November 03, 2013

Alex Moves On

Alex waits until the next night when the stranger who had aided him has fallen asleep to move on. The day was spent in silence, pieces of a mole rat roasting over the fire crackling in protest to the quiet. The stranger seemed sweet, but she would only slow him down. The progress is made quickly as the next night falls, nothing between himself and Tenpenny Tower now. As he comes over the last hill, he watches as a woman in a vault's jumpsuit exits the gates and heads into the distance. A small mangy dog follows with it's tail bobbing eagerly.

"That's the 'lone wanderer' no doubt.." Alex thinks aloud to himself. He waits a moment watching her disappear into the distance then makes his way to the gate which is now closed back. He pushes the intercom. A rude, clearly upset voice comes through.

"What the hell do you want?"

Joshua Graham via Vault-Tec inc.

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