was speaking in an interview to Eurogamer, sharing his views about the upcoming Fallout 4 which he believes is under development...

Wayside will launch a new campaign in June for the Nuka Break series.
The series was originally conceived as a film titled Fallout: Nuka Break - The Movie, which was released in early 2011 on YouTube. The film was so popular that Wayside Creations, a non-profit made up of "a team of Fallout fans", decided to turn it into a full miniseries, with the first episode being released in September 2011. A second season, funded via Kickstarter, was released on October 28, 2013...

EVE Online - Try EVE For Free
EVE takes place in a cluster of stars far from mankind's original habitat, planet Earth. How far away, and whether or not that cradle of civilization still exists, is a mystery. Humans arrived through a natural wormhole and, gazing up upon an alien sky they had never seen, were completely unable to determine where this new world was located. From the New Eden solar system, where the gate of EVE once led to the old world, humans expanded in all directions at a furious pace, exploring and colonizing rapidly...

Fallout NV: Project Brazil

A fan-made modification made by Brandan Lee and several members of the Fallout Modding Community, and is an unofficial prequel to the action role-playing video game Fallout: New Vegas. Project Brazil is set to release into two installments, with the first installment released as of May 31, 2013. There was a third installment that was to be released, however it was scrapped as of December 15, 2013...

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